Releases 4 publications related to G20 Summit in India
“Events of such scale are bound to be a success when the youth gets behind them”
“Last 30 days saw unprecedented activities in every sphere. India’s range is beyond comparison”
“The unanimous New Delhi Declaration has become headlines all over the world”
“Due to strong diplomatic efforts, India is getting new opportunities, new friends and new markets, providing new opportunities to the youth”
“India made G20 a people-driven national movement”
“Today, the honest are being rewarded while the dishonest are being taken to task”
“Clean, clear and stable governance is mandatory for nation’s development journey”
“My strength lies in the youth of India”
“Friends, come walk with me, I invite you. 25 years are in front of us, what happened 100 years ago, they moved for Swaraj, we move for Samriddhi (prosperity)”

Vice Chancellors of different universities of the country, professors, representatives of various institutions and my young friends! Today, more people are connected with us online than are present in Bharat Mandapam. I welcome everyone to this programme 'G-20 University Connect' and congratulate all the youngsters.


Two weeks ago, there was a lot of activity in this same Bharat Mandapam. This Bharat Mandapam had turned into an absolutely ‘happening’ place. And I am glad that today my future Bharat is present in the same Bharat Mandapam. The world is really astonished to see the heights to which Bharat has taken the G-20 event. But you know, I am not surprised at all. Perhaps you might be wondering that despite its grandeur why am I not surprised? What is the reason? Do you know why? It is because if young students like you take up the responsibility of making the programme successful, if the youth get involved, then it is bound to be successful.

Because of you youngsters, entire Bharat has become a ‘happening’ place. And the level of activities going on is clearly visible if we look at the last 30 days alone. And when I talk about 30 days, you also keep adding your last 30 days. Also add the 30 days of your university. And friends, don't forget the efforts by the other people in the 30 days. My young friends, since I have come to you today, I am also giving you my report card. I want to give you a recap of the last 30 days. From this, you will know both the speed and the scale of the new Bharat.


You all clearly remember the day of 23rd August when everyone's hearts were racing, everyone had forgotten everything else and was praying for the mission to be successful, and hoped that nothing should go wrong. Weren't they praying? And then suddenly everyone's face lit up; the whole world heard the voice of Bharat – ‘India is on the Moon’. That date of 23rd August has become eternal in our country as National Space Day. But what happened after that? On one hand the Moon mission was successful, while on the other hand Bharat launched its solar mission. On one hand our Chandrayaan travelled 3 lakh kilometres, while the other one would travel up to 15 lakh kilometres. You tell me, can anyone beat Bharat's Range?


Bharat's diplomacy has reached a new height in the last 30 days. Before G-20, BRICS summit was held in South Africa. Due to Bharat's efforts, 6 new countries have joined the BRICS community. After South Africa, I visited Greece. This was the first visit of any Indian Prime Minister in 40 years. And you have appointed me to do all the good works. Just before the G-20 summit, I also had a meeting with several world leaders in Indonesia. After this, major decisions were taken for the world in the same Bharat Mandapam in G-20 summit.

Friends, in today's polarized international atmosphere, bringing so many countries together on one platform is no small task. Even if you organize a picnic, you have a hard time deciding where to go. 100% agreement regarding our New Delhi Declaration has become an international headline. During this period, Bharat led many important initiatives and decisions. Some decisions have been taken in the G-20, which have the potential to change the entire direction of the 21st century. On the initiative of Bharat, African Union got a place as a permanent member of the G-20. Bharat also led the Global Biofuels Alliance. In the G-20 Summit itself, we all together have decided to build the India-Middle East-Europe Corridor. This corridor will connect many continents. This is going to boost trade and tourism for centuries to come.


When the G-20 summit ended, the Crown Prince of Saudi Arabia began his state visit to Delhi. Saudi Arabia is going to invest 100 billion dollars in Bharat. And all these things happened in the last 30 days. In the last 30 days alone, as the Prime Minister of Bharat, I have had meetings with a total of 85 world leaders. And this is almost half the world. You must be wondering what benefit you will get from this, isn't it? When Bharat's relations with other countries are good, when new countries connect with Bharat, then new opportunities are created for Bharat. We get a new partner and a new market. And the young generation of my country benefits from all this.


