PM Modi campaigns in Madhya Pradesh’s Betul, Shajapur and Jhabua

Published By : Admin | November 14, 2023 | 11:30 IST
This election is to stop the palm of Congress's corruption and loot from touching Madhya Pradesh's locker: PM Modi in Betul
As 17th November is nearing, Congress's claims are getting exposed. Today, we got a report from the entire MP that Congress has accepted the defeat and now they're relying on luck: PM
In Betul, PM Modi says Congress has accepted that their fake promises don't stand a chance in front of Modi guarantees
Congress is only concerned about its own family, its own children, whereas BJP cares about your children: PM Modi in MP
Congress only offers opposition, disappointment, negativity, fostering appeasement, hooliganism, riots, and corruption: PM Modi in MP
Everywhere, there is intense dissatisfaction with Congress and unprecedented trust in the BJP: PM Modi in MP
PM Modi criticizes the self-serving nature of Congress leaders, who prioritize personal interests over the welfare of the people

Amidst the ongoing election campaigning in Madhya Pradesh, Prime Minister Modi’s rally spree continued as he addressed multiple public meetings in Betul, Shajapur and Jhabua today. PM Modi said, “In the past few days, I have traveled to every corner of the state. The affection and trust towards the BJP are unprecedented. Your enthusiasm and this spirit have decided in Madhya Pradesh – ‘Phir Ek Baar, Bhajpa Sarkar’. The people of Madhya Pradesh will come out of their homes on 17th November to create history.”

Furthermore, he reiterated, “This election is to accelerate the development of Madhya Pradesh with double engine speed. This election is about providing new opportunities for the youth and women to progress. And this election is about keeping Congress’ loot and corruption away from Madhya Pradesh. You must remember- Congress knows only how to snatch. You must remember- ‘Congress Aayi, Tabahi Layi’.”

PM Modi stated that when he talks about “Modi’s guarantee,” it signifies a guarantee of fulfilment. He said, “In the past, the Congress asserted that Article 370 would not be revoked in Jammu and Kashmir. They also claimed that legislation against triple talaq was unattainable. Additionally, they questioned us about the timeline for the construction of the Ram temple. These people don’t know what material Modi is made of. What we say, we show through our actions.”

Expressing strong criticism against Congress for their false promises, PM Modi emphasized, “The commitments made by Congress are consistently left unfulfilled. The promise of loan waiver they made in the last election remained unfulfilled even after one and a half years of forming the government. On the other hand, there is the BJP, which makes commitments and strives to do more than we promise.”

Talking about an impressive manifesto released by the Madhya Pradesh BJP, the PM asserted that this manifesto is for every sector and every segment. “In every tribal-dominated block, there will be an Eklavya Residential School. In every tribal district, there will be a medical college. Financial assistance and permanent housing will be provided to the Ladli sisters. The commitment to purchase tendu leaves and forest produce will benefit numerous tribal families. While Congress used to provide MSP for only 6-7 forest produce, today, the BJP is providing MSP for more than 90 forest produce,” he said.

Hitting out at the Congress, PM Modi said, “Today, the entire country is ‘Vocal for Local’. On festive occasions, products made in India are being purchased, supporting products created by Indians. But no leader from the Congress ever advocated for being Vocal for Local.”

Highlighting Betul’s journey towards development, PM Modi stated, “Since the BJP government came to power at the centre, the Aatmanirbhar Bharat campaign has become the resolve of every Indian. The BJP government in Betul is promoting the jaggery cluster as part of the ‘One District One Product’ programme. The establishment of a jaggery cluster will create numerous new jobs here. There are also many possibilities for the furniture industry in several tribal areas of MP, including Betul. Wood clusters and furniture clusters are being developed in the Betul district. This will lead to the development of many small industries, creating thousands of new jobs right here.”

“Just a few days ago, the central government launched the PM Vishwakarma Yojana. Through this, the BJP government will provide financial assistance in lakhs of rupees to our carpenters, locksmiths, and many other artisans engaged in the furniture industry. The BJP’s double-engine government will also boost tourism here,” he added.

During his second rally in Shajapur, Madhya Pradesh, PM Modi emphasized the importance of the BJP government's continuous presence in the state, citing the transformative progress in India's energy and power sectors.

PM Modi expressed concern over Congress's track record, branding it as a party that intimidates investors, engages in massive corruption, and solely works for the benefit of one family without considering the welfare of the public. He contrasted this with the BJP's commitment to the well-being of the people, especially children.

PM Modi mentioned the introduction of Hindi-medium study facilities for medicine and engineering, a move aimed at providing greater educational opportunities for the youth. He underscored the negative agenda of Congress, associating it with looting, corruption, public oppression, and false propaganda. He stated that Congress only offers opposition, disappointment, and negativity, fostering appeasement, hooliganism, riots, and corruption.

Addressing the discontinuation of welfare schemes for the poor by Congress, PM Modi listed instances where schemes like Sambal Yojana, Panch-Parmeshwar Yojana, and various other schemes were shut down. He recounted the Union government's initiation of the PM Kisan Samman Nidhi during the Congress government's tenure in Madhya Pradesh. “Despite repeated requests, the Congