PM Modi’s big boost to Swachhta Abhiyan

Published By : Admin | March 2, 2017 | 18:50 IST

“If we clean up the garbage, at least Rs. 6500 will be saved in the pockets of the underprivileged. They will be saved from diseases. One, who cannot find work, will be saved from unemployment. Getting rid of the garbage is an important task for the health of the poor. That is why the service to this nation means the service to the poor.”

There has been a deep effect of PM Modi’s efforts on the cleanliness drive in his constituency of Varanasi. Being a public representative, he himself handled the cleanliness drive, twice. The First time he participated in Shramdaan at the Assi Ghat to clean up the garbage and the second time he held the broom and participated in the cleaning drive at the Jagannath temple on the occasion of Good governance day.

It is the result of PM Modi’s agility that in the past two and a half years, enough work has been done to keep kashi clean and beautiful. Many tasks are being carried out in the city for waste management & cleanliness with a cost of Rs. 108.26 crores. The ILFS & ECOPAL companies have been put in charge of door-to-door collection, cleaning and carriage of household refuse. For this task, a sum of Rs 45 crores has been allotted. Under the ‘Namami Gange’ scheme, ILFS will work on cleaning of all ghats. This will incur an expense of Rs. 5 crores per year.

NTPC has begun work at the Karsada Waste Disposal plant, which is pending for 7 years, with a cost of Rs. 7 crore. And now it has begun producing organic manure. In the same way, IOCL has begun operation of Electricity from decentralized waste plant with a capacity of 10 Metric Tonne, in Bhavnia Pokhari. Such plants are being set-up at 9 other places in Varanasi with a cost of Rs. 19 Crores.

Under the Swachh Bharat Mission, Varanasi Municipal Corporation has been provided with Road sweeping machine, garbage truck, compactor & waste collection bins. More than 50 public urinals & 153 Public toilets have been constructed. Also, 2263 personal toilets have been constructed and 8122 more have been approved.

It is quite evident that swachhta mission has a very positive effect on this historical and sacred city. The people have also welcomed this initiative of the Prime Minister.

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Just like homes, a country cannot run without women: PM Modi in Varanasi, UP
INDI alliance's mentality has always been anti-women: PM Modi in Varanasi, UP
For the first time, a government at center cared about dignity of women: PM Modi in Varanasi, UP
Congress comes, inflation rises: PM Modi in Varanasi, UP

In a heartfelt address at the Mahila Sammelan in Varanasi, Prime Minister Narendra Modi reaffirmed his unwavering confidence in the people of Banaras and highlighted the significant strides his government has made towards women's empowerment and development over the past decade. PM Modi also urged the attendees to prioritize their health during the campaign period.

PM Modi emphasized, highlighting the transformative impact of his administration's policies on women's lives. He said, "For the first time in the past 10 years, women have come to the forefront of the government's policies and decisions. Although it hasn't been discussed much, it is a major factor in India's success story. Tell me, when the home cannot run without you, how can the country run without you? This was something that the governments did not understand for 60 years. What did the Congress-SP governments give to women? Only neglect and insecurity."

Addressing the safety concerns, PM Modi stated, "The INDI alliance's mentality has always been anti-women. The INDI alliance opposes women's reservations. Wherever their government comes to power, it becomes difficult for women to live. The people of Banaras are familiar with the jungle raj in UP and Bihar. It was difficult for our sisters and daughters to step out of the house. Daughters had to leave their studies and stay at home due to safety concerns."

"For the first time, there is a government at the center that has cared about the dignity of women and provided them with respect. They were given toilets. Modi opened bank accounts for even the poorest women so that any money they receive remains safe. Modi registered millions of PM Awas in the name of women. Now women have become property owners. These were not just schemes, they gave new confidence to women's power. This was my mission, this was my vision," PM Modi declared, outlining the various initiatives taken to uplift women.

PM Modi also addressed the economic measures taken to alleviate the burden of inflation and improve the quality of life. "Congress comes, inflation rises. If there had been a Congress government, the budget of your kitchen would have increased two to three times. But this is BJP, this is Modi, the son of a poor man, who strives to reduce your expenses and increase your savings. Modi has implemented a free ration scheme, saving each family about 12,000 rupees annually. The Ujjwala cylinder you receive saves you over 300 rupees per cylinder," he explained.

"In the past 10 years, over 300,000 people in Banaras have undergone cataract operations. At Jan Aushadhi centers, medicines are available at an 80% discount. This has saved Banaras residents millions of rupees on medical expenses. Over 90,000 pregnant women in Banaras have benefited from the PM Matru Vandana Yojana. Under this scheme, each pregnant woman has received 6,000 rupees directly into their bank accounts for nutrition," PM Modi highlighted the healthcare initiatives that have significantly benefited the residents of Banaras.

"Through the Ayushman Bharat scheme, more than one and a quarter million people in Banaras have received free treatment. And now, Modi has decided that every mother over 70 years old in Kashi will receive free treatment," he announced, reaffirming his commitment to the healthcare of senior citizens.

PM Modi also spoke about the PM Surya Ghar Muft Bijli Yojana, which has already installed solar plants in more than 2,000 homes in Banaras, saving families two to two and a half thousand rupees in their electricity bills every month. He promised further expansion of this scheme after June 4.

The Prime Minister assured the audience, outlining his vision for the future, and said, "The leaders of the INDI alliance talk about the destruction of ‘Shakti’, but after June 4, the Modi government will make your ‘shakti’ into a ‘Mahashakti’. I am continuously working for you."

“Today, in the entire Banaras, the rates of shops, lands, hotels, and homestays have increased because such a large number of people are coming here. The Banas dairy that opened in Kashi has also proved to be a boon for Banaras. After the Banas dairy opened, more than 14,000 livestock farmers from Banaras alone were connected. After the Banas dairy came, the annual income of livestock farmers in Banaras has increased by more than one and a quarter lakh rupees," PM Modi highlighted the economic benefits brought about by his government's initiatives.

PM Modi concluded his address by expressing his gratitude and rallying the audience for the upcoming elections. He said, “I am grateful to all of you mothers and sisters. Remember, we have to win every booth, we have to make the lotus bloom at every booth. For this affection of Kashi, once again, thank you all very much."

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