PM Modi addresses public meetings in Telangana’s Kamareddy & Maheshwaram

Published By : Admin | November 25, 2023 | 14:15 IST
I see a wave of change in Telangana. The people of Telangana are fed up with the 9-year rule of the BRS government and want freedom from it: PM Modi
People have seen our track record that whatever BJP says, it delivers, says PM Modi in Kamareddy
BJP understands the injustice done to the Madiga community. The Government of India is committed to ending this injustice and a committee is being formed to expedite the process: PM
Telangana has turmeric, talent, tradition, and technology but still, Telangana could not get its right place due to BRS's bad governance: PM Modi in Maheshwaram
In Maheshwaram, PM Modi says this time Telangana will refuse appeasement, rejecting both Congress and BRS and will bestow a historic mandate on the BJP

Ahead of the Telangana assembly election, PM Modi addressed emphatic public meetings in Kamareddy and Maheshwaram today. He said, “"Whenever I come to Telangana, I see a wave of hope among the people here. This wave is the wave of expectation. It is the wave of change. It is the wave of the sentiment that Telangana should achieve the height of development that it deserves.”

In a spirited rally, PM Modi asserted, “I know that the people here want to break free from the past of betrayal. The people here are tired of the 9 years of BRS rule and they want freedom from BRS. The people here want freedom from the Congress, which, despite being in power for seven decades, consistently neglected this entire region. And that's why... this time, the wind is blowing in favor of the BJP. The people of Telangana are hopeful for change with the BJP."

"We had promised to establish a Turmeric Board for the people of Telangana. This promise has also been fulfilled by the BJP government. We had committed to the creation of a Central Tribal University, and the BJP government has demonstrated its commitment by fulfilling this promise as well,” the PM said.

Criticizing the Congress for betraying the backward classes, Prime Minister Modi remarked, “Modi's guarantee means a guarantee of fulfillment. Therefore, today the people of the BC community in Telangana are enthusiastic because the BJP has promised to make a Chief Minister from the BC community here. It is the BJP that has appointed a record number of Central Ministers from the BC community in the country. And it is the BJP that has given the country an OBC Prime Minister.”

In a strong condemnation, PM Modi accused the Congress of betraying the backward sections of society, he added, “Neither Congress nor BRS worked for the BC community, nor for the Dalits. Today, what is BRS was once TRS. These people promised that the first CM of Telangana would be from the Dalit community. But when Dalit votes were secured, KCR seized the CM's chair for himself. On the contrary, the BJP has always worked for social justice and social empowerment."

Pointing out at the injustice faced by the Madiga community in the development journey of Telangana, PM Modi iterated, “To put an end to this injustice, the Indian government is forming a committee. This committee will strive to bring you justice and pave a new path for your empowerment. There is also a significant legal process related to the Madiga community underway in the Supreme Court. We are making every possible effort to strengthen this case.”

Coming down heavily on BRS's anti-youth mentality, PM Modi said, "It saddens me that a youth-oriented state like Telangana has received the most youth-hostile government. For years, the government under BRS has betrayed all the thousands of youths preparing for the TS-PSC exam. In addition, these people have completely neglected the education sector."

Taking aim at the BRS and Congress, PM Modi said, “The public of Kamareddy, should reject both these parties. The Chief Minister of BRS and the President of Telangana Congress are both contesting elections from Kamareddy. Additionally, these people are entering elections from other constituencies as well. This demonstrates their desperation.”

Highlighting the shared traits of BRS and Congress, the PM stated, “Both these parties employ various tactics to deceive you. Sometimes, TRS is abruptly transformed into BRS. This year, UPA has been transformed into the INDI Alliance. The people of the country understand these maneuvers very well. Changing names cannot alter their history of corruption, misgovernance, and vote-bank politics."

Addressing his second rally in Maheshwaram, Prime Minister Modi said, “The people of Congress and BRS are consistently engaging in false propaganda here. They level accusations against each other but are secretly aligned.” He further alleged that KCR commenced his political journey with the Congress. The party that appointed him as a cabinet minister in 2004 was the Congress. Even when Telangana was established, KCR aligned himself with leaders from the Congress.

Touching upon the necessity of a BJP government in Telangana, PM Modi said that it would provide a double-engine boost to the development of the state. “Wherever there are BJP governments, they are working to increase people's income and savings. An example of this is the price of petrol. After the central government reduced the price of petrol, BJP-led state governments also lowered the prices of petrol in their respective states. However, in states where the Congress is in power, the prices of petrol have not been reduced. After coming to power, we will reduce VAT on petrol and diesel here, providing relief to the people of Telangana."

Discussing the BJP, a party dedicated to women-led development, the Prime Minister reiterated, “Recently, the BJP has made history by passing the Nari Shakti Vandan Adhiniyam, creating a new chapter for women. Our initiatives like ‘Beti Bachao, Beti Padhao’ and the Sukanya Samriddhi Yojana have been praised worldwide. For the creation of women entrepreneurs at the grassroots level in villages, the Telangana BJP has undertaken new initiatives. I am confident that the women of Telangana will form the strongest support base for the BJP."

Furthermore, taking a swipe at BRS and Congress, PM Modi remarked, "The BJP is the only party that is concerned about the future of your children. In contrast, both the Congress and BRS are worried about their children. But I believe, this time, the people of Telangana will reject family-oriented politics. This time, Telangana will reject appeasement that leads to rejection of both Congress and BRS. I have confidence that the people of Telangana will bless the BJP with a historic mandate."

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