India is eager to host the Olympics in the country: PM Modi

Published By : Admin | October 14, 2023 | 22:34 IST
"India is eager to host the Olympics in the country. India will leave no stone unturned in the preparation for the successful organization of the Olympics in 2036. This is the dream of the 140 crore Indians"
“India is also eager to host the Youth Olympics taking place in the year 2029”
“Indians are not just sports lovers, but we also live it”
“The sporting legacy of India belongs to the entire world”
“In sports, there are no losers, there are only winners and learners”
“We are focussing on inclusivity and diversity in sports in India”
“IOC Executive Board has recommended including Cricket in the Olympics and we hope to hear positive news soon”

President of the IOC, Mr. Thomas Bach, esteemed members of the IOC, representatives of all international sports federations, and delegates from national federations in Bharat. Ladies and gentlemen! I extend a warm welcome and greet all of you on behalf of 1.4 billion Indians on this special occasion. The 141st session of the International Olympic Association being held in Bharat is truly significant. Having the IOC session in Bharat after 40 years is a matter of great pride for us.


Just a few minutes ago, Bharat achieved a magnificent victory in the world's largest stadium in Ahmedabad. I congratulate Team Bharat and all fellow Indians on this historic win.


Sports has been an integral part of our culture, lifestyle, and history in Bharat. If you visit the villages of Bharat, you will find that every festival is incomplete without sports. We, Indians, are not just sports lovers; we are people who live through sports. This is reflected in our history spanning thousands of years—whether it's the Indus Valley Civilization, the Vedic period, or subsequent eras, sports has always been a rich part of Bharat’s legacy. Our ancient texts written thousands of years ago mention proficiency in 64 arts, many of which were related to sports such as horse riding, archery, swimming, wrestling, and more. These skills were considered essential, and entire treatise, like the Dhanurveda Samhita, was dedicated to the art of archery. In this Samhita, it is mentioned:

धनुश चकरन्च् कुन्तन्च् खडगन्च् क्षुरिका गदा।

सप्तमम् बाहु युद्धम्, स्या-देवम्, युद्धानी सप्तधा।

In other words, proficiency in seven skills related to archery is required. These include Dhanushvan, Chakra, Bhala, Fencing, Dagger, Mace and Wrestling.


There are many scientific evidences of our sports legacy, which is thousands of years old. In Kutch, approximately 900 kilometers away from Mumbai where we are right now, there is a UNESCO World Heritage site called Dholavira. More than 5,000 years ago, Dholavira was a large and prosperous port city. Not only urban planning but also a splendid model of sports infrastructure has been found in this ancient city. During excavations, two stadiums were discovered here. One of them is the world's oldest and the largest stadium of that time. This 5,000-year-old stadium had the capacity of seating 10,000 people. Another ancient site in Bharat, Rakhigarhi, also reveals structures related to sports. This heritage of Bharat is a heritage of the entire world.


In sports, there is no loser; there are only winners and learners. The language and the spirit of sports is universal. Sports are not just about competition; they provide an opportunity for humanity to expand its horizons. No matter who breaks records, he is welcomed by the entire world. Sports also strengthen our concept of "Vasudhaiva Kutumbakam" – one earth, one family, one future. That's why our government is working diligently at every level to promote sports. Khelo India University Games, Khelo India Youth Games, Khelo India Winter Games, Member of Parliament Sports Competition, and the upcoming Khelo India Para Games are examples of our commitment to the development of sports in Bharat. We are also consistently focusing on inclusivity and diversity in the advancement of sports in the country.


Due to this focus on sports in Bharat, the country is showcasing remarkable performances in international events today. Many Indian athletes delivered outstanding performances in the last Olympics. In the recently concluded Asian Games, Bharat achieved a historical performance. Prior to that, our young athletes set new records in the World University Games. These events signal a changing and rapidly developing sports landscape in Bharat.


Bharat has proven its capability to organize various global sports tournaments in recent years. We recently hosted the Chess Olympiad, which saw the participation of 186 countries worldwide. We also hosted events like the Football Under-17 World Cup, Women’s World Cup, Men’s Hockey World Cup, Women’s World Boxing Championship, and the Shooting World Cup. Bharat also hosts one of the world's largest cricket leagues every year. Currently, the Cricket World Cup is also taking place in Bharat. In this enthusiastic atmosphere, everyone is delighted to hear that the IOC Executive Board has proposed the inclusion of cricket in the Olympics. We hope to receive positive news on this matter soon.


Hosting global events provides us with the opportunity to welcome countries from around the world. With its rapidly growing economy and well-developed infrastructure, Bharat is prepared for major global events. The world witnessed this during Bharat’s G20 presidency. We organized events in more than 60 cities across the country, showcasing our organizing capacity in logistics and other aspects. Therefore, I would like to express the sentiments of 1.4 billion Indians before you today. Bharat is enthusiastic about hosting the Olympics on its soil.

Bharat will leave no stone unturned in its efforts to ensure the successful hosting of the Olympics in Bharat in 2036. This is a decades-old dream and aspiration of 1.4 billion Indians. It is a dream we want to realize with the support of all of you. Even before the 2036 Olympics, Bharat is keen on hosting the Youth Olympics in 2029. I believe that Bharat will continue to receive continuous support from the IOC.


Sports is not just a means to win medals; it's a way to win hearts. Sports belong to everyone and are for everyone. It not only shapes champions but also promotes peace, progress, and wellness. Therefore, sports is another powerful medium to connect the world. I would like to reiterate the Olympic motto before you: Faster, Higher, Stronger, Together. I express heartfelt gratitude to all the guests at the 141st IOC Session, President Thomas Bach, and all the delegates. You have to make many crucial decisions in the next few hours. I now declare this session open.

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