PM Modi campaigns in Andhra Pradesh’s Rajahmundry and Anakapalle

Published By : Admin | May 6, 2024 | 15:30 IST
There is zero work happening here in the name of development and corruption is 100%: PM Modi in Andhra Pradesh’s Rajahmundry
YSR Congress got 5 years in Andhra Pradesh, but they wasted these 5 years: PM Modi in Rajahmundry
Congress leaders have already accepted the defeat and people of Andhra Pradesh have fully rejected YSR Congress: PM Modi
NDA govt in the centre is working for the welfare of the youth...If the central govt can do so much work in Andhra Pradesh, then why can't YSRCP: PM Modi
BJP's mantra is development, development & development and YSRCP mantra is corruption, corruption & corruption: PM Modi in Anakapalle

Continuing his election campaigning spree, Prime Minister Narendra Modi addressed two massive public meetings in Rajahmundry and Anakapalle, Andhra Pradesh, today. Beginning his speech, PM Modi said, “On May 13th, you will begin a new chapter in the development journey of Andhra Pradesh with your vote. NDA will certainly set records in the Lok Sabha elections as well as in the Andhra Pradesh Legislative Assembly. This will be a significant step towards a developed Andhra Pradesh and a developed Bharat.”

Lashing out at the Congress and the YSR Congress, PM Modi remarked, “In this election, there is the Congress party on one side, and on the other side is the YSR Congress. Congress leaders have already conceded defeat here before the results. And the people of Andhra Pradesh have completely rejected the YSR Congress as well. The YSR Congress had the opportunity for a full five years in Andhra Pradesh. They have wasted these five years and also pushed Andhra behind in development.”

“You need to be equally cautious with Congress as well. Remember, 10 years ago, where Congress had led the country. When Congress was in power at the center, India was known for scams,” he said while addressing the Congress squarely.

PM Modi vehemently condemned the INDI Alliance, PM Modi said, “Mountains of currency notes was recovered from the household help of PS to Jharkhand Minister, this is the money stolen from the public. This isn't the first time. Before this, from a Congress MP's place, an even bigger mountain of notes was found. There were so many notes that even machines were tired of counting them.”

Reacting to ED raids, the PM said, “When Modi catches their black earnings, they curse Modi left and right. But Modi is not concerned about curses but about the poor. That poor person whose money these corrupt people have looted. That's why Modi is seeking legal advice. No poor person's rights will be trampled upon... that's Modi's guarantee.”

As PM Modi advanced his address, he confided in the public, emphasizing that, “Today, India is progressing rapidly following the mantra of Reform, Perform, and Transform. Your vote has turned problems into possibilities. Today, the whole world is positive about India. In such a scenario, the people of Andhra Pradesh need to stay away from the negativity of Congress and YSR Congress and join hands with the BJP.”

Delving deep into the issues plaguing Andhra Pradesh, PM Modi highlighted the stark contrast between promises made and the current state of affairs. He remarked, “These people came to power promising prohibition. But today, the state government itself is involved in dealing with liquor and corruption. A large liquor syndicate is operating here. It is said that today, the Andhra government is run by sand mafia and liquor mafia. Corruption is at its peak in the YSR Congress government. However, development works are at a standstill.”

Unveiling the bitter truths, PM Modi exposed the grim realities of the opposition parties and their vile intentions, he observed, “You may recall, YSR Congress had promised to create three capitals in Andhra Pradesh. However, they couldn't even deliver one capital in so many years. These people were caught up in a big loot under the guise of three capitals. But even before that, they emptied the treasury of the government. They can only manage corruption; financial management is not within the scope of YSR Congress.”

“When there is no intention of serving the people, results are not achieved. By scrapping the Polavaram project, they have also halted the lifeline of Andhra Pradesh. The central government has already provided 15,000 crore rupees for this project. However, the YSR Congress government does not want it to progress further. Today, the farmers of Andhra Pradesh are troubled by the lack of irrigation. Farmers are not even getting the fair rate for paddy. I assure you... After June 4th, the NDA government in Andhra Pradesh will solve all these problems,” the PM added in a sorry state of affairs.

In his second rally of the day in Anakapalle, PM Modi underlined the NDA government's dedication to the youth of Andhra Pradesh, showcasing significant developments in the state. Institutes like IIITDM Kurnool, IIT Tirupati, and ICAR Tirupati have been established, while Visakhapatnam now boasts an IIM. Also, a Petroleum University has been inaugurated, offering abundant opportunities for the state's youth. Furthermore, PM Modi announced the approval of a Green Energy Park in Pudimadaka, emphasizing the government's focus on sustainable development and creating opportunities for the youth.

Speaking in Anakapalle, Andhra Pradesh, Prime Minister Modi said, "Uttar Andhra Sujala Sravanthi irrigation project is an example of the work culture here. This project was started by YS Jagan Mohan Reddy's father YSR Reddy. He took over the political legacy of his father but could not complete the projects started by his father."

In reference to the NDA government, which has been the first to demonstrate concern for our fishermen, the PM stated, “We initiated a separate ministry for the fisheries sector. We provided fishermen with the facility of a Kisan credit card. The BJP has guaranteed in its Sankalp Patra that insurance coverage for brothers and sisters associated with the fisheries sector will be increased. Additionally, we will establish production and processing clusters related to fisheries and promote organic sea-weed cultivation to augment the income of fishermen.”

PM Modi underscored Andhra Pradesh's rich heritage and its association with the legendary NTR Garu, who popularized the character of Lord Ram. He highlighted the fulfilment of a 500-year-old dream with the construction of the Grand Ram temple by the BJP. However, PM Modi pointed out Congress's reluctance, citing its boycott of the Ram temple in Ayodhya. He noted that Congress's appeasement policies have led to the expulsion of any party member who visits the Ram temple out of devotion.

With hope and optimism, PM Modi looked ahead to the future of Andhra Pradesh. He maintained that on May 13th, you have to vote for the future of Andhra Pradesh. “This time, Andhra Pradesh has Modi's guarantee, Chandrababu Ji's leadership, and our trust in Pawan Kalyan Ji as well. Our victory will form a double-engine government in Andhra Pradesh. I have one more request. Tell everyone here that Modi has greeted them,” he added.

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