PM Modi addresses a public meeting in Kanpur Dehat, Uttar Pradesh

Published By : Admin | February 14, 2022 | 12:05 IST
Voting turnout in second phase polling in Uttar Pradesh points at BJP returning to power again: PM Modi
This year, Holi will be celebrated on March 10 when we retain power in the state: PM Modi in Kanpur Dehat
Dynasts will again be defeated in UP, says PM Modi while addressing an election rally in Kanpur Dehat

Amidst the ongoing election campaigning in Uttar Pradesh, PM Modi’s rally spree continued as he addressed an election rally in Kanpur Dehat today. The Prime Minister expressed his gratitude towards the people for their support and said, “Voting is going on in the second phase in Uttar Pradesh, Uttarakhand and Goa today. I would urge all the voters, especially the first-time voters, to come out to vote in maximum numbers.”

Mounting a blistering attack on the TMC, PM Modi reiterated, “In an interview to a news publication in Goa, a TMC leader said that they have formed alliance with a particular party to divide Hindu votes in Goa. I want to tell Goa voters that is the chance to bury such kind of politics.”

“The trend of the second phase in UP and the voting in the first phase has made four things very clear – First, ‘BJP Ki Sarkar, Yogi Ji Ki Sarkar Phir Se Aa Rahi Hai’. Second, People of every caste, people of every class are voting without division, people in villages and cities are voting without division, they are unitedly voting for fast development of UP. Third, our mothers, sisters and daughters have taken responsibility to ensure BJP’s win. Fourth, Muslim sisters, quietly, without making any noise, are coming out of their homes to bless Modi because they know who has worked for their welfare,” he added.

Addressing the huge rally, PM Modi said, “The 'Parivaarwadi' will again be defeated by the people of Uttar Pradesh. The festival of colours- Holi will be celebrated in Uttar Pradesh on 10th March itself.”

Targeting the opposition, The PM Modi asked, “When they keep changing their allies, then how will they serve the people of Uttar Pradesh? Earlier governments looted the people of the state. People of UP have defeated them in 2014, then in 2017 and 2019, and now in 2022 again these staunch ‘Parivarwadis’ will lose.”

PM Modi further alleged, “Before 2017, when there were governments of these extreme ’Parivarwadis’, then everyday there were reports of ration scams from UP. These people had created lakhs of fake ration cards. But our Double Engine Sarkar has stopped this game of fake ration cards. Today, crores of the UP public are receiving ration free of cost. Stoves of my poor sisters and mothers will never be turned off. We have to walk on the path of development. Welfare and upliftment of the poor is BJP's main priority.”

“If they had their way, they would have made Kanpur and other such areas in UP, a 'mafiaganj' mohalla. Now their 'mafiagiri' is counting its last breath. These 'Parivarwadi' want to give power to the mafias again,” he added.

Elaborating on the benefits of Double Engine Sarkar, PM Modi asserted, “34 lakh houses have been given to the poor under the PM-Awas Yojana in the state. Out of this, 13 lakh Dalits have got the houses. Also, the Muslim girls feel safe under the BJP rule in Uttar Pradesh. Many Muslim girls are going to schools and colleges in the state now.” The PM recounted several measures for welfare of farmers in the state. He mentioned how PM-KISAN, Kisan Credit Cards have benefitted the farmers immensely. He also spoke how double engine government is promoting biofuel usage, which in turn, is helping the sugarcane farmers of Uttar Pradesh.

PM Modi urged voters in Uttar Pradesh to vote for the BJP in the upcoming assembly elections. He said, “Pehle Matdan, Kamal Nishan Aur Phir Koi Anya Kaam”. Several BJP leaders and karyakartas were present in the event.

Click here to read PM's speech in Kanpur Dehat

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PM Modi addresses a public meeting in Prayagraj, Uttar Pradesh
May 21, 2024
India is now identified by its expressways and high-tech infrastructure: PM Modi in Prayagraj, UP
The Shehzada of Congress goes abroad to insult India: PM Modi in Prayagraj, UP
During the SP-Congress times, Prayagraj faced a lot of discrimination: PM Modi in Prayagraj, UP

Prime Minister Narendra Modi addressed a huge public gathering in Prayagraj, emphasizing the cultural and spiritual significance of the region, highlighting the progress made under his government, and drawing sharp contrasts with previous administrations.

"Prayag is a land of penance. It is the land of the grandeur of Kumbh. The blessings of Tirthraj Prayag, mean the blessings of the entire world," said PM Modi, as he opened his speech, acknowledging the rich heritage and cultural vibrancy of Prayagraj.

"This election of 2024 will decide the direction in which the Triveni of India's future will flow," PM Modi said, emphasizing the critical nature of the upcoming elections in shaping the country's future trajectory.

Highlighting India's progress, the Prime Minister stated, "India is now identified by its expressways and high-tech infrastructure. Major countries tell me, they also want India's digital technology. India is now raising its voice strongly in the world. When India hosts the G-20, the world is amazed."

PM Modi drew parallels between the spirit of Prayagraj and the modern Indian ethos: "The people here do not live under pressure from anyone. Nor do they live in fear of anyone. The vitality I have seen in the people of Prayagraj is rarely found. And this is the temperament of today's India as well."

PM Modi criticized the opposition parties, particularly the SP, Congress, and the INDI alliance, for their inability to digest India's progress. "The Shehzada of Congress goes abroad to insult India. On what agenda are these INDI alliance people fighting the election? Their agenda is to reinstate Article 370 in Kashmir. Their agenda is to cancel the CAA. Their agenda is to repeal the stringent laws against corruption. Will you vote for them to do all this?" he questioned the audience.

Recalling the days of SP and Congress rule, PM Modi said, "During the SP-Congress times, Prayagraj faced a lot of discrimination. Do you remember how you were made to suffer for electricity? There was the noise and smoke of generators outside every shop. Today, under Yogi Ji's government, every district is getting equal and ample electricity. Before 2017, farmers had to stay awake all night to irrigate their fields. Today, even farmers are getting electricity easily."

"Modi's mantra is, ‘Vikas Bhi, Virasat Bhi’. A grand Ram Mandir has been built in Ayodhya. Now, the development of Nishadraj's Shringverpur will also be done. Shringverpur will become a major pilgrimage site on the Ram Van Gaman Path. Would the SP-Congress people ever do this work?" he asked, highlighting his government's commitment to preserving cultural heritage while pursuing development.

Addressing the first-time voters, PM Modi said, "There are many first-time voters in UP, who might not know much about the 14 years of Vanvas that UP endured. What used to happen during the days of the family-oriented party? How it was difficult for our sisters and daughters to step out of the house. Industries and businesses were ruined."

But Congress and SP are preparing to give reservations meant for Dalits and backward classes to their vote bank against the Constitution. "In Karnataka, the Congress government has given the OBC quota to Muslims. Now, they want to do the same across the country. But today, Modi is here on the land of Prayagraj to guarantee. I will not let them take away the reservations meant for Dalits and backward classes. And this is Modi's guarantee."

Concluding his speech, PM Modi urged the people of Prayagraj to support the BJP candidates in the upcoming elections. "The votes you give them will strengthen Modi. Tell me, will you send them to win on June 4th? Say loudly, will the lotus bloom in both seats?” he said.