PM Modi addresses a public meeting in Sidhi, Madhya Pradesh

Published By : Admin | November 7, 2023 | 13:15 IST
I have taken this decision that the BJP government will extend the scheme of providing free ration to the poor people of the country for the next 5 years, says PM Modi
Your sevak, Modi has worked with full dedication in the government that we have run for almost 10 years, says PM Modi in Sidhi, MP
If there were no Ayushman cards, more than Rs 1 lakh crore would have been spent by the poor and middle class for healthcare services: PM Modi in Sidhi
In Sidhi, Madhya Pradesh, PM Modi says we have opened over 10,000 Jan Aushadhi Kendra to provide medicines at 80% discount

Prior to the Madhya Pradesh assembly election, Prime Minister Narendra Modi today delivered a public address in Sidhi. The Prime Minister initiated his speech by affectionately referring to the people of Madhya Pradesh as God. He said, “Today, people are saying that in Modi stays in Madhya Pradesh’s heart, Madhya Pradesh stays in Modi’s heart.” Why Modi is in the hearts of people in Madhya Pradesh, why BJP is here, is no longer a mystery, he added.

The Prime Minister took a jibe at Congress’ tenure in MP and said, “During the 10 years when Congress was in power at the centre, it mainly focused on looting the poor and the middle class. By committing telecom scams, coal scams, the Congress had looted your hundreds of crores of rupees.”

“In the BJP government, scams worth thousands of crores have been stopped. And the money we are saving from these scams, we are investing it for the benefit of the poor and the middle class,” the PM added.

PM Modi made a resolute guarantee that no poor family in the country will go hungry, and to uphold this commitment, he extended the free ration scheme for the next 5 years. “Even if we consider 4-5 people in one family, every family is saving around 700 to 800 rupees per month because of the free ration scheme,” said the Prime Minister.

Highlighting the importance of Ayushman card, which played a vital role, PM Modi said, “If there was no Ayushman card, more than 1 lakh crore rupees would have to be spent from the pockets of the poor. The BJP government has also opened 10,000 Jan Aushadhi centres in the country, where medicines are being provided with an 80% discount. This has saved more than 25,000 crore rupees for the poor.” When you save on treatment expenses, it doesn't just mean saving money but saving thousands and millions of families from drowning in debt, PM Modi added.

Taking a dig at Congress over the loan waiver lies to the farmers, the Prime Minister said, “Congress has always lied on loan waivers to the farmers. They continue to do so even today. These people had promised in 2018 to waive the loans within 10 days. But even after 15 months, they couldn't do anything. On the other hand, the BJP government not only promises but also delivers on its promises.”

“Direct assistance has been provided to farmers, including the deposit from the PM Kisan Samman Nidhi into the accounts of Madhya Pradesh's farmers,” said PM Modi.

Speaking on the development of Tribal communities, PM Modi said, “The BJP has established a separate ministry and allocated a distinct budget for the welfare of tribal communities. In the last 9 years, the budget for tribal welfare has experienced a five-fold increase.”

“’Garib ki jeb saaf, kaam half se bhi half’ is Congress' slogan. In states like UP, Bihar, Gujarat, West Bengal, Tamil Nadu, and Odisha, Congress was not welcomed back after their initial tenure. In Madhya Pradesh, for more than two decades, Congress has been striving for a majority. Today, the marginalized communities, including the poor, Dalits, OBCs, and Adivasis, have come to realize that Congress does not represent them; it has merely used them for votes,” said the Prime Minister.

Lamenting the Congress over dirty Politics, PM Modi said, “When the BJP resolved to appoint an ‘Adivasi’ daughter as the President of the country, the Congress vehemently opposed it. It is the BJP that respects the aspirations of the SC/ST/OBC communities and honours them.”

Underscoring the issue of nepotism within the Congress party, PM Modi said, “Currently, the Congress exemplifies the prevalence of dynastic politics in the nation. Here, you can observe two Congress leaders embroiled in a conflict over the future of their sons. These leaders are engrossed in internal discord, with little regard for the well-being of your sons and daughters.”

PM Modi underlined that Congress turned Madhya Pradesh into a Bimaru state. He said, “The BJP has propelled Madhya Pradesh to the forefront in terms of development. Today, MP is a leader in food production and cleanliness. Two decades ago, MP faced a severe power crisis. Today, MP is generating surplus electricity. MP now has five times more medical colleges than before. Even a medical college is being established in Sidhi. MP is now recognized as a vital industrial state in the country.”

In his concluding remarks, PM Modi urged the people of Madhya Pradesh to come together to build a prosperous Madhya Pradesh. “This responsibility falls particularly on our youth, aged 18 to 25. Today, each of your votes will determine the future of MP in the coming 25 years. Therefore, the lotus should bloom at every booth of Vindhya,” the PM said.

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