Recently, noted musician Ricky Kej won his career's third Grammy Award for 'Divine Tides' album. Speaking to Modi Story, he opened up how PM Modi gave a purpose to his music and encouraged him to create music which had a social impact and showcased India's great culture.

"When I had won my first Grammy Award in 2015, it was just after a year Prime Minister Modi had become the Prime Minister and on that international stage where over a billion people from all over the world were watching the Grammy Awards, I had actually given a shoutout when I mentioned during my acceptance speech a big thank you to him (PM Modi) and I said that he is doing such amazing work for India," said Kej.

Ricky Kej further said that he wanted to meet PM Modi and was delighted to receive a call from the Prime Minister's Office regarding their meeting.

Recalling about their first meeting, Kej narrated, "I had assumed that it would be a photo-op type meeting for 4-5 minutes, but it actually went on to become an hour-long discussion! It was a great experience. PM Modi inspired me during that meeting that every music I make is for what I am passionate about, which is the environment and positive social impact. He has been a huge influence on my life because he changed the course of my career and he changed the course of my life."

Kej added that now he does not make any commercial or Bollywood music. He said, "The only kind of music that I make is about trying to make this world a better place and trying to showcase our beautiful heritage and culture of India. That's what my life is all about now."

Sharing more insights about their meeting, Kej remarked, "PM Modi realised that my passion is the environment and I realised that his huge passion is environment and nature and protecting and conserving all species. Honourable Prime Minister mentioned to me that he will be going to COP21 – Paris Climate Change Conference that was the biggest commerce of nations ever in the history of our planet. He also mentioned that he was going to launch a Solar Alliance which was something very-very close to my heart."

While they were discussing about the COP21 conference, they came up with a suggestion that a music album shall be created on climate change and India's perspective about climate change involving musicians, making it very inclusive, musicians from all over the world. "So I ended up making this album called 'Shanti Samsara' which featured 500 musicians from 40 countries. PM Modi loved the album and he launched the album at Paris Climate Change Conference by gifting the album to then President of France Mr. Francois Hollande and then Secretary General of United Nations Mr. Ban Ki Moon," Kej said.

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لال قلعہ کی فصیل سے 77ویں یوم آزادی کے موقع پر وزیراعظم جناب نریندر مودی کے خطاب کا متن

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View: How PM Modi successfully turned Indian presidency into the people’s G20

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View: How PM Modi successfully turned Indian presidency into the people’s G20
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PM Modi Amplifies Nari-Shakti as the Centrality of India's G20 Presidency
September 21, 2023

With women-led development being the central focus of the Modi Government, PM Modi has always made it his personal endeavour to encourage ‘Nari-Shakti’ to achieve greater things. Through various Government schemes as well, PM Modi has sought to achieve the same.

Sangita Reddy, businesswoman and Chair of G20 EMPOWER narrated an incident when she had met PM Modi in 2020. She said that PM Modi advised her to have an impactful term as the Chair of G20 EMPOWER as it is the industry that propels an economy and a country to further heights.

She added that PM Modi sent her a beautiful letter which expressed that he wishes the G20 EMPOWER showcase ‘the New Indian Women’ – women not only who are in power but also at the grassroots who are empowered. She also said how PM Modi has been a pioneer of not only women’s development but women-led development in India.