If someone even by mistake presses the button for RJD, Congress or INDI alliance, his vote is sure to be wasted: PM Modi in Hajipur
The priority of RJD and Congress is not you, the people, but their own vote bank, says PM Modi while addressing the public in Hajipur
This is the election to decide the future of India and the country does not want a weak and unstable Congress government at all: PM Modi in Muzaffarpur
The life during the jungle raj was terrifying. The jungle raj of the RJD pushed Bihar back for decades, says PM Modi in Muzaffarpur
PM Modi says, "Aapka yeh Modi, yeh aapka sevak hain. Your dreams are my resolve and for this 24/7 for 2047”
INDI Alliance considering 'one year, one PM formula', says PM Modi in Saran as they are now daydreaming like 'Mungerilal’

Hajipur, Muzaffarpur and Saran welcomed Prime Minister Narendra Modi with great enthusiasm, today. Addressing the massive gathering in Bihar, PM Modi emphasized BJP’s unwavering dedication to building a Viksit Bharat and Viksit Bihar. He assured equal participation in decision-making for all.

With the crucial day drawing near, PM Modi made the crowd aware, “As June 4th approaches, all eyes will be on the TV, radio, and social media. Your support will translate into seats, and the election results will once again favour the Modi government. By casting your vote for the NDA, you ensure a strong government at the Centre. A vote for the RJD, Congress, or any other alliance will be futile. So, let your vote count, let it shape the future, vote for the NDA.”

Expressing his deep respect towards the profoundness of Bihar as a state, PM Modi shared his concerns, “I have immense respect for the strength and wisdom of the people of Bihar. However, it saddens me to see the darkness spread by the 'lantern' people in the name of social justice. They have pushed Bihar into poverty and deprivation, subjecting its people to Jungle Raj. While they have built luxurious palaces for themselves, they have ruined everyone else. Can such people truly benefit Bihar? RJD-Congress lacks the will to take Bihar forward.”

PM Modi raised valid apprehensions, “Both RJD and Congress have turned appeasement into their primary political strategy. Recently, every faction of the INDI Alliance has been criticizing the Ram Mandir, insulting and boycotting it. Can we forgive such behaviour? Their priority is not the people of Bihar but their vote bank. The individual responsible for the Jungle Raj in Bihar, proven guilty in the fodder scam, now advocates full reservation for Muslims, taking it away from Dalits, Backward Classes, and Tribals. This goes against Baba Saheb Ambedkar's stance against religious reservation. Will the Dalit, Backward, and Tribal communities of Bihar let RJD and Congress take away their rights?”

Highlighting the BJP's commitment to building the social and moral fabric of the country, PM Modi reflected, “BJP and NDA are the true champions of social justice. Currently, we have the highest number of MPs/MLAs from SC/ST/OBC communities in the country, with 60 per cent of Union Cabinet ministers belonging to these groups. In 2014, we appointed Ramnath Kovind, a Dalit, as the President of India. Today, Droupadi Murmu, from the tribal community, holds the prestigious position of President. This is genuine participation.”

Slamming the opposition, Prime Minister Modi stated, “Instead of providing employment opportunities, certain individuals have engaged in fraudulent land acquisition. Properties established both in Delhi and across the nation have now been confiscated by authorities. I assure you that those who have unlawfully seized land from the impoverished will face consequences.”

Discussing job creation, PM Modi said, “Over the past decade, the expansion of highways, including the construction of expressways, coupled with ongoing projects such as fertilizer factories and thermal power plants in Bihar, indicates substantial employment potential. Furthermore, the construction of numerous large bridges over the Ganges River and the progress on the Patna Metro project demonstrate further avenues for job creation.”

“Efforts are also underway to establish networks for natural gas distribution and LPG gas delivery to every village. Can it be asserted that these endeavors are not contributing to employment opportunities,” he added.

Furthermore, he added, “Modi's decision to modernize more than 90 railway stations in Bihar reinforces the commitment to job creation. Additionally, the construction of 4 crore pucca houses across the country, including 40 lakh in Bihar alone, has not only provided shelter but also stimulated economic activity. The procurement of construction materials from local shops has further benefitted Bihar's youth by fostering employment, trade, and entrepreneurial opportunities.”

