शेअर करा
"Shri Modi attacks Congress led UPA for misuse of CBI"
"CBI is Congress Bureau of Investigation: Shri Modi"
"In front of the youth I tell the Government in Delhi- do not show us the fear of CBI: Shri Modi"
"Do not spread lies to defame Gujarat: Shri Modi"
"Nation has lost faith in the CBI: Shri Modi"
"Rather than spending time on politicization of CBI, spend time in relief work in Uttarakhand, serve those who are suffering: Shri Modi"
"I am not the one to be scared of CBI: Shri Modi"
"You can do anything but by the fear of the CBI we will not deviate from the path of development: Shri Modi"
"I know what turns things will take but we are prepared: Shri Modi"

On Monday 24th June 2013 Shri Narendra Modi attacked the Congress led UPA Government for their repeated attempts to misuse the CBI for political purposes. He said that the Centre may try as many attempts using the CBI but this will not stop the development journey of Gujarat. “Because of the fear of the CBI we will not ruin the future of the youth of Gujarat! I am aware of the turn things can take but we are prepared,” affirmed the Chief Minister. He added that the nation has lost faith in the CBI. Shri Modi was speaking during a function of the Swami Vivekananda Youth Employment Week at Mahatma Mandir in Gandhinagar where employment letters were handed to youngsters.

Shri Modi said, “Nowadays, half of the papers are filled with news about CBI. With every passing day the Government is hatching new conspiracies and their biggest tool in this is the CBI, which is now the Congress bureau of investigation.” He went on to say, “I tell the Government in Delhi, standing in front of the youth of Gujarat, do not show us the fear of CBI!” Shri Modi commented that for all the politicization of CBI, its misuse to trouble innocent people, the Government of India would have to answer to the people. Referring to those who are being a part of this to please political masters, Shri Modi said that what they are doing is not the right thing in a democracy.

The Chief Minister affirmed, “Truth must be presented as truth. Do not spread lies to defame Gujarat.” He urged the Government to devote more time to relief operations in flood affected Uttarakhand rather than working on political matters using the CBI. “CBI is working in political matters. You use the CBI to jail Modi, his ministers but spend that much time on relief work in Uttarakhand. Spend time to serve those that are suffering and if you want to complete, let us compete, let us compete on how many jobs we can give to the youth and how many jobs you can give to the youth.”

Shri Modi stated that there were elections in Gujarat recently where the Congress could have explained their stand to the people. “If you had explained to the people, they may have voted us out of power and we would have accepted it. But the people of Gujarat showed their affection for us and then you use CBI. But, I am not the one who is scared of CBI,” he avowed. Shri Modi also stressed on the need to stand shoulder to shoulder in taking Gujarat to new heights of development, taking the development to the poor, serving the needy and giving jobs to the youth.

Large number of youngsters were present on the occasion and Shri Modi’s points of the misuse of CBI were met with thunderous applause from the youth repeatedly.

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PM bows to Maa Kushmanda, fourth form of Maa Durga
September 29, 2022
शेअर करा

The Prime Minister, Shri Narendra Modi has sought blessings of Maa Kushmanda, the fourth form of Maa Durga for the devotees during Navratri.

Shri Modi also shared recital of prayers (stuti) of the Goddess.

The Prime Minister tweeted;

"नवरात्रि में आज मां दुर्गा के चतुर्थ स्वरूप के चरणों में कोटि-कोटि नमन! मां कूष्मांडा के शुभाशीष से हर किसी का जीवन संपन्नता और प्रसन्नता से परिपूर्ण रहे, यही अभिलाषा है…"