Inaugurates and performs Bhoomi Poojan of more than 1.3 lakh houses across Gujarat built under Pradhan Mantri Awas Yojna and other housing schemes
“Your blessings in such large numbers further strengthens our resolve”
“Today’s time is the time of creating history”
“​​Our government's effort is to ensure that everyone has a pucca roof above them”
“Every citizen wants India to become a developed nation in the coming 25 years. For this everyone is making every possible contribution”
“Modern technology is being deployed in our housing schemes to build houses at a faster pace”
“We are committed to the empowerment of the four pillars of Viksit Bharat - Youth, Women, Farmers and the Poor”
“Modi has stood guarantee for those who had no guarantee”
“The biggest beneficiaries of every poor welfare scheme are Dalit, OBC and tribal families”


My dear brothers and sisters of Gujarat! How are you all? I hope everything is going well. Today, a grand campaign ‘Viksit Bharat-Viksit Gujarat’ (Developed India-Developed Gujarat) is commencing. As I have been informed, millions of people from all 182 assembly seats of Gujarat, from every corner of Gujarat, are actively participating in this program through technology. The enthusiasm with which everyone has joined the journey of ‘Viksit Gujarat’ is truly commendable... I extend my heartfelt congratulations to all of you.

Just last month, I had the opportunity to attend the Vibrant Gujarat Summit. Twenty years of Vibrant Gujarat have been completed. This year's event was also organized in a magnificent manner. In terms of investment, this program was very important for Gujarat and the country as well. I was thinking that when I was the Chief Minister, I couldn't plan such a program as you all have done this time, and therefore, my happiness increased even more seeing the excellent work done. So, I extend heartfelt congratulations to all the people of Gujarat, the entire team of the Gujarat government, and the Chief Minister's team for the success of this event.


For any poor person, their own home is a guarantee of a bright future. However, as families grow over time, the need for new homes also increases. Our government's endeavour is to ensure that everyone has a solid roof over their heads, their own home -- a perfect abode for their dreams. With this vision, more than 1.25 lakh families have got their own homes in Gujarat today. It is an unimaginable figure, a task that may never have been achieved in the entire country before. It seems the arrival of Diwali in these 1.25 lakh homes. As Lord Shri Ram found a home in Ayodhya, similarly, every family in these villages found their own home today. My heartfelt congratulations and best wishes to all the families who have got their homes today! When such deeds are accomplished, that's when the country declares -- Modi's guarantee means fulfilment of a guarantee.

Brothers and sisters,

Today, a large number of people from Banaskantha are participating in this program. I have been told that thousands of people have gathered in each assembly constituency out of the 182 assembly constituencies. I congratulate the people of Gujarat BJP, the people of Gujarat, and the Gujarat government for such a grand event. As I watch people from different places on TV, I see familiar faces from different areas, and today I have the opportunity to see distant faces from afar. I can see every distant, remote area. Such a grand event! I have worked in organization for years, so I know that gathering millions of people at so many places simultaneously is no small feat. And your blessings in such large numbers strengthen our resolve. We can experience your determination. Our Banaskantha district, i.e., our entire North Gujarat... Here, people used to have to travel two kilometers with pitchers of water. But our farmers from North Gujarat have taken initiatives like Per Drop More Crop, drip irrigation, modern irrigation, and because of these initiatives, today our agriculture sector is flourishing.

Places like Mehsana, Ambaji, Patan, all these areas are reaching new heights in agriculture. I am very pleased to see the development projects happening in Ambaji Dham. There will be a significant increase in the number of devotees and tourists here in the coming times. Now, look at the progress in Taranga Hill and Ambaji. And importantly, the new rail line that is coming from Ahmedabad to Abu Road, there will be a new broad-gauge line, and you remember about this project, right? The plan was made during the British era 100 years ago. But for 100 years, it was shelved, not taken up, and today this work is happening after 100 years. This project will create new employment opportunities in large numbers. With the construction of this project, reaching Ajitnath Jain Temple will become easier. Ambaji Temple will get smooth rail connectivity. And recently I read in the newspaper. When I was there, I also didn't have as much knowledge. Archaeologists have discovered (the oldest-known human settlements in the world) in my village Vadnagar. A living village for almost 3,000 years, it's a wonder for people around the world. It is said that a large number of tourists used to come to see Hatkeshwar and now they come to see these ancient things. Like the Statue of Unity, Ambaji, Patan and Taranga, this entire region will become a centre of attraction for tourists. Nowadays, even people from North Gujarat are rushing to see Nadabet (Indo-Pak border). Development is visible everywhere. North Gujarat is going to benefit a lot and it's going to surpass new heights of development.


