Saints, Seers and Mutts have played a strong role in the development of our nation. We are deeply inspired by them: PM
For years, the Congress kept saying- Gareeb, Gareeb, Gareeb. However, nothing came out of this rhetoric. They failed to transform the lives of the poor of India: PM
The Congress' neglect of the agriculture sector is very well known: PM Modi
People of Karnataka need to know the tacit alliance between Congress and JD(S), says PM Modi
The Congress Government in Karnataka is working only for 'Naamdaars' and not for ‘Kaamgaars’: PM
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Continuing his campaign trail across Karnataka, PM Narendra Modi today addressed public meetings at Tumakuru, Gadag and Shivamogga. The PM said that Tumakuru was the land to several greats and Saints, Seers and Mutts here played a strong role in the development of our nation.

Attacking the Congress, he said, “For years, the Congress kept saying Gareeb, Gareeb, Gareeb. However, nothing came out of this rhetoric. They failed to transform the lives of the poor of India. Now, the Congress has stopped saying 'Gareeb' because the people of India have elected a person belonging to a poor family as their Prime Minister.”

The PM alleged that the Congress was trying to offer false rhetoric and empty promises to the farmers. He remarked that the Congress' neglect of the agriculture sector was very well known. “Which Congress government, either in Delhi, when they were in power for so long or here in Karnataka ever thought about solving the water problem in Tumakuru? Sadly, they do not bother about the farmers”, he added.

He questioned the Congress for not ensuring water of Hemavati River to farmers in the region. Stating that the BJP was working on water conservation, micro-irrigation and linking the waterways, which was a dream of the beloved Atal Ji, he said, “Our Government at the Centre has worked on irrigation projects on which no work had happened for 30 years. Some of these key projects are also in Karnataka.”

Taking a jibe at the JD(S), Shri Modi remarked, “Our respected former PM Deve Gowda Ji said so much during the 2014 campaign about me, made several personal attacks. After the elections I said that he need not remember all that he said.”

Stating that there was an unspoken alliance between Congress and JD(S), Shri Modi opined that people of Karnataka needed to know the “tacit alliance between Congress and JD(S)”. He said that the Congress and JD(S) pretended to fight in parts of Karnataka but in Bengaluru the JD(S) supported a Congress mayor, who was sitting in office. The PM questioned, “What is the deal between these two parties?”

The PM opined that the Central Government had worked substantially to improve connectivity and ensure better roads for the people of Karnataka. “Resources have been allocated for Tumakuru's development under Smart Cities project. These resources are aimed at transforming Tumakuru but the state Government prefers to loot money rather than work for people's welfare.”

He also urged people of Karnataka to join the battle against corruption and black money. “There is no way we can tolerate corrupt practices”, he remarked.

Launching attack on the Congress from Gadag, PM Modi stated that Congress Government in Karnataka was working only for 'Naamdaars' and not for 'Kaamgaars'. He slated the Congress party for ruining the Khadi and handloom sector in Karnataka.

Shri Modi clearly stated that the Congress was not bothered about the depletion of natural resources in Karnataka adding that as long as the pockets of their leaders were full, Congress was happy. “Congress sees corruption opportunities in the forests of Karnataka. Corruption is the key to the existence of the Congress”, he remarked.

Addressing an election rally in Karnataka's Shivamogga, Shri Modi said that like the Britishers, Congress is trying to divide the nation. He further said that the BJP works on the principle of 'Sabka Saath Sabka Vikaas' and did everything possible to unite the nation.

He alleged the Congress for spreading lies, wherever they go, they spread lies among people. Shri Modi criticised Congress for looting the money belonging to the poor and the honest. “How is it that assets of their leaders keep on increasing,” he asks.

There is no difference between the 'C' of Congress and 'C' of Corruption. Even now they cry foul of demonetisation, he added furthermore.

The Prime Minister reached out to citizens of Karnataka, said when his Government at Centre formed, he ensured gas cylinders for the poor. Shri Modi said, “We want to make Karnataka a growth engine of the country.”

Confident of a BJP victory in Karnataka too, Prime Minister Modi ruled out a hung Assemblyin the state. "BJP will form government in Karnataka with full majority,” said the PM while addressing a public rally in Mangaluru.

Accusing the Congress party on raising questions at PM’s every step, he said that opposing Modi has become the only agenda of Congress. "After surgical strikes, they raised questions about the army. After poll defeats, they raised questions about the elections and Election Commission, remarked Shri Modi.

"Congress opposed the Swachchta Abhiyan, as if that is an issue which should be opposed. If I talk about building toilets, they make fun of me. If I talk about yoga, they have a problem with that too. They have decided not to go into the merit of any issue," the Prime Minister further said.

What did the Congress do to greats like Sardar Patel, Subhas Chandra Bose, Nijalingappa Ji is for all to see, wondered Shri Modi.

On the issue of development, Prime Minister remarked, “We gave Karnataka government funds to build houses in the state. But the work was not being done because Modi kept watching to prevent corruption.”

"We started the direct benefit transfer scheme, through DBT we stopped leakages, eliminated corruption. Rajiv Gandhi himself had said that the Re 1 which gets out of Delhi becomes 15 paise by the time it reaches the village. At that time, Congress was in power," he said.

Talking tough on child rapists, the PM mentioned that Surakshit Karnataka is his commitment and the centre has approved ordinance for death penalty for those convicted of raping children.

Click here to read PM's speech in Tumakuru

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