"Shri Narendra Modi addressed 3D Bharat Vijay rally, speaking to people across the Nation"
"The rounds that are voting, you have a very important role. It is as if you will hand the final decision: Shri Modi addressing 3D rally"
"I went to Amethi and for the 1st time development is being discussed there: Shri Modi"
"The government in Delhi is immersed in scams: Shri Modi"
"We need to take India towards being a Skilled India from a Scam India: Shri Modi"
"Commerce and Industry Ministry released a report that praised Gujarat for development friendly environment: Shri Modi"
"Report praised Gujarat's land policy and says it does justice to all and injustice to no one: Shri Modi"

An acknowledgement of the potential of the youth and a stirring persuasionencouraging them to participate actively in the Elections was conveyed by Shri Narendra Modi during his 3D Bharat Vijay rally on the evening of 6th May. Speaking to people across the Nation, via 3D technology, Shri Modi shared Gujarat’s successful growth story and urged them to support the BJP for the replication of this development module across the Nation.

The Nation’s yearning for a change - one that will educate its children, employ its youth and empower its people - was spoken of by Shri Modi, who expressed deep concern at the Central government’s incompetence in providing any of these. He underscored the need to focus on skill development and ensure that the youth gets involved in gainful employment.

A corrupted government and a ‘Scam India’ is what the Congress had created, said Shri Modi, while further sharing his focus to create a ‘Skilled India’. He urged the youth and the people to support the BJP which would transform the Nation from a ‘Scam India’ to a ‘Skilled India’.


The Central government’s unrelated references to Gujarat’s development module was also condemned by Shri Modi, who spoke of how they were trying to hide their ineptitude of tackling issues like poverty, unemployment, price rise etc by either making irrelevant comparisons with Gujarat or making abusive statements against Shri Modi. He affirmed his determination of not indulging in ‘politics of revenge’, and instead only focusing on ‘politics of change’.

Shri Modi spoke of his recent address at Amethi and stated how the region and its people had, for the first time, witnessed development being discussed at length, and, in support, showed keen enthusiasm in knowing the BJP’s development module.

Appealing to the people to end votebank politics, Shri Modi urged them to vote for the development politics of the BJP and bring the change the Nation deserves.

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