প্রধান মন্ত্রী মোদীনা হায়খ্রে মদুদি হন্দক দিৱালী মখল অনি পাংথোক্কনি, লাক্কদৌরিবা মীখলদা মাই পাক্কনি হায়বগী থাজবা ফোংদোকখ্রে
প্রধান মন্ত্রী মোদীনা হরিয়ানাদা হায়খ্রে, ‘দঙ্গল’দা ভারতকী ইচানুপীশিংনা পাংথোকখিবা অদুগীদমক চাউথোকচরি
প্রধান মন্ত্রী মোদীনা ‘বেতী বচাও, বেতী পরাও’ মাই পাকপগীদমক হরিয়ানাবু থাগৎখ্রে ইচানুপীশিংবু
শক্তি লৈহন্নবা অমদি মশানা মশাবু থবক পীবা ঙমজনবা সরকারনা অমুক্তা ওইখিদ্রিবা খোংথাং কয়া লৌখৎলিঃ হরিয়ানাদা প্রধান মন্ত্রী
হরিয়ানাগী চরখী দদ্রীগী মীখলগী রেলী অমদা প্রধান মন্ত্রী মোদীনা হায়খ্রে, “ঐহাক হরিয়ানাদা মীখলগী রেলীগীদমক লাকপা নত্তে, ঐহাক বি.জে.পি.গীদমক হরিয়ানাদা খোংজং চংশিন্দে, ঐ হরিয়ানাদা ভোত খোমদে।

Continuing his election campaigning spree, Prime Minister Narendra Modi visited Charkhi Dadri and Kurukshetra in Haryana today. Addressing the gathering, PM Modi said, "I don't come to Haryana for election rallies, I don't campaign for BJP in Haryana. Haryana itself calls me. I can't stop myself from coming here. You have given me so much love.”

“Charkhi Dadri is now connected by 4-5 National Highways, new medical colleges are being built here, a logistic hub is being built. All this is happening when you put a double engine of development - Narendra Modi's engine in Delhi and Manohar Lal's engine in Haryana," said PM Modi while campaigning in Haryana’s Charkhi Dadri.

Asserting that once, the BJP had two or three seats in Haryana, the PM said that his party has now reached the position of forming a government in the state for the second consecutive time due to the blessings and love of people of Haryana.

PM Modi urged people to launch a campaign to honour daughters, he said, “We will have two types of Diwali this time. A 'diya' (earthen lamp) Diwali, and a 'kamal' (lotus) Diwali. We should dedicate this Diwali to our daughters and celebrate their achievements.” Unprecedented steps have been taken by the government for economic empowerment and self-employment of daughters, he added furthermore.

Hailing the transformation of Haryana’s villages, the Prime Minister remarked, “Our villages are giving impetus to the social changes happening in the country. Our villages, while maintaining their culture and traditions, are taking the society on new thinking and new paths. Only the villages of the country have proved their resolve to get rid of open defecation."

In Kurukshetra, PM Narendra Modi shared that the Central government has made arrangements for the 550th birth anniversary of Guru Nanak Dev. "Today I have come to Kurukshetra at a time when the whole country is preparing to celebrate the 550th Prakash Parv of Guru Nanak Dev Ji. This Prakash festival should be celebrated in a grand manner all over the world, for this the central government is making full arrangements," he said.

Launching a broadside against the Congress, PM Modi asked the opposition party to explain its love for Article 370 to the families of security personnel martyred in Jammu and Kashmir. He dared the Opposition to declare in their manifesto that they will bring back Article 370.

Regarding retired soldiers’ pension, Prime Minister Modi said his government had delivered on the promise of ‘One Rank One Pension’ by allotting Rs 900 crore for Haryana alone. Also, the PM urged citizens of Haryana to come out and vote in large numbers.







































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জে. অমসুং কে.গী নৌশেরাগী দীপাবলি কুহ্মৈদা ইন্দিয়ন আর্ম ফোর্সেসকী লান্মীশিংগা প্রধান মন্ত্রীগা ৱারি-ৱাতায় শানখ্রে
India exports Rs 27,575 cr worth of marine products in Apr-Sept: Centre

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India exports Rs 27,575 cr worth of marine products in Apr-Sept: Centre

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সোসিয়েল মিদিয়াগী মফম 8 দিসেম্বর, 2021
December 08, 2021

The country exported 6.05 lakh tonnes of marine products worth Rs 27,575 crore in the first six months of the current financial year 2021-22

Citizens rejoice as India is moving forward towards the development path through Modi Govt’s thrust on Good Governance.