People of Karnataka must be wary of both JD(S) and Congress. They aren’t different. They are the same. Both are corrupt, promote dynastic politics and sow divisions in society: PM in Chitradurga
So many people attending the event reflect the decisions of the people of Karnataka: Ee Bariya Sarkara, Bahumatada BJP Sarkara: PM Modi in Chitradurga
The Congress had problems with Ram ji, and now they have a problem with those who chant "Jai Bajrang Bali" too: PM Modi in Hosapete
Vijayanagara is the youngest district of Karnataka. It was a long pending demand of yours to create a separate district. It's the BJP that made it happen: PM Modi in Hosapete
While we are working towards bringing back one and all Indian stranded in Sudan's civil war, the Congress started playing politics even with that crisis: PM Modi in Sindhanur
After independence, every government deprived the Tribal Community of our country; however, it was the BJP that created a separate ministry to work on tribal affairs: PM Modi

Prime Minister Narendra Modi today addressed public meetings in Karnataka’s Chitradurga, Hosapete and Sindhanur. PM Modi congratulated the Karnataka BJP on their Sankalp Patra, stating that it outlines a roadmap for the state to become the leading state in the country with modern infrastructure. The Sankalp Patra also prioritizes the welfare of the underprivileged, including the poor, downtrodden, exploited, deprived, tribals, and backward communities.

Launching a scathing attack at both major opposition parties, Congress and JD(S), PM Modi said, “Both of them are dynasts, both promote corruption and both do politics to divide the society. The development of Karnataka has never been the priority of both these parties. Upper Bhadra Irrigation Project is the proof of Congress-JD(S) misgovernance. They were not worried about the farmers, so they ignored this project. But BJP's double engine government has resolved to complete the Upper Bhadra project.”

Drawing a comparison with ‘Seven circles of security’ of the region, PM Modi said, “This is the area of Elu Suttina Kote i.e. 7 circles of security. BJP government has also prepared Elu Suttina Kote of schemes.” PM Modi highlighted seven security circles during his address, which includes providing basic amenities such as a pucca house, gas connection, and water supply through PM Awas Yojana, free ration and nutrition for the poor, free healthcare and vaccination under Ayushman Bharat, financial support through Jan Dhan bank accounts and Mudra Yojana, assistance during crises through schemes like Jeevan Jyoti Yojana, Suraksha Bima Yojana, and Atal Pension, better law and order for women's safety, and protecting the rights of every community.

PM Modi cautioned the people of Karnataka to remember Congress' history and ideology’, which he claimed the Congress party has a track record of supporting terrorism and appeasing terrorists. He cited examples such as the Batla House encounter, where he said the Congress leader shed tears after hearing that terrorists were killed, and the Congress' questioning of the country's forces' capability during the surgical strike and air strike.

“It is the BJP which has broken the back of terrorism, has stopped the politics of appeasement. For a prosperous Karnataka, for Karnataka to be number one, it is equally important for Karnataka to be safe. Congress-JD(S), which promotes terror, can never create new opportunities for the youth here,” he added.


The Prime Minister stated, “Congress has lost its warranty, lost credibility. Congress knows for sure that the people of Karnataka are not going to bring it to power. That's why they are making tall false promises. The huge amount and guarantee that the Congress is talking about, Karnataka's coffers will be empty.”

Training guns on the Congress, PM Modi said that till now that party and its leaders have hurled at him different types of abuses over 90 times. He stated that Congress has been known to insult various communities, such as the OBC and Lingayat communities, and even a respected leader like S Nijalingappa Ji. He added that a political party that indulges in such disrespectful behavior can only create a legacy of insults and negativity.

Coming down heavily on the Congress on equating Bajrang Dal to PFI, vowing to ban it in their manifesto, PM Modi said, “Today when I have come here on this holy land of Hanuman ji, at the same time the Congress party in its manifesto has decided to lock up Bajrang Bali. Congress party has a history of being hostile towards Lord Shri Ram and now towards those who chant Jai Bajrang Bali.”

During his second rally in Hosapete, PM Modi mentioned that farmers in the area were facing issues with irrigation for a long time, but the BJP government is working on rehabilitating over 70 lakes to help them. Additionally, a new Agriculture College is being built in Vijayanagara district to train young people in modern agricultural practices to support local farmers.

“In the past years, the farmers here have benefited we have transferred about two and a half lakh crore rupees of PM Kisan Samman Nidhi to the farmers' accounts. The farmers here have benefited a lot from this. That is why today in Karnataka, be it poor or farmers, every section of the society is saying – ‘Ee Baria Nirdhara... Bahutmatda BJP Sarkara’,” said PM Modi in Hosepete.

PM Modi warned that Congress has a history of corruption and is eyeing the earnings of the people of Karnataka to make it an ATM of its loot. He cautioned people to be careful with Congress's promises and schemes, as they aim to keep an eye on 85% commission for them. He urged the people to save Karnataka from Congress's corruption.

PM Modi, in his final rally at Sindhanur, stated that the Congress has always been focused on its own family and ignored the needs of the common man's family, causing the country to lag behind. He added that this trend was halted only after the BJP government came to power.

The Prime Minister asserted, “The tribal communities have been neglected by every government since independence, depriving them of development. However, under the leadership of Atal Ji, the BJP government established a separate Ministry for tribal welfare. The BJP government also established a separate Ministry of Jal Shakti and a ministry dedicated to the development of the Northeast. These efforts have led to the Northeast region reaching new heights of development.”

Alleging that Congress was abusing him, PM Modi said, “First Kharge ji called me a poisonous snake and then his son took charge.” The PM commented that he did not want to remark on the words of a certain "layak" father and his son who took it forward. He added that only the people of Karnataka can reply to them, and requested the Congress leaders to maintain the dignity of the elections and the pride of the state.

At the end, PM Modi said, “So many people attending the event reflect the decisions of the people of Karnataka – ‘Ee Bariya Sarkara, Bahumatada BJP Sarkara’. The Prime Minister appealed to the public to come out in large numbers and vote for the BJP on May 10th.

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PM performs darshan and pooja at Maa Danteshwari Temple in Bastar, Chhattisgarh
October 03, 2023

The Prime Minister, Shri Narendra Modi performed darshan and pooja at Maa Danteshwari Temple in Bastar, Chhattisgarh today.


The Prime Minister posted on X:

“बस्तर में मां दंतेश्वरी की पूजा-अर्चना कर उनका आशीर्वाद लिया। उनसे छत्तीसगढ़ के अपने सभी परिवारजनों की उन्नति और खुशहाली की कामना की।”