Distributes more than 51,000 appointment letters to newly inducted recruits in various Government departments and organizations
“Rozgar Mela's journey has reached an important milestone”
“Our government is working in mission mode keeping in mind the future of the youth”
“We’re not only providing employment but also maintaining a transparent system”
“The overall time between the notification of employment to the employment letter has been significantly reduced”
“Today, India's trajectory and the pace of its progress are generating new employment prospects across all sectors”
“Government is strengthening the traditional sectors while promoting new sectors such as renewable energy, space, automation and defence exports”
Today, India is equipping its youth with skills and education to harness emerging opportunities
“Creation of employment opportunities for the youth is an important part of the nation-building process”


This journey of 'Rozgar Mela' has reached a crucial stage this month. Last year, 'Rozgar Mela' had started in the month of October itself. Since then, Rozgar Melas are being organized on a regular basis, time and again, at the Centre and in the NDA-ruled and BJP-ruled states. So far lakhs of youngsters have been given appointment letters for government jobs. Even today, more than 50,000 youngsters have been given government jobs. There are still a few days left for Diwali, but for the families of 50,000 youngsters who have received appointment letters, this occasion is no less than a Diwali. You all have achieved this position with your hard work. For this, all of you, my young friends, especially our daughters, deserve heartfelt appreciation. My best wishes to your families as well!


The Rozgar Melas organized in different states and Union Territories of the country are a proof of our commitment towards the youth. Our government is working in mission mode keeping in mind the future of the youth. We are not only providing employment, but also are ensuring that the entire system is transparent, due to which the youth have confidence in the appointment process. We have not only streamlined the recruitment process but also restructured some examinations. The time taken for the recruitment cycle of Staff Selection Commission (SSC) has now almost halved. That is, the time from issue of circular letter to issuance of appointment letter has been reduced significantly. This has saved a lot of time for the youth. The government has made another important reform in the interest of the youth. SSC has started conducting some exams in Hindi, English and 13 regional languages. This is giving an opportunity to a large number of youngsters who had a language barrier in their way to apply for jobs.


Today, the direction in which Bharat is moving and the speed at which it is moving, have helped in creating new employment opportunities in every sector. You must have heard of the Dhordo village of Gujarat. You might know that Dhordo is a village in Kutch district bordering Pakistan. This Dhordo village has been given the honour of the Best Tourism Village by the United Nations. Earlier, Hoysala temples of Karnataka, and Santiniketan of West Bengal have got the recognition of World Heritage Site. You can imagine how much this has increased the potential for tourism and expansion of the economy here. First, expansion in tourism directly means that new employment opportunities will increase rapidly. As a result of tourism, the benefits will go to the nearby hotels, small shopkeepers, bus drivers, taxi drivers and auto rickshaw drivers. Everyone benefits, including drivers and even tourist guides. Similarly, sports sector is also a sector which is creating new employment opportunities. Our players are exhibiting unprecedented performances in national and international games. These achievements are also a sign of major changes and development in the sports landscape of our country. And when the sports sector develops, it not only produces better players but also creates many new opportunities for trainers, physios, referees and sports nutritionists.


We are strengthening the traditional sectors that provide employment. And besides this, we are promoting new sectors like renewable energy, space, automation and defence exports. New doors of possibilities have opened in drone technology. Today, the use of farmer drones in crop assessment and spraying of nutrients is gradually increasing. Under the Swamitva scheme, drones are being used in land mapping. You might have seen a video a few days ago. In Lahaul-Spiti, Himachal Pradesh, ICMR transported medicines from one place to another with the help of drones. Earlier this work used to take two hours but with the help of drones it can be done in 20, 25, 30 minutes or even less than that. Drones have also given rise to a large number of startups. The investment made in this sector is helping the youth in designing new types of drones.

My family members,

In this month, we have also celebrated the birth anniversary of Pujya Bapu. Gandhiji used the charkha as a powerful symbol of Swadeshi and Karmayoga. Khadi's shine which was lost before has now been brought back. 10 years ago the sales of Khadi were around Rs 30 thousand crores. Now it has crossed Rs 1.25 lakh crore. This has created many new employment opportunities in the Khadi and Village Industries sector. Women, in particular, have got a lot of benefit from this.


Every country has different types of capabilities. Some have natural resources; some are endowed with minerals; some have the strength of a long coastline. But to utilize this potential, the greatest strength that is required is the power of our youth. The stronger the youth power, the more the country will develop. Today Bharat is preparing its youth to take advantage of new opportunities through skilling and education. Keeping in view the modern needs of the future, modern National Education Policy is being implemented in the country. A large number of new medical colleges, skill development institutes like IITs, IIMs or IIITs have been opened in the country. Crores of youngsters have been given training under the Pradhan Mantri Kaushal Vikas Yojana. Crores of artisans in our country earn their livelihood through their traditional occupations. PM Vishwakarma Yojana has also been started for such Vishwakarma artisans. Today, in the era of technology, everything is changing rapidly, so everyone has to keep updating their skills and knowledge. After learning any new skill, it is very important to continuously upskill and re-skill it. Under the PM Vishwakarma Yojana, traditional skills of artisans are being linked with modern technology and tools.

My family members,

Creating employment opportunities for the youth is an important part of the process of nation building. This is a vital step towards achieving the goal of a developed Bharat. As a government employee, you have to take all such schemes forward and implement them on the ground. Today, all of you are joining us as important partners in our journey of nation building. You are fulfilling your dreams today but at the same time you are also taking responsibility for the dreams of your countrymen. Your active and proactive contribution is very important in making this journey successful. So, I urge you to also keep expanding your knowledge-base on I-GoT portal. Your every step will help in taking the country forward rapidly on the path of development.