We have witnessed the successful implementation of the ‘Viksit Bharat Sankalp Yatra’ across the country in the months of November, December, and January. Modi's guaranteed vehicle used to travel from village to village, looking for beneficiaries in the villages. This has happened for the first time in the 75 years of independence that the Indian government went directly to lakhs of villages across the country. And in our Gujarat too, crores of people have joined these programs. And with such efforts of the government, which I consider the biggest work in the country that has happened in the last 10 years and you too would be satisfied with it. In 10 years, 25 crore people have come out of poverty. The government stood with these 25 crore people at every step, and these 25 crore companions benefited from the government's schemes, used money properly, devoted their lives to the schemes, and successfully defeated poverty. That is, I have gained 25 crore new companions who have defeated poverty. Can you imagine how happy I must be, how much my belief has increased that these schemes can lift us out of poverty. And therefore, I will also need your help in the coming days to eradicate poverty in Bharat.

As you have defeated poverty, you have to become my companions and give strength to poorer people to defeat poverty. And I have firm belief that by becoming my soldiers, my companions, you will support me in the fight to eradicate poverty. With the power that you have got, you will definitely do this work so that other poor people are also empowered. Just now, I got the opportunity to converse with the sisters, the self-confidence I saw in them, the belief that was created in their lives after getting a home… I was also seeing their homes, they were such beautiful homes; it felt the people of my Gujarat are also moving forward towards a prosperous life just like the other people of my country.


This is the time to make history, to create history. This is the same time as we saw during the freedom struggle. Whether it was the Swadeshi movement, the Quit India movement, or the Dandi March during the freedom struggle, all these movements had become the resolve of every individual. Similarly, the resolution for building a ‘Viksit Bharat’ (Developed India) has become a significant commitment for the country today. Every child of the country wants Bharat to become a developed nation in the next 25 years. Everyone is contributing in every possible way to realise this resolve. And Gujarat has always had this approach. Even when I was here (as Chief Minister of Gujarat), Gujarat had this mindset that the development of the state leads to the development of the country. This program a ‘Viksit Gujarat’ (Developed Gujarat) for a ‘Viksit Bharat’ (Developed India) is a part of this series.

Brothers and sisters,

I am pleased that Gujarat has always been at the forefront of implementing the Pradhan Mantri Awas Yojana. Under this scheme, more than 8 lakh houses have been built in urban areas. Under the Pradhan Mantri Awas Yojana Gramin, more than 5 lakh houses have been constructed. We are using modern technology in our housing schemes to build houses quickly and efficiently. In Rajkot, Gujarat, more than 1100 houses have been built under the Light House project.


Modi has opened the government treasury for the homes of the poor. I remember the situation earlier, when houses were built for our struggling Halpati society in Valsad. Nobody went there to stay there even for a single day. You can imagine the situation of those houses where even Halpati people didn't go to live there. And slowly, those houses crumbled. Similarly, as we go towards Bhavnagar, we see many houses on the way. No person is visible. Slowly, everyone stole the windows and doors of those houses. I am talking about this which happened 40 years ago. Everything was destroyed. Because no one went to live there, that's how those houses were made. If you compare the amount of money which was released for the homes of the poor in the 10 years before 2014, then today this amount is nearly 10 times what was spent in the previous 10 years. In this year's budget, we have also announced the construction of 2 crore new houses, so that every poor person has a pucca house.


The pace at which homes were built for the poor before 2014, today homes for the poor are being built at a much faster pace. Earlier, money for the homes of the poor was scarce, and even that was swindled in between by middlemen, companies, brokers; someone would take 15,000 rupees, someone would take 20,000 rupees, they would loot this money. Now, the sanctioned money is also more than 2.25 lakh rupees, and it is reaching directly into the beneficiary's bank account. Today, the poor have the freedom to build their own homes according to their needs, so homes are also being built rapidly and they are much better. Earlier, there used to be small houses. The government officials decided what kind of house it would be. Even if a house was built, amenities like toilets, electricity, water, gas connections were not available to poor families for many years. The poor used to spend thousands of rupees even on these basic facilities. Therefore, in many of the previous houses, people did not even go there to live. Today, along with the house, all these facilities are also available. Today every beneficiary happily enters their solid home. These homes have seen proper property registration for the first time in the names of millions of sisters. Earlier, it used to happen that if there was a house, it would be in the name of a male member, husband or son; if there was a shop, it would also be in the name of a male member; if there was land, it would also be in the name of a male member; if there was a vehicle in the house, it would also be in the name of a male member. Then we decided that the homes that we will give to the poor will be in the name of the senior sister of the house. Mothers and sisters have now become the owners of the house.

