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They left Indian shores but their love for India remains. The Indian diaspora is one of the most vibrant and successful communities on the world stage, perfectly blending with the local customs and traditions of the Nations they settle in, even contributing to their development. At the same time their hearts still beat for India and have helped India whenever the need arose.

Shri Narendra Modi has always remained popular among the diaspora, who viewed him as an agent of change who would transform India. During every overseas trip, the Prime Minister makes it a point to connect with the diaspora. From Madison Square Garden in New York City to the Allphones Arena in Sydney, from Seychelles and Mauritius in the Indian Ocean to Shanghai, Narendra Modi has received a rockstar-like reception from the Indian community.

The Prime Minister’s speeches are extremely aspirational, in which he talks about the winds of change blowing in India, the efforts of the Government to bring about a positive change in the lives of the people and highlights the role of the diaspora in India’s growth.

A much needed reform was been the PIO and OCI merger, that has been hailed by the diaspora all over. In many places the relaxation of Visa norms and simplification of processes was hailed.

Apart from the community receptions, the Indian community welcomed Shri Modi at the airports and during the various events he attended. Cheers of ‘Modi Modi Modi’ were very common in overseas events that the Prime Minister attended. In one of the events, at the World War I memorial in France, the Prime Minister asked the people not to do so and instead chant, “Shaheedon Amar Raho” (long live our brave martyrs).

The Prime Minister realizes the crucial role of the diaspora and continues to engage with them for the development of India.

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India to enhance cooperation in energy, skill development with Africa

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5th May 2017, a day etched in history as the day when South Asian cooperation received a strong impetus- it was the day the South Asia Satellite was successfully launched, fulfilling a commitment India had made two years ago.

With the South Asia satellite, South Asian nations have extended their cooperation to space too!

To witness the creation of history, the leaders of India, Afghanistan, Bangladesh, Bhutan, Maldives, Nepal and Sri Lanka took part in the programme via video conferencing.

Speaking during the programme, Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi presented a complete picture of the potential that the South Asia satellite can achieve.

He said that the satellite will ensure better governance, effective communication, better banking and education in remote areas, accurate weather forecasting as well as linking people with tele-medicine thus ensuring better treatment.

Shri Modi rightly pointed out, “When we join hands and mutually share the fruits of knowledge, technology and growth, we can speed up our development and prosperity.”