PM Modi addresses a public meeting in Ramtek, Maharashtra

Published By : Admin | April 10, 2024 | 18:00 IST
PM Modi addresses a vibrant gathering in Ramtek, Maharashtra, paying homage to esteemed leaders including Baba Jumdevji, Gond Raja Bakht Buland Shah, and Baba Saheb Ambedkar
PM Modi urges the audience to unite and send their blessings to NDA in the upcoming Lok Sabha Elections 2024, symbolizing collective support and solidarity
PM Modi highlights the transformative initiatives undertaken by the NDA government to empower marginalized communities, ensuring social justice and inclusive development
Modi worked to provide facilities to the poor, to reduce their worries: PM Modi in Ramtek
PM Modi urge the people of Maharashtra to vote for the country's unity and progress, cautioning against the divisive agenda of opportunistic alliances

Commending the efforts of those involved in the de-addiction campaign spearheaded by Baba Jumdev Ji through the 'Paramatma Ek Sevak Mandal', PM Modi highlighted the significance of such initiatives in fostering societal well-being.

Addressing the enthusiastic crowd, PM Modi remarked, "Evening is setting in, but looking at your enthusiasm, it seems the day has just begun." Encouraging the audience to participate actively, he urged them to use their mobile phones to send blessings to the stage, symbolizing unity and collective support.

“Nowadays, these TV and media people are continuously showing surveys regarding the elections. Every survey indicates a clear victory for the NDA. These media people also spend a lot of money on these surveys. I want to share a formula today to save money. When criticism against Modi intensifies, then understand the trend, then it's the Modi government once again. When these people start insulting my late father or mother, understand the trend, then it's the Modi government once again. When questions arise about EVMs, understand the trend, then it's Modi government once again,” he added.

Reflecting on the upcoming elections, PM Modi emphasized the pivotal role of the electorate in shaping the future of the nation. He stated, "On April 19th, you are not just choosing a Member of Parliament. You are voting to strengthen the foundation of India for the next thousand years."

Asserting the importance of unity and solidarity, PM Modi condemned divisive politics propagated by certain factions. He urged the people of Maharashtra to vote for the country's unity and progress, cautioning against the divisive agenda of opportunistic alliances.

PM Modi said, “These INDI Alliance people are fully engaged in dividing the country's people. They know that if the people of the country unite, the politics of the INDI Alliance people will end. Therefore, I urge the people of Maharashtra, I urge the people of the country, vote for the country by uniting. If these INDI Alliance people become powerful, they will divide the country into pieces. Even today, they leave no stone unturned in pitting one community against another. Even today, they do not miss any opportunity to target Indian culture. Ramtek is that place where the feet of Bhagwan Ram himself have stepped.”

Highlighting the government's commitment to social justice and empowerment, PM Modi outlined various initiatives aimed at uplifting marginalized communities, including the SC-ST-OBC society. “Since independence, Congress has kept the SC-ST-OBC society behind in every way under a conspiracy. Congress ended Baba Saheb Ambedkar's politics. Congress kept Baba Saheb deprived of Bharat Ratna. When the BJP-supported government was formed at the Centre, Baba Saheb was awarded the Bharat Ratna. When the NDA government was formed in 2014, the son of a Dalit mother became the President of India. When the NDA government was formed again in 2019, the daughter of a tribal mother became the first citizen of the country, the President,” said the Prime Minister.

PM Modi underscored the government's efforts to ensure inclusive development and provide equal opportunities to all sections of society and said, “In the NDA government, we have appointed a record number of ministers from the OBC community. This NDA government is the one that gave constitutional status to the OBC Commission. This NDA government is the one that ensured reservation for OBCs in medical education. It was the NDA government that established a separate Ministry for Tribal Affairs. In the past 10 years, the budget for tribal welfare has been increased fivefold. It is due to the policies of the NDA government that the enrollment of SC/ST/OBC youth in schools and colleges has significantly increased.”

Addressing the audience, PM Modi reaffirmed his government's dedication to promoting the principles of 'Sabka Saath, Sabka Vikas' and fostering an environment of inclusive growth. “Modi worked to provide facilities to the poor, to reduce their worries. Today, when Modi guarantees 100% beneficiaries, 100% benefits of schemes, this is true social justice. This is true secularism. Guaranteeing a home for the poor, guaranteeing free ration, free treatment, guaranteeing toilets, electricity-water-gas connections, these guarantees of Modi benefit the SC-ST-OBC families the most,” said PM Modi.

Touching upon critical policy decisions, PM Modi emphasized the significance of constitutional reforms, including the abrogation of Article 370 and the enactment of the Citizenship Amendment Act (CAA), aimed at ensuring justice and equality for all citizens. “When Modi removed Article 370, the Congress president asked what benefit the country got from it? This is also evidence of Congress's anti-Dalit, tribal, and women policies, and vote bank politics. Removing Article 370 has given constitutional rights to all these sections in Jammu and Kashmir for the first time. Congress and the INDI Alliance are not liking this. Congress is also opposing the CAA, which provides citizenship because the biggest beneficiaries of this are the Dalits and Buddhists.”

In his address, PM Modi lauded the transformative development initiatives undertaken in Maharashtra, particularly in the Nagpur and Vidarbha regions. He highlighted the establishment of premier educational institutions, infrastructure projects, and economic initiatives aimed at bolstering regional growth and prosperity. “Such development can only be achieved by an honest, strong, and stable NDA government,” the Prime Minister stated.

Speaking ahead, PM Modi expressed his vision for the future, promising to accelerate the pace of development and usher in a new era of progress for Maharashtra and the nation as a whole.

During his concluding address, PM Modi urged the electorate to vote decisively in favor of the NDA candidates, reaffirming their commitment to good governance and inclusive development. He called upon every citizen to actively participate in the democratic process and uphold the values of unity, integrity, and progress.

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PM Modi ignites massive Barasat rally, West Bengal
May 28, 2024
TMC's narrative against the CAA has been fuelled by appeasement politics: PM Modi in Barasat
The Calcutta High Court's verdict has unmasked TMC's deception towards the OBCs in Bengal: PM Modi
Bengal was first looted by Congress and then Left. Now, TMC is looting it with both hands: PM Modi in Barasat

Prime Minister Narendra Modi, in a grand Barasat rally, vowed to combat corruption in Bengal and propel its culture and economy to new heights. Addressing the huge gathering, PM Modi said, “Today, India is on the path to becoming developed. The strongest pillar of this development is eastern India. In the last 10 years, the expenses made by the BJP Government in eastern India was never made in 60-70 years."

Initiating his spirited address, PM Modi said that he closely monitored the cyclone's progress, commending the NDRF and other teams for their exemplary efforts. He also assured that “The Central Government is committed to providing all necessary support to the State Government.”

Delving deep into his speech, PM Modi underscored the pivotal role of Eastern India in India's developmental trajectory and remarked, “In the journey of India's progress, Eastern India stands as a significant force. Over the past decade, the BJP government has allocated more funds to Eastern India than in the preceding six to seven decades. Our efforts have been dedicated to enhancing connectivity across the region, spanning railways, expressways, waterways, and airports.”

The PM also shed light on Bengal’s rich history and its current economic challenges, “Before independence, Bengal was a thriving hub of employment for countless Indians. Today, however, many factories in Bengal lie dormant, forcing its youth to seek opportunities elsewhere. The blame for this decline falls squarely on the shoulders of Congress, followed by the Left, and now TMC. Each party has contributed to Bengal's woes, with every vote for CPM ultimately benefiting TMC.”

Reflecting on his past promises, PM Modi reiterated his commitment to combating corruption in India, “Ten years ago, I pledged to eradicate corruption, and I've upheld that promise. Now, I assure the nation that ‘Naa Khaunga, Naa Khane Dunga’! Recent recoveries of illicit funds from TMC leaders will be thoroughly investigated, and legal measures are being implemented to ensure justice.”

Amidst discussions on scrutinizing the finances of the common citizens by the INDI Alliance, PM Modi shifted the focus to those engaged in corruption and explicitly commented, “Modi vows to examine the ill-gotten gains of corrupt individuals. An X-ray so powerful that it will deter future generations from indulging in corruption.”

“The Calcutta High Court's verdict has unmasked TMC's deception towards the OBCs in Bengal. By designating 77 Muslim castes as OBCs, TMC unlawfully deprived lakhs of OBC youths of their rights. Yet, observe the response of the TMC CM following this judicial decision, here questions are being raised on the intentions of the judges...” the PM reprimanded strongly.

PM Modi shared that a troubling incident unfolded when a TMC MLA made derogatory remarks about Hindus and Bengal's saints rightfully demanded an apology, “However, instead of rectifying the error, TMC resorted to insulting the saint community itself. Notably, saints associated with ISKCON, Ramakrishna Mission, and Bharat Sevashram Sangh faced disparagement. All this just to appease their vote bank. Furthermore, when sisters from Sandeshkhali sought justice, TMC chose to target them instead.”

“Despite its claims of advocating for the welfare of the people and the land, TMC's actions have sowed fear among mothers and insulted the sanctity of the soil. Even TMC's women MLAs who dare to speak out against its hooliganism face retaliation. Recently, a distressing video surfaced featuring mothers and sisters from Keshpur, West Medinipur, pleading for protection from TMC's goons. It's imperative to hold such acts accountable through the power of your vote,” the PM expressed deep grief.

PM Modi mentioned that “TMC's narrative against the Citizenship Amendment Act (CAA) has been fuelled by appeasement politics. However, the reality is evident as hundreds of refugees have successfully obtained citizenship, visible to the entire nation.” “Forget TMC, no power in the world can impede the implementation of CAA,” PM Modi reassured strongly.

“With the country's resolute decision to elect the Modi government in Delhi”, PM Modi urged the audience, “Come June 1, let the lotus blossom across every seat, including Barasat.” The PM also asked the crowd to venture door to door, village to village, and seek blessings at every temple and place of worship.

“Together, let's usher in a Viksit Bengal and a Viksit Bharat,” the PM concluded.