Brothers and sisters,

The poor, the youth, our farmers, our mothers, our women, sisters, they are the pillars of a ‘Viksit Bharat’. Therefore, empowering them is our commitment. And when I talk about the poor, every section of society comes into it. If homes are being provided, then there are poor families from every caste in it. Free ration is being provided, so every beneficiary from every caste is benefiting. Free healthcare is being provided, so every poor beneficiary from every caste is benefiting. Cheap fertilizer is being provided, so every farmer from every caste is benefiting. The PM Kisan Samman Nidhi is reaching every farmer from every caste. Whether it's a poor family from any society, the doors of banks were closed to their sons and daughters earlier. They had nothing to give as a guarantee to the bank. Those who had no guarantee, Modi has taken their guarantee. The Mudra Yojana is also such a guarantee. Under this scheme, poor youth from every society are taking loans without any guarantee and are doing their small businesses. The guarantee of our Vishwakarma workers, our street vendors, has also been taken by Modi. Therefore, their lives are also changing today. The biggest beneficiaries of every scheme for the welfare of the poor are my Dalit brothers and sisters, my OBC brothers and sisters, the Bakshi Panch people, and our tribal families. If anyone has benefited the most from Modi's guarantee, it is these families.

Brothers and sisters,

Modi has given a big guarantee to make sisters ‘Lakhpati Didis’. You may have heard what Modi is doing. I have made sure that we will make ‘Lakhpati Didis’ in every village. So far, there are one crore ‘Lakhpati Didis’ in the country. Among them, there are also many mothers and sisters from Gujarat. Now our effort is to make three crore sisters ‘Lakhpati Didis’ in the coming years. This will also benefit thousands of sisters in Gujarat. The new ‘Lakhpati Didis’ will give new strength to poor families. A big announcement has also been made for our ASHA and Anganwadi sisters in this year’s budget. Now these sisters will not have to worry about their treatment. Modi will take care of their and their families' treatment. All ASHA and Anganwadi workers will also now get the facility of free treatment under the Ayushman scheme.


In recent years, our continuous effort has been to reduce the expenses of the poor and middle class. Free rations, cheap healthcare, affordable medicines, reduced mobile bills have resulted in significant savings. The beneficiaries of Ujjwala scheme are also getting gas cylinders at very low prices. The revolution brought about by LED bulbs has reduced electricity bills in every household. Now our effort is to make the electricity bill of ordinary families zero and also they can earn from electricity. Therefore, the central government has now made a very ambitious plan. Under this, solar rooftops will be installed in the homes of 1 crore families initially. Just like we have set up a very large solar farm near Radhanpur, in Kutch too, similarly it will be installed on the rooftop of the houses and as a result electricity will be free. This arrangement will ensure almost 300 units of free electricity. This will ensure a saving of thousands of rupees, and if you produce more electricity, the government will buy it and you will earn by selling electricity. In Gujarat, we have seen the establishment of a solar village in Modhera. Now such a revolution will be there in the entire country. Our government is also working to make the farmers an energy producer. The government is also helping the farmers to install solar pumps and small solar plants on barren land. Work is also underway in Gujarat to provide a separate feeder to farmers through solar energy. This will provide farmers with electricity for irrigation even during the day.


Gujarat is recognized as a trading state. In its journey of development, Gujarat has given new impetus to industrial development. Due to the presence of industrial powerhouses, the youth of Gujarat have unprecedented opportunities. Today, the youth of Gujarat are taking the state to new heights in every sector. All these initiatives will provide new opportunities to the youth of Gujarat, increase their income, and take ‘Viksit Gujarat’ to new heights of development. The double engine government is with you everywhere, at every step. It was a great pleasure to meet all of you today. Once again, I extend my best wishes for a bright future to all those who have got homes today. And have faith in me and tell your children that Modi will not let your children face troubles that you have faced in your life. We have to make Gujarat like this, and we have to make the country like this too.

My best wishes to all of you.


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