You all must be thinking that while giving the report card of the last 30 days, will I keep talking only about space science and global relations? Have I done just these things in 30 days? Not really. In the last 30 days, many steps have been taken for SC-ST-OBCs, poor and middle class to empower them. On Vishwakarma Jayanti on 17 September, PM Vishwakarma Yojana was launched. This scheme is for our craftsmen, skilled artisans and people involved in traditional work. By organizing Rozgar Melas, more than 1 lakh youngsters have been given government jobs in the Central Government in the last 30 days. Ever since this programme started, appointment letters have been given to more than 6 lakh young men and women.

In these 30 days, you have also seen the first Parliament session of the country in the new Parliament building. The first bill was passed in the new Parliament building of the country, which has filled the entire country with pride. Parliament happily embraced the importance of Women-led development through Nari Shakti Vandan Adhiniyam.


In the last 30 days itself, another major decision was taken to expand electric mobility in the country. Our government has approved an important scheme towards empowering Battery Energy Storage Systems. A few days ago, we dedicated to the nation Yashobhoomi International Convention Centre in Dwarka. To provide more opportunities to the youth in sports, I have also laid the foundation stone of the International Cricket Stadium in Varanasi. Two days ago, I flagged off 9 Vande Bharat Trains. The introduction of so many modern trains simultaneously in one day is also a proof of our speed and scale.

In these 30 days, we have taken another major step to increase Bharat's self-reliance in the petrochemical sector. The foundation stone of a petrochemical complex has been laid in a refinery located in Madhya Pradesh. In Madhya Pradesh itself, work has started on renewable energy, IT park, a mega industrial park, and 6 new industrial areas. All these projects that I have listed are directly related to the skills of the youth and job creation for the youth. This list is so long that we will be out of time. I was giving you my account of these 30 days. Now have you added up the things you did in the last 30 days? Probably you would say that you watched two movies at the most. My young friends, I am saying this because the youth of my country should know how fast the country is moving and how much it is working on different aspects.


Youth can progress only where there is optimism, opportunities and openness. Friends, the way Bharat is progressing today, the sky is wide open for you to spread your wings and fly. This is what I would like to say to you – Think Big. There is nothing you cannot achieve. There is no such goal which the country will not support you in achieving. Don't take any opportunity for granted. Rather, think of making that opportunity a new benchmark. We have also made G-20 so grand and huge with this approach. We too could have made the G-20 Presidency only a diplomatic and Delhi-centric affair. But Bharat made it a people-driven national movement. The strength of Bharat's Diversity, Demography and Democracy took G-20 to new heights.

More than 200 meetings of G-20 were held in 60 cities. More than 1.5 crore citizens contributed to the activities of G-20. Tier-2 and Tier-3 cities, where no international event had been organized before, also showed immense strength. And I would like to especially commend our youth for the G-20 at this event today. More than 100 universities and 1 lakh students participated in the G-20 through the University Connect programme. The government took G-20 to reach more than 5 crore students in schools, higher educational institutions, and skill development institutes. Our people thought big, but what they delivered was even grander.


Today Bharat is in its 'Amritkaal'. This Amritkaal' belongs to the golden generation like you. In 2047 we will complete 100 years of the country's independence. That will be a historic moment for us. The period till 2047 is the same time in which youngsters like you will also build your future. That means the next 25 years are as important in your life as they are for the country. Therefore, this is the period in which many factors of the country's development have come together. This kind of period has never come before in history, nor will there be a similar chance in the future, that is, neither the past nor the future. Today we are the fastest growing economy in the world. You know that, right? In the shortest possible time, we became the 5th largest economy from the 10th largest economy. Today the world's trust in Bharat is very high, and investment in Bharat has reached record levels. Today Bharat's manufacturing and service sectors are reaching new heights. Our exports are creating new records. In just 5 years, more than 13.5 crore people have come out of poverty. This has become the neo-middle class of Bharat.

The creation of social infrastructure, physical infrastructure and digital infrastructure in the country has led to unprecedented pace in development. This year, Rs 10 lakh crore is being invested in physical infrastructure and such investment is increasing year after year. Just imagine, what a huge impact this will have on our economy and how many new opportunities will be created!


This is a period of opportunities for youngsters like you. After the year 2020, about 5 crore people have joined the EPFO Payrolls. Of these, there are about 3.5 crore people who have come under the ambit of EPFO for the first time and have got formal jobs for the first time. This means that opportunities for formal jobs for youth like you are continuously increasing in Bharat.

Before 2014, there were less than 100 startups in our country. Today their number has crossed one lakh. This wave of startups has given employment opportunities to many people. Today Bharat has become the second largest mobile manufacturer in the world. Today we have become exporters of mobile phones. Consequently, a large number of job opportunities has been created. There has been huge development in the field of Defence Manufacturing in the last few years. Defence exports have increased by about 23 times as compared to 2014. When such a massive change occurs, a large number of new jobs is created across the entire supply chain of the defence ecosystem.

I know that many of our young friends want to become job creators instead of job seekers. Small traders of the country get financial assistance under the government's Mudra Scheme. Today 8 crore people have started their own business as first-time entrepreneurs. 5 lakh Common Service Centres have also been opened in the last 9 years. In each of these centres, 2 to 5 people have got jobs.


All this is happening in Bharat because of political stability, policy clarity and our democratic values. There have been sincere efforts to control corruption in the last 9 years. Most of the students like you might be 10,12 or 14 years old in 2014, almost ten years back. Probably at that time they would not have known the headlines in the newspapers which were related to how corruption had ruined the country.


Today I can say with great pride that we have created new technology-based systems to prevent middlemen and leakages. A transparent system has been created by bringing several reforms and eliminating middlemen from the system. Dishonest people are being punished and honesty is being rewarded. I am surprised that there is an allegation against me these days that Modi puts people in jail. You tell me, if you have stolen the country's wealth then where will you stay? Where should one stay? Shouldn't they be sent to jails after hunting them out? I am doing what you want, right? Some people remain very disturbed.


To continue the journey of development, clean, clear and a stable governance is very important. If you are determined then no one can stop Bharat from becoming a developed, inclusive and self-reliant country by 2047.


We also have to keep one more thing in mind. Not only Bharat is expecting you to do better, the whole world is pinning its hopes on you. The world has come to know about both the potential and performance of Bharat and its youth. Now they do not have to be told about the efficiency of India's sons and daughters. They understand, and accept it.

Bharat's progress, and the progress of Bharat's youth, is very essential for the progress of the world. I am able to give guarantees to the country without any hesitation even when it seems impossible, because of the strength of our countrymen, that is the strength of you, my friends. If I can fulfil those guarantees, it is solely because of the power of youth like you behind it. When I am able to present Bharat's cause strongly on the world's platforms, my inspiration is again my youth power. Therefore, the youth of Bharat is my real strength; my entire strength lies in it. And I assure you that I will keep working day and night for your better future.

But friends,

I have expectations from you too. Today I also want to demand something from you. You won't feel bad, right? Are you going to wonder, what kind of Prime Minister am I for demanding something from youngsters like you? Friends, I am not asking you to make me win the elections. Friends, I will not even ask you to join my party.


There is no personal agenda for me; everything belongs to the country, and is for the country. And that's why I am demanding something from you today. I am demanding it for the country. You youth have played a major role in making the Swachh Bharat Abhiyan successful. But Swachhagraha is not a one or two-day event. This is a continuous process. We have to make this a habit. And hence, just before the birth anniversary of Pujya Bapu on 2nd October, a major event related to cleanliness is going to be organized across the country on 1st October. I am requesting all of you young friends to participate enthusiastically in this. Will you fulfil this demand? Are you sure? It will be held in your university. Will you demarcate an area and keep it completely clean?

My second request is regarding digital transactions, related to UPI. Today the whole world is praising Digital Bharat and UPI so much. This pride is also yours. All of you, young friends adopted it quickly and also made amazing innovations related to it in Fintech. Now my youth will have to bear the responsibility of expanding it and giving it a new direction. Will you make sure that you will teach at least seven people in a week how to operate UPI, how to work with UPI, how to do digital transactions? See, friends, change happens rapidly.