In his second rally of the day in Muzaffarpur, PM Modi remarked, “This is a country's election, a choice to elect the country's leadership. The country does not want a weak, cowardly, and unstable government like the Congress. You can imagine... these are such frightened people, even in their dreams, they see Pakistan's nuclear bombs coming. Congress leaders, and leaders of the 'INDI Alliance,' what kind of statements are they making? Saying that Pakistan hasn't worn bangles. Someone is giving Pakistan a clean chit in the Mumbai attacks. Someone is questioning surgical and air strikes... Leftists even want to eliminate India's nuclear weapons altogether. Can such selfish people make tough decisions for national security? Can such parties build a strong India?”

In a firm denunciation of the opposition, PM Modi declared, "The people of Muzaffarpur and Bihar have endured the scars of Naxalism for decades. Previous governments fostered and exploited Naxalism against you. Whether it's crime or Naxalism, it crippled industries and businesses in Bihar. The lawlessness of the RJD's 'jungle raj' set Bihar back for years. It is the NDA government that has restored law and order in Bihar, putting it back on the path to progress."

In addressing how his government tackled inflation, PM Modi remarked, "Let's reflect on the state of inflation 10 years ago. Back then, there was only one song playing – ‘Mehangayi Dayan Khaye Jaat Hai’. The Congress government of that time would demand taxes even on an income of Rs. 20,000 per month. Contrastingly, today, individuals earning Rs. 50-60 thousand per month are exempt from taxes. In the past, the poor couldn't even afford to keep a phone due to high costs. Today, everyone has a mobile phone and the bill also comes very low. Medicines available at Jan Aushadhi Kendras are 80 percent cheaper.”

“Our government has also devised a scheme that will double your profits. Through this scheme, your electricity bill will become – Zero and by generating electricity at home, you will become a - Hero. The name of this scheme is PM Surya Ghar Muft Bijli Yojana. Under this scheme, the government is giving you Rs. 75,000 to install solar panels on your roof,” he added.

Addressing the third and final rally in Saran, PM Modi stated, “For decades, Congress governments did not ensure the poor were fed. The situation of the poor worsened, and the economy was declining. However, those in power would say, "Do we have a magic wand?" They filled their coffers through corruption but didn't care about feeding the poor.”

“This is Modi, who has guaranteed that no poor person will go hungry. This is Modi, who has guaranteed that every poor person will have a pucca house. Clean water will reach every home. Women won't have to go outside for sanitation. Sisters won't have to breathe in smoke from stoves. Modi worried about every small and big need of life. Who benefited the most from this? States like Bihar,” he added.

In a scathing rebuke aimed at the RJD, PM Modi asserted, "Whenever I come to Bihar, I tell the RJD to seek votes based on their work for the people of Bihar. Like how many abductions the RJD has orchestrated, how many murders they've committed, how many industries they've destroyed in Bihar. They should print all of this on posters and ask for votes. This is the report card of those who brought Jungle Raj to Bihar. Leave aside asking for votes based on the work done under Nitish Ji's leadership. RJD has such a huge legacy of crime and atrocities; base your vote appeal on that."

Ridiculing the INDI Alliance's ‘one year, one PM formula’, PM Modi said, "These INDI Alliance members are now daydreaming like 'Mungerilal.' They dream that their government will come to power at the Centre. They want to run the country on ‘one-year-one Prime Minister formula’. You also know, the country cannot function with a new Prime Minister every year... it will come to a standstill."

Concluding his speech, PM Modi emphasized the urgency of completing all ongoing projects related to railways, roads, and airports in Bihar for the state's rapid progress. He stressed the importance of BJP and NDA candidates securing victory with heavy votes, as each vote received will directly contribute to Modi's leadership. Also, he underscored another task they will undertake: going door-to-door and spreading the message, "Modiji has greeted everyone with 'Jai Shri Ram'."

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July 25, 2024

The Prime Minister, Shri Narendra Modi met with former Prime Minister Shri HD Devegowda at 7, Lok Kalyan Marg in New Delhi.

In a X post, the Prime Minister said;

“It was an honour to meet former Prime Minister, Shri HD Devegowda Ji at 7, Lok Kalyan Marg. His wisdom and perspective on various subjects are deeply valued. I am also thankful for the artwork that he gave me, taking my mind back to my recent visit to Kanyakumari. @H_D_Devegowda @hd_kumaraswamy”