Shri Narendra Modi campaigns for BJP in Himachal Pradesh, addresses a large gathering in Mandi 

Shri Modi makes a strong pitch among people to vote for BJP, promises as much development in HP as in Gujarat if BJP is reelected 

Would have been happy if Dr. ‘Maunmohan’ Singh would have spoken about the poor: Shri Modi 

Vote for Lotus to prevent sins of Delhi from corrupting this Dev Bhoomi that is Himachal Pradesh. Like Himachal, Gujarat is also in the midst of uprooting Congress Party: Shri Modi 

Do wrong, cheat the people and get promoted is the way of the Congress: Shri Modi 

Congress has taken to character assassination and misuse of CBI: Shri Modi


Delivering a hard hitting speech on Monday 29th October 2012 Shri Narendra Modi launched a massive attack on the UPA on various issues ranging form price rise, misusing the CBI to rewarding those Ministers who are non performers or face serious allegations. Shri Modi was speaking at a large public meeting in Mandi in Himachal Pradesh, which is going to the polls in the beginning of November. Large number of people gathered at the occasion and vehemently cheered the arrival of Shri Modi at the venue.

He made a strong appeal to the people to vote for BJP and Shri Prem Kumar Dhumal in the upcoming Vidhan Sabha elections. Shri Modi promised as much development in Himachal Pradesh as in Gujarat if the people elect the BJP again.

Himachal is a 2nd home after Gujarat! 

Shri Modi recalled his old relation with Himachal Pradesh and stated that he has worked here for the party years ago. He called Himachal his 2nd home after Gujarat and added that he would have loved to visit the state more in this poll season had it not been for elections in Gujarat.

CM speaks on importance of political stability

Shri Modi reminded the people that like in Himachal Pradesh, the people of Gujarat are in the midst of uprooting the Congress from the state. He said that the people of Gujarat have elected the BJP for years that has given political stability and enhanced the development process in the state.

He affirmed that if there is a message from Gujarat, it is that the people should not change Governments frequently and urged people to vote BJP into power again in Himachal Pradesh.

Shri Modi calls Prime Minister Dr. ‘Maunmohan’ Singh, says would be good if he thought about the poor

Taking a dig at the Prime Minister and his silence on issues, Shri Modi called him Dr. ‘Maunmohan’ Singh and stated that both he and Mrs. Sonia Gandhi visited Himachal Pradesh and spoke about a few things but it would have been good if they had shown some concern for the poor, who are reeling under price rise.

He said that the Prime Minister should have spoken about his promise to bring prices down but the Congress is arrogant and does not care about the people of this country. Shri Modi highlighted the insensitivity of the Congress- led UPA in reducing the LPG cap, which would adversely affect a cold state like Himachal Pradesh.

Shri Modi launched a strong attack on the Centre for creating impediments in Gujarat’s initiative to provide piped gas to the people. He further said that he has taken the fight to the Supreme Court, where he is confident that he shall emerge victorious.

If you do wrong or cheat the people, you are promoted in the Congress!

Shri Modi declared that in the Congress Party members and ministers are promoted for doing wrong or cheating the people. He gave the example of incumbent Home Minister Sushil Kumar Shinde, who was promoted despite presiding over a monumental power crisis where 19 states and 70 crore people were plunged into darkness under his ministerial stint. Shri Modi said he should have been removed but was promoted as Home Minister! He expressed sorrow in the fact that the international media wrote about how cuts of this magnitude happen in India in the second decade of the 21st century and shared that the same media noted that in this darkness, it was Gujarat that was shining with electricity!

Referring to Salman Khurshid, Shri Modi pointed out that he faces serious allegations but he has been promoted to the External Affairs Ministry.

About Shashi Tharoor, Shri Modi said that the same person who on the floor of Parliament said he has nothing to do with the woman in whose account Rs. 50 crore was deposited not only married her but also has made a comeback to the Ministry!

Speaking about Himachal Pradesh’s own Virbhadra Singh, Shri Modi spoke about his corruption and expressed surprise that on one hand he was asked to quit but on the other hand he was given the crucial responsibility of the Himachal Pradesh elections on behalf of the Congress Party.

Congress has taken to character assassination, and misuses CBI!

The Chief Minister said that India has a federal structure but the Congress has shown little regard for it, stalling development in BJP ruled states. He recalled how the Congress left no stone unturned to dislodge any opposition Government that came up in the first 20 years when their dominance over the country’s politics was complete at every level. He accused the Congress of misusing Article 356.

He went on to say that the same Congress that misuses Article 356 now misusing Central Agencies and indulging in character assassination. Shri Modi pointed out that the Congress is only putting up candidates in Gujarat while it is the CBI that is fighting the elections in Gujarat.

On Mrs. Sonia Gandhi’s claims that UPA gave Rs. 10,000 crore to Himachal Pradesh Shri Modi affirmed that this money is not her own money but belongs to the people! He added that he was happy when Dr. ‘Maunmohan’ Singh said there is development in Himachal Pradesh but he sadly added the rider that it was due to Central funds!

Dhumal ji is an old friend, I have seen development here, come out in large numbers and vote for BJP! 

Continuing his strong pitch for seeking votes for the BJP in Himachal Pradesh Shri Modi said that Shri Dhumal is an old friend and there has been development in the state. He urged people to vote in large numbers and vote for the BJP.

He affirmed that the people should vote for the Lotus to ensure that the sins of Delhi cannot entire Dev Bhoomi Himachal Pradesh.

Shri Modi was presented with a Gada at the start of the public meeting.

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