PM Modi addresses at an energetic event in Pathanamthitta, Kerala

Published By : Admin | March 15, 2024 | 13:30 IST
Kerala's culture is known for peace, but UDF and LDF parties are indulged in political violence: PM Modi
The people of Kerala are progressive and visionary, but Congress is still living with the 19th century's thoughts. Also, the ideology of LDF is completely outdated: PM
The LDF and UDF people pretend to be opponents, but in Delhi, they 'hug' each other, says PM Modi in Pathanamthitta
The only panacea for saving Kerala is getting rid of Congress and LDF. It's the only solution through which people of Kerala will get justice: PM Modi

Prime Minister Narendra Modi addressed at an event in Pathanamthitta, Kerala, where the PM was showered with extreme love and admiration. The PM instantly established a core connection with the crowd by addressing them in their own language. Directing towards the huge crowd, the PM remarked, that “BJP is promoting the youth energy here. Here BJP candidate Anil K Antony is full of passion to serve you. Kerala politics needs such freshness.”

Adding to his statement, the PM showed concern over the dens of communist goons on educational campuses and that “Women, youth and every section of the society are living in fear and the people sitting in the state government are sleeping peacefully.”

Exposing the sharp realities of the incumbent regime in Kerala, PM Modi said “In Kerala, both LDF and UDF engage in apparent conflict but unite in Delhi. The Congress labels the Left government as fascist, while the Communists criticize Congress for corruption. Yet, they form alliances in the capital. Both parties have deceived Kerala extensively. Kerala's populace has now seen through this deception.”

Exhibiting confidence in the common people of the state and the country as a whole, PM Modi positively affirmed that, “whether it's the Congress or the Left, people are well aware of the power games these parties have played, often to the detriment of their states. Consequently, once these parties lose power, people prevent their return.”

The PM reminded the crowd of such situations from History, that “The Congress last won elections in Tamil Nadu in 1962. Similarly, in UP, Gujarat, and Bihar, Congress hasn't won elections in four decades. In Odisha, Congress has been out of power for three decades. Many states in the country don't even have a single Congress MP. In Tripura and Bengal, people have kept the left parties away from government and power. The people of these states understand that the years they trusted Congress or the Left, their states suffered losses.”

The PM further praised Kerala and beautifully remarked, “Kerala has a rich tradition of its own and its citizens are progressive.”

The PM also took a sharp jibe at the opposition, LDF & UDF and said, “The culture of both of them is completely opposite to the traditions and progressive ideology of Kerala.” In a sorry state of affairs, the PM also added that, “The culture of Kerala promotes peace. But people of UDF-LDF believe in political violence.”

As a way forward, the PM expressed, “Amid BJP's efforts for Kerala's development, Kerala's true sentiments must reach the Central Government. With BJP MPs, conveying Kerala's needs and implementing Central schemes at the grassroots level becomes easier and seamless.”

Reminiscing about the past years, PM Modi recalled one of the historic trade agreements India signed with UAE in 2022, which paved the way for hundreds of billions of dollars of trade and investment in the years to come. The PM asked, ultimately, who would enjoy the benefits from these agreements if it's not the youth from Kerala who live in UAE in large numbers.

The PM shared a very special memory with the crowd, saying, “When in 2021, I met His Holiness Pope Francis at the Vatican, I also made a special mention of Kerala.” The PM added that even the Pope was very impressed to know about the progress taking place in India.

In a hopeful statement, PM Modi also bestowed his best wishes for the festivals of Easter, Navroz and the Holy month of Ramzan. Meanwhile, the PM even reminded the crowd that the “biggest festival of Democracy is also about to begin.”

In his heartfelt concluding remark at the event, PM Modi reiterated his confidence in Kerala and its people, their love and affection towards him. In his parting words, the PM thanked each and every person in the crowd, declaring, “I promise you again, Modi will leave no stone unturned for Kerala's development.”

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