Shri Modi addresses huge election meetings in Saurashtra

CM speaks at Gondal, Dhola and Bhavnagar

Congress does not have the courage to fight the BJP directly that is why they are making behind the curtain alliances with others: Shri Modi

The Congress is an expert at lies, even 4 PHDs are not enough for them Shri Modi

Go to any place in Gujarat, in a radius of 25 km you will see some or the other development work taking place: Shri Modi

When you vote do not think about your community, village, Taluka, district but about the entire state: Shri Modi

Think about Gujarat and development comes to the mind and when you think about UPA, what comes to the mind is scams, corruption, price rise: CM

After a phenomenal response in South Gujarat and Ahmedabad district, Shri Narendra Modi addressed huge public meetings in various parts of Saurashtra. First Shri Modi addressed a meeting in Gondal (Rajkot district) followed by Dhola (Bhavnagar district) and then addressed a massive rally in Bhavnagar city.  Shri Modi spoke about the development initiatives in Gujarat and came down heavily on the UPA over its colossal failures on every front.

Shri Modi recalled that when he took over as the Chief Minister the total budget of the state did not exceed Rs. 6,000 crore whereas just recently he dedicated the SAUNI Yojana worth Rs. 10,000 crore to the people, which will bring the waters of the Narmada to Saurashtra. Similarly, a town like Gondal today has development works to the tune of Rs. 4700 crore thus illustrating the scale of development in Gujarat over the last ten years. He talked about the Supreme Court praise for Gujarat’s land acquisition policy.

He attacked the Congress on the issue of the cotton export ban and said that Prime Minister Dr. Manmohan Singh must answer the farmers on why this step was taken that caused a loss of Rs. 7,000 crore to Gujarat’s farmers.  Shri Modi said that the Gujarat Government has come up with textile parks for cotton growing districts that will help farmers and will enable cloth and garments to be manufactured there itself. He pointed out that the New Textile Policy of the Gujarat Government is to protect the interests of Gujarat’s farmers from the Delhi Government. He shared that the textile industry comes second only to agriculture in generating jobs and that the policy will create as many as 25 lakh jobs for the people. The Chief Minister spoke about how the Dahej-Ghogha ferry service will further increase the development in Bhavnagar.

Shri Modi stated that there are two examples of Governance in India- one of the UPA and the other of Gujarat’s BJP Government. He added that when we think of Gujarat it is development that comes to the mind and when we think of the UPA, all that comes to the mind is scams, price rise, corruption etc. Shri Modi opined that even criticism of the Gujarat Government is on the issue of development while there is no such hope of development from the UPA. He affirmed that if one goes to any part of Gujarat, there Is some or the other development work going within a radius of 25 km.

The Chief Minister termed the Congress as an expert at telling lies and added that even 4 PHDs are not enough for them! He said that the Congress promised to reduce prices in 100 days but that did not happen and instead they even snatched gas cylinders leaving the people at the mercy of the black market.

He exposed the Congress lie that the Gujarat Government has been dolling out Gauchar land and shared that it was the Congress, who in its rule doled out large tracts of Gauchar land.

Shri Modi spoke at length about how the Congress has cheated its workers and cheated their own ally the NCP when they first offered them 9 seats but later on put candidates on these seats.

The Chief Minister made a direct attack on the Congress, saying that they do not have the courage to fight the BJP directly, which is why they are making behind the curtains alliances with others.

Watch : Shri Narendra Modi to campaign in Gujarat on 2nd December 2012 - Dhola Bhavnagar

Recalling the 2007 Vidhan Sabha elections, Shri Modi pointed out that Mrs. Sonia Gandhi campaigned in Chhota Udepur and that time the media wrote that ‘Modi is finished’ but when the result came out the Congress was wiped out there. This time she changed her ‘disha’ (direction) and campaigned in Rajkot but the Congress will be wiped out there as well, affirmed the Chief Minister. He declared that a committee has been made to defame him and that except such negativity the Gujarat Congress has not done anything.

On the upcoming Vidhan Sabha elections Shri Modi said that the people’s vote is not about electing an MLA but about deciding the future of entire Gujarat. He urged the people not to think about their community, village, Taluka or district but instead think about the entire state when they go to cast their vote. He also said that he has given his life in the service of the people of Gujarat and based on the development of the last 11 years the people should decide. On the development in Gujarat over the past 11 years Shri Modi stated that he had merely filled the ditches of preceding years of Congress rule, and reaffirmed his determination to take Gujarat to further newer heights.

'من کی بات ' کے لئے اپنے مشوروں سے نوازیں.
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