My third request to you is regarding Vocal for Local. Friends, only you can take this forward. If you take it in your hands once, the world is not going to stop, believe me. Because I have faith in your strength. I don't know whether you have confidence in your strength or not, but I do. Look, this is the period of festivals. You should try to ensure that whatever you purchase for gifting purpose during festivals is 'Made in India. Friends, please insist upon using only those things and products in your daily lives, which have been produced in the Indian soil, and have the sweat of Indian workers. And this campaign of Vocal for Local should not be limited to festivals only.

Let me give you a task, will you do it? No class is complete without homework, right? Some people don't even speak. Get together with all the people in your family, take a pen and a paper, or if you write on your mobile, then make a list on your mobile of the things that you use in your house; the things that you use every day. How many of those things are from our country and how many are from other countries? Will you prepare a list? You might not even know that the comb in your pocket might be from abroad. Friends, such foreign things have entered our homes and our lives. It is very important to save the country. Yes, there are certain things which are not as good as we expect in our country, that's fine. But we must try to look at it carefully if we are committing any mistake. Once we start buying things made in our country, you will see friends, our industry and trade will grow at such a speed that you cannot even imagine! Even a small step can fulfil big dreams.


Our campuses can also be major centres of Vocal for Local. Our campuses are centres not only of education but also of fashion. Did you like it? What happens when we celebrate a particular day? Let's say, today is Rose Day. Can't we make Khadi, Indian fabric, a fashion statement on campus? All the youngsters like you have this strength. You can influence the market, the brands, the designers to turn towards you. Many cultural activities take place on college and university campuses. There, we can organize fashion shows related to Khadi.

We can showcase the crafts of our Vishwakarma friends, our tribal friends. This is the way to make Bharat self-reliant, to make Bharat developed. By following this path, we can create a large number of jobs. And you see, how you and the entire nation will benefit once these three small demands that I have placed before you are fulfilled and how it will benefit others.

My young friends,

If our youth and our new generation are determined, we will definitely get the desired results. I am sure that you will leave Bharat Mandapam today with this pledge. And by taking a resolution, you will definitely demonstrate these capabilities of yours too.


Let us contemplate for a moment; we are those people who have not got the chance to sacrifice our lives for the country. The fortune that Bhagat Singh, Sukhdev, Chandrashekhar, and Azad had got, we did not get it. But we have got a chance to live for Bharat. Look at 100 years back and imagine the years 1919, 1920, 1922, 1923, 1925. The young men at that time had decided that they would do whatever it took to liberate the country. They would use whatever path they could find. And the youth of that time had started on their journey. They had locked their books in the cupboard, and they preferred to go to jails. They preferred to go to gallows. They walked on whatever path they had found for themselves. The bravery had reached its peak about 100 years ago; the atmosphere of sacrifice was created; the willingness to die for the motherland had become stronger; and within a span of 25 years the country became independent. Did it happen or not, friends? Did it happen because of their efforts or not? The nationwide passion that arose in those 25 years had given independence to the country in 1947.


Come along with me. Come, I invite you all. We have 25 years ahead of us. It had happened 100 years ago; we once marched for Swaraj, but now we would march for prosperity. We will make the country developed in 25 years. Whatever I have to do for that, I will not step back. Friends, self-reliant Bharat should reach the door of prosperity. Self-reliant Bharat shall take self-respect to new heights. Let us move ahead with that resolution; let us together fulfil the resolution of a developed Bharat; we should be a developed country by 2047. And then you too will be at the highest point in life. Wherever you are after 25 years, you will be at the highest point in your life.

Just imagine friends, the hard work I am doing today and the hard work I am going to put in along with you tomorrow, how far will it take you? No one can stop your dreams from coming true. And I guarantee you friends, I will take Bharat to the top three economies of the world. And that is why I want your support; I want it for Mother Bharat. I want it for 140 crore Indians.

Say with me – Bharat Mata Ki – Jai, say with all your strength, friends – Bharat Mata Ki – Jai, Bharat Mata Ki – Jai

Thank you very much.


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