Once again, my best wishes to all of you. Best wishes to your family members! Today is Sharad Purnima. The upcoming days mark the period of festivals. Wherever you might be; you might be engaged in government work, but make sure to propagate this mantra of 'vocal for local' everywhere. Tell your family members that we will be committed to 'vocal for local' and that is a crucial way for increasing employment opportunities. It is also a way to provide new opportunities. Once again, my best wishes to all of you! Thank you very much.

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GST collection rises 12.5% YoY to ₹1.68 lakh crore in February, gross FY24 sum at ₹18.4 lakh crore

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GST collection rises 12.5% YoY to ₹1.68 lakh crore in February, gross FY24 sum at ₹18.4 lakh crore
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PM Modi addresses a public meeting in Krishnanagar, West Bengal
March 02, 2024
PM Modi, addressing a massive gathering in Krishnanagar, West Bengal, honours the legacy of Chaitanya Mahaprabhu, and extends his greetings to the revered mothers, sisters, and daughters present
Highlighting the developmental projects worth over Rs. 22,000 crores inaugurated in West Bengal, PM Modi emphasized their role in enhancing connectivity, electricity, and job opportunities for the youth
PM Modi criticizes TMC's oppression, autocracy, corruption, and nepotism, alleging betrayal of trust and reluctance to uplift the state's populace in West Bengal
PM Modi underscores BJP government's commitment to healthcare improvement, citing the doubling of government medical colleges in West Bengal in the past decade
PM Modi criticizes TMC's failure to implement central schemes for women's safety and empowerment, urges the youth for support in the upcoming Lok Sabha elections

Prime Minister Narendra Modi addressed a public gathering in Krishnanagar, West Bengal, where he paid homage to Chaitanya Mahaprabhu, the eminent preacher of Bhagwan Shri Krishna, and extended his greetings to the revered mothers, sisters, and daughters present in huge numbers.

During his address, PM Modi highlighted the significant developmental projects initiated in West Bengal in the past two days, amounting to over Rs. 22,000 crores. These projects aim to bolster the state's connectivity, electricity, petroleum infrastructure, and port facilities, fostering increased investment and job creation opportunities for the youth, said PM Modi.

However, PM Modi expressed concern over the functioning of the TMC-led state government, citing disappointment among the people of West Bengal due to oppression and betrayal of trust. He criticized the TMC's governance, associating it with oppression, autocracy, corruption, and nepotism, alleging its reluctance to uplift the state's populace.

PM Modi underscored the establishment of the first AIIMS in West Bengal as an example of the state government's obstructionism, despite his assurance to fulfill the commitment. He lamented the hurdles faced in setting up the Kalyani AIIMS and accused the TMC government of impeding environmental permissions for the hospital's establishment. He said, "The TMC government is creating obstacles related to environmental permissions for such a large hospital. If they don't get a commission, the TMC government stops all permissions."

Furthermore, PM Modi reiterated the BJP government's commitment to healthcare improvement in West Bengal, highlighting the doubling of government medical colleges in the state in the past decade and said, "The BJP is committed to improving healthcare facilities in West Bengal for the future of the youth. That's why we are continuously working to improve healthcare services here. Since the inception of medical colleges in the country, until 2014, there were only 14 government medical colleges in West Bengal. In the last 10 years, government medical colleges have doubled to 26."

Regarding the jute industry, PM Modi emphasized the BJP government's efforts to revive jute cultivation and industry, including the mandatory use of jute bags for packaging essential commodities. He praised the significant orders received by jute mills and the consistent increase in MSP for jute. He said, "The Union government of the BJP has taken continuous significant decisions for both jute cultivation and industry. This BJP government is the one that has made it mandatory to use jute bags for packaging wheat, rice, and sugar. As a result, jute mills here receive orders worth several thousand crores every year. The BJP government is also consistently increasing the MSP for jute."

PM Modi also criticized the TMC government's failure to implement central women's safety and empowerment schemes, citing examples such as the 'Beti Bachao Beti Padhao' campaign and the 'Ujjwala' scheme.

"TMC in West Bengal has taken the votes of our mothers and sisters by chanting slogans of mother, land, and people. But today, everyone, including mothers, land, and people, is suffering under the misrule of TMC. The protesting sisters continued to demand justice, but the TMC government did not listen to them. The situation in Bengal is such that here, it's not the police but the criminals who decide when to surrender and when to be arrested," said the Prime Minister.

"The state government did not even want the perpetrators of hooliganism to ever be arrested. But then, the women of Bengal, standing tall as Maa Durga, and every BJP worker standing with them, made this state government bend," he added.

Highlighting the misrule and misgovernance of TMC in Bengal, PM Modi said, "TMC is constantly trying to put its sticker on the central government's schemes and turn every scheme into a scam. The BJP-led Union government provides free rations to 6 crore people in West Bengal. This scheme will continue for the next 5 years, this is Modi's guarantee. But even on this scheme, people from TMC are putting their stickers on. These people are not even hesitating to loot the rations of the poor."

In concluding remarks, PM Modi urged the youth to support the BJP in the upcoming Lok Sabha elections, emphasizing the party's vision for national development and prosperity, echoing the slogan "Bengal's development will lead to the country's development." He called upon party workers to convey his regards to every village in West Bengal.