Shri Modi addresses public meetings in Karjan, Panchela, Bayad, Jalotara, Patan, Vijapur and Gandhinagar

Shri Modi launches scathing attack on Congress over FDI in retail. Seeks answers on the news report that Walmart paid Rs. 125 crore to enter India

Who pocketed these Rs. 125 crore and who has ruined the lives of the traders of India? In the court of the people let us show that a nation of 120 crore people cannot be bought: Shri Modi

Today Mrs. Sonia Gandhi came to Gujarat. She chose Dakor and Siddhpur so that Congress sins may be washed but Congress sins are such that even taking a dip in Siddhpur will not help: Shri Modi

I think Sonia Ben got papers of her 2007 speech. There was nothing about 2012 in it. She talked about 57 dark zones but haven’t dark zones gone? Asks Shri Modi

If Mrs. Sonia Gandhi has to talk about what Pandit Nehru did 50 years ago, you are admitting nothing happened for so many years: CM

You are shedding crocodile tears to farmers: CM to Mrs. Sonia Gandhi

For some people politics is a business, they believe in working for themselves only. Can we give such people a chance in Gujarat? Asks Shri Modi

Shri Modi talks of success of Sujalam Sufalam Yojana in North Gujarat

Mrs. Sonia Gandhi talks about poor law & order situation in Gujarat. Delhi is referred to as ‘crime capital’ and Gujarat is refereed to as ‘curfew free state!’ says Shri Modi

As an economist would have expected Prime Minister to rise above votebank politics: Shri Modi



On Monday 10th December 2012 Shri Narendra Modi addressed large public meetings in Karjan (Vadodara district), Panchela Bayad (Sabarkantha district), Jalotara (Banaskantha district), Patan (Patan district), Vijapur (Mehsana district) and Gandhinagar (Gandhinagar district). Shri Modi talked about the development initiatives in Gujarat and came down heavily on the Congress for their anti-Gujarat mindset. He delivered a fitting reply to Congress President, who addressed rallies in 2 places of Gujarat.



The Chief Minister talked at length about the development that has taken place in Gandhinagar over the last decade. He said that over the last decade Gandhinagar has emerged as an education capital with renowned Universities imparting quality education to students. He added that the city will see tremendous development in the field of solar energy and he also pointed out how the city would become a hub for conference tourism with the state of the art Mahatma Mandir.

The Chief Minister took on the UPA over the FDI in retail and expressed scathing criticism about the news report that Walmart paid Rs. 125 crore to enter India. He asked who pocketed these Rs. 125 crore and who has ruined the lives of the traders of India? He affirmed that the Congress may have won in the Parliament but it is for the people to show them that in the court of people that this decision is not acceptable. “A nation of 120 crore cannot be bought!” he avowed.

Shri Modi reaffirmed the Government’s commitment to Karamcharis and stated categorically that the development in Gujarat would not be possible without the lakhs of Karmayogis of Gujarat.



On Mrs. Sonia Gandhi addressing rallies in Patan and Siddhpur, Shri Modi commented, “She chose Dakor and Siddhpur so that the Congress’ sins are washed but their sins are such that even taking a dip in Siddhpur will not help.” On her speech he pointed, “I think Mrs. Sonia Gandhi got her 2007 speech with her. There was no issue of 2012! She says there are 57 dark zones but haven’t all dark zones gone? Fact that she was talking about dark zones shows she does not even have latest information.”

The Chief Minister declared that the fact that Mrs. Sonia Gandhi has to quote Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru, she is admitting that the Congress has not done anything since then.He said, “In Siddhpur Mrs. Sonia Gandhi spoke about Pandit Nehru. But after him many CMs, PMs came what did they do? Talk on that atleast. If you have to talk about what Pandit Nehru did 50 years ago you are admitting nothing happened for so many years and you deserve to be uprooted from Gujarat!”


Puncturing Mrs. Sonia Gandhi’s lie on electricity situation in Gujarat he declared, “Madam Sonia ji, its better if you do not talk about electricity. Remember 4 months ago 19 states, 60 crore people in darkness. When the world media wrote about the darkness in India, they wrote that Gujarat where there was uninterrupted power!” The Chief Minister recalled that during Congress rule Langdi Vijli (interrupted power) was very common and this was because the Governments then did not build adequate substations. He stated, “During the Congress years 15 sub stations were built per year, we build the same number in a month!”He talked about the success of the Jyotigram Yojana in giving 24/7 power to the people.



Urging Mrs. Sonia Gandhi not to shed crocodile tears for the farmers, Shri Modi stated that despite having the machinery of the Centre, perennial rivers the Centre could not meet its target of 4% agriculture growth and was stuck at 2.5% whereas despite having only the Narmada, Tapi and a Rann constituting a large part of the state, Gujarat witnessed 11% growth in agriculture. He explained in detail how the overnight cotton export ban by the Centre caused immense losses to Gujarat’s farmers that too when prices were highest.

