Skill development is most important dimension of our nation's development: CM

Published By : Admin | September 20, 2012 | 17:10 IST

Shri Modi addresses Industry Responsive Skill Convention on ‘Making Gujarat a Skill Hub’

 This convention organized in the run up to Vibrant Gujarat Summit 2013

 For me skill development is most important dimension of our nation’s developmental story: Shri Modi

 I see our youth as one of our biggest strengths and most valuable resources: Shri Modi

 Gujarat presents the best picture in job creation. We increased both employment and employability: Shri Modi

 Shri Modi speaks on some of Gujarat’s initiatives for strengthening skill development such as iCreate, SCOPE, eMPOWER, BISAG.

 Our ITIs have been upgraded. I am glad more than 50% of ITIs running on PPP model: Shri Modi

 Proper mapping and cluster approach can go a long way: Shri Modi

We should increase scope, scale, skill and speed and if we do these 4 we can integrate our Yuva Shakti in the process of developing the nation : Shri Modi


On the morning of Thursday 20th September 2012 Shri Narendra Modi addressed the Industry Responsive Skill Convention of ‘Making Gujarat a Skill Hub’. This convention was held as an event in the run up to the Vibrant Gujarat Summit 2013. In an inspiring speech, Shri Modi spoke on the relevance of skill development and Gujarat’s efforts to strengthen our youth with relevant skills.

Shri Modi termed the issue on empowering our youth with knowledge and skill sets as among the most important ones in the nation’s development journey. We affirmed that more than 50% of the population is below 25 years and this one of our biggest strengths and valuable resources. Shri Modi stressed on the need to invigorate India’s young talent pool and if we are able to convert our youth into skilled workforce India can meet the entire world’s workforce requirements.


Read complete text of Shri Modi's speech at Industry Responsive Skill Convention here


The Chief Minister said that Gujarat has invested substantial time and resources in facilitating all round development and added that with a holistic approach the Government is increasing the reach of education. Shri Modi opined that Gujarat is enhancing quality in line with latest international trends. On the issue of employment of youth Shri Modi affirmed that Gujarat presents the best picture in job creation in India. He cited the recent surveys by the Government of India that stated that not only does Gujarat create most employment but also is the state with lowest unemployment rate. Shri Modi declared that the Government has increased both employment as well as employability.

During his speech Shri Modi shared valuable insights into some of Gujarat’s initiatives towards sharpening skill development among Gujarat’s youth. He spoke about iCreate, launched under the mentorship of Mr. Narayana Murthy that seeks to give a platform and resources for young innovators. Talking about SCOPE, the Government’s initiative to build English language proficiency among the people Shri Modi said he was glad to see participation of housewives in this movement. He also spoke about eMPOWER to prepare the youth with basic IT skills. In addition, Shri Modi stated that there were other initiatives such as Vanche Gujarat, Khel Mahakumbh, Choice Based Credit System et al in the domain of skill development. Similarly, BISAG plays a major role in enabling quality long distance education through satellite for the youngsters.

Shri Modi talked about the central role played by Industrial Training Institutes in furthering skill development. He shared that in the last decade there has been a 5-fold increase in the number of ITIs. Not only that, the ITIs have been upgraded with new structure, infrastructure, and resources as well as there has been a much needed updating of course material as well. Shri Modi expressed joy in the fact that more than 50% of the ITIs are running on PPP model. The Chief Minister declared that 20 Superior Technology Centres have been launched to give specialized training. These STCs are driven by industry needs and demands.

Shri Modi stated that we should focus on skill development in a big way as this can generate jobs and improve the quality of life. He stressed on the need of proper training to complement the motivation and cited the example of bamboo cultivators whose productivity was enhanced after they went to train in the northeast.

He also placed great importance on proper mapping and cluster approach, giving the example of how in Morbi where ceramic industry is active the ITIs gave stress on ceramic works. Similarly, ITIs in Mandvi-Kutch gave stress on shipbuilding that helped the local people immensely.

Shri Modi said that we should increase scope, scale, skill and speed and if we do these 4 we can integrate our Yuva Shakti in the process of developing the nation. Giving examples, he stated that if we give 200 types of courses we should think of moving towards 2000 or 20,000.

The Chief Minister urged the strengthening of skill development at every level so that our Yuva Shakti can be strengthened and no youngster remains unemployed at any point of time. He affirmed his determination to turning every young mind of Gujarat into a powerhouse of motivation, hard work and innovation.

Gujarat Cabinet Minister Shri Vajubhai Vala spoke about the efforts to enhance skill development in Gujarat under Shri Modi and Shri S Mahalingam of TCS lauded Shri Modi’s visional pro-activeness and called it unparalleled. Others present included Dr. Dalia Schipper, Chief Secretary Shri AK Joti, Principal Secretary Industries Shri Maheshwar Sahu and other dignitaries.


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