Taking on the UPA chairperson for her comment that there is unemployment in Gujarat, Shri Modi pointed, “Have you seen a youngster from Gujarat seeking a job outside? There is no district in India whose youngster is not working in Gujarat and sending money home.” He also cited a Government of India report that stated that Gujarat has the lowest unemployment in India and opined, “You do not trust us but you trust your Government? Your Government said in a report that if there is a state with the lowest unemployment it is Gujarat.”

He punctured the Congress lies that it was the Gujarat Government that delayed the Sardar Sarovar Dam. He shared that Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru did the Shilanyas of the project and after that nothing happened for the next 26 years. Likewise, Mrs. Indira Gandhi did not act on the file for 9 years and now Congress leaders accuse BJP of delaying the project! He listed the obstructionist attitude of the Centre be it not allowing permission to build gates on the project or the fact that Shri Modi had to fast for getting permission to raise height of the dam.



Commenting on Mrs. Sonia Gandhi’s statement that the law and order situation in Gujarat is poor, Shri Modi stated that after the elections Mrs. Sonia Gandhi should visit the cities of Gujarat and on the streets she would find women riding scooters even during midnight. Shri Modi asked if the same could be said for Congress-ruled Delhi, where women do not venture out after sunset. He pointed for Delhi people say ‘crime capital’ whereas for Gujarat it is said ‘curfew free state!’

Similarly, he attacked Mrs. Sonia Gandhi’s canard on the condition of women in Gujarat and reminded her that it was in Congress-ruled Haryana that rapes were happening everyday and she herself had to visit the victim.

Pointing to the lack of issues in the Congress campaign, Shri Modi affirmed that all Mrs. Sonia Gandhi could talk in South Gujarat was that her mother-in-law came here and as because you supported her please support us. He said that it would be better if she pointed out what the Congress did for Tribal communities, for the development of Gujarat but except abusing him they do not have any issue in the elections. Referring to a Congress leader’s comment that Shri Modi is a Vanar (monkey), the Chief Minister avowed that those who have read the Ramayana know the power of Vanar Shakti where Lord Hanuman is the embodiment of Bhakti and service. “If I am a Vanar then 6 crore Gujaratis are my Ram. Serving them is like serving Lord Ram for me.”



Shri Modi urged people to reject dynastic politics. He said that for many people politics is a business and they believe in working for themselves only. “Can we give such people a chance in Gujarat?” the Chief Minister questioned and added that such people will never work for the interests of society.

The Chief Minister recalled that when he brought the Sujalam Sufalam Yojana, the Congress left no stone unturned to mislead the people and spread things like ‘Modi is a liar’ but he asked the people if the Sujalam Sufalam Yojana has not become a reality! Shri Modi affirmed that the Gujarat Government gave water to North Gujarat and further said that in the Congress rule, if they did even one thing they would use it for the 4 subsequent elections. He pointed that even the Centre has noted that Gujarat’s water table has risen from 3m to 13m and this is due to the steps taken by the state Government.



The Chief Minister declared that one can go to any part of Gujarat and in a radius of 25 km in any direction, one can see some or the other development work happening. He shared that very often people ask ‘how does Modi get the money’ to which he said that the money was always there, just that it is now completely spent for the welfare of the people! Shri Modi stated that he has no family or son-in-law so who would he accumulate for. “6 crore Gujaratis are my family. Their happiness is my happiness!” he opined.On the development front he categorically stated, “We have done more development in the last 10 years as compared to the development by Congress in their 40 years.”

He shared that if any youngster seeks a loan to start a new initiative, the Government would be the guarantor. “I am doing this because I have faith in the youth of Gujarat” he opined.

On the development of North Gujarat he shared that earlier youngsters front his region would go to Surat and Mumbai but that has stopped. The same region that was known for its scorching heat is now home to Asia’s largest solar park!

Shri Modi affirmed that if the Congress-led Government in Delhi had adopted Gujarat’s Disha then the Durdasha of the nation would not be what it is today.The Chief Minister expressed disappointment with the PM’s speech and said that as an economist one would have expected him to rise above votebank politics.He called upon the people to fulfill Gandhi ji’s dream of dismantling the Congress and termed it as the perfect tribute to the Father of the Nation.

The public meetings saw record attendance by people across all age groups and communities.




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PM to visit Karnataka on 6th February
February 04, 2023
PM to inaugurate India Energy Week 2023 in Bengaluru
Moving ahead on the ethanol blending roadmap, PM to launch E20 fuel
PM to flag off Green Mobility Rally to create public awareness for green fuels
PM to launch the uniforms under ‘Unbottled’ initiative of Indian Oil - each uniform to support recycling of around 28 used PET bottles
PM to dedicate the twin-cooktop model of the IndianOil’s Indoor Solar Cooking System - a revolutionary indoor solar cooking solution that works on both solar and auxiliary energy sources simultaneously
In yet another step towards Aatmanirbharta in defence sector, PM to dedicate to the nation the HAL Helicopter Factory in Tumakuru
PM to lay foundation stones of Tumakuru Industrial Township and of two Jal Jeevan Mission projects in Tumakuru

Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi will visit Karnataka on 6th February, 2023. At around 11:30 AM, Prime Minister will inaugurate India Energy Week 2023 at Bengaluru. Thereafter, at around 3:30 PM, he will dedicate to the nation the HAL helicopter factory at Tumakuru and also lay the foundation stone of various development initiatives.

India Energy Week 2023

Prime Minister will inaugurate the India Energy Week (IEW) 2023 in Bengaluru. Being held from 6th to 8th February, IEW is aimed to showcase India's rising prowess as an energy transition powerhouse. The event will bring together leaders from the traditional and non-traditional energy industry, governments, and academia to discuss the challenges and opportunities that a responsible energy transition presents. It will see the presence of more than 30 Ministers from across the world. Over 30,000 delegates, 1,000 exhibitors and 500 speakers will gather to discuss the challenges and opportunities of India's energy future. During the programme, Prime Minister will participate in a roundtable interaction with global oil & gas CEOs. He will also launch multiple initiatives in the field of green energy.

The ethanol blending programme has been a key focus areas of the government to achieve Aatmanirbharta in the field of energy. Due to the sustained efforts of the government, ethanol production capacity has seen a six times increase since 2013-14. The achievements in the course of last eight years under under Ethanol Blending Programe & Biofuels Programe have not only augmented India’s energy security but have also resulted in a host of other benefits including reduction of 318 Lakh Metric Tonnes of CO2 emissions and foreign exchange savings of around Rs 54,000 crore. As a result, there has been payment of around Rs 81,800 crore towards ethanol supplies during 2014 to 2022 and transfer of more than Rs 49,000 crore to farmers.

In line with the ethanol blending roadmap, Prime Minister will launch E20 fuel at 84 retail outlets of Oil Marketing Companies in 11 States/UTs. E20 is a blend of 20% ethanol with petrol. The government aims to achieve a complete 20% blending of ethanol by 2025, and oil marketing companies are setting up 2G-3G ethanol plants that will facilitate the progress.

Prime Minister will also flag off the Green Mobility Rally. The rally will witness participation of vehicles running on green energy sources and will help create public awareness for the green fuels.

Prime Minister will launch the uniforms under ‘Unbottled’ initiative of Indian Oil. Guided by the vision of the Prime Minister to phase out single-use plastic, IndianOil has adopted uniforms for retail customer attendants and LPG delivery personnel made from recycled polyester (rPET) & cotton. Each set of uniform of IndianOil’s customer attendant shall support recycling of around 28 used PET bottles. IndianOil is taking this initiative further through ‘Unbottled’ - a brand for sustainable garments, launched for merchandise made from recycled polyester. Under this brand, IndianOil targets to meet the requirement of uniforms for the customer attendants of other Oil Marketing Companies, non-combat uniforms for Army, uniforms/ dresses for Institutions & sales to retail customers.

Prime Minister will also dedicate the twin-cooktop model of the IndianOil’s Indoor Solar Cooking System and flag-off its commercial roll-out. IndianOil had earlier developed an innovative and patented Indoor Solar Cooking System with single cooktop. On the basis of feedback received, twin-cooktop Indoor Solar Cooking system has been designed offering more flexibility and ease to the users. It is a revolutionary indoor solar cooking solution that works on both solar and auxiliary energy sources simultaneously, making it a reliable cooking solution for India.

PM in Tumakuru

In yet another step towards Aatmanirbharta in the defence sector, Prime Minister will dedicate to the nation the HAL Helicopter Factory in Tumakuru. Its foundation stone was also laid by the Prime Minister in 2016. It is a dedicated new greenfield helicopter factory which will enhance capacity and ecosystem to build helicopters.

This helicopter factory is Asia’s largest helicopter manufacturing facility and will initially produce the Light Utility Helicopters (LUH). LUH is an indigenously designed and developed 3-ton class, single engine multipurpose utility helicopter with unique feature of high manoeuvrability.

The factory will be expanded to manufacture other helicopters such as Light Combat Helicopter (LCH) and Indian Multirole Helicopter (IMRH) as well as for repair and overhaul of LCH, LUH, Civil ALH and IMRH in the future. The factory also has the potential for exporting the Civil LUHs in future.

This facility will enable India to meet its entire requirement of helicopters indigenously and will attain the distinction of enabling self-reliance in helicopter design, development and manufacture in India.

The factory will have a manufacturing set up of Industry 4.0 standards. Over the next 20 years, HAL is planning to produce more than 1000 helicopters in the class of 3-15 tonnes from Tumakuru. This will result in providing employment for around 6000 people in the region.

Prime Minister will lay the foundation stone of Tumakuru Industrial Township. Under the National Industrial Corridor Development Programme, development of the Industrial Township spread across 8484 acre in three phases in Tumakuru has been taken up as part of Chennai Bengaluru Industrial Corridor.

Prime Minister will lay the foundation stones of two Jal Jeevan Mission projects at Tiptur and Chikkanayakanahalli in Tumakuru. The Tiptur Multi-Village Drinking Water Supply Project will be built at a cost of over Rs 430 crores. The Multi-village water supply scheme to 147 habitations of Chikkanayakanahlli taluk will be built at a cost of around Rs 115 crores. The projects will facilitate provision of clean drinking water for the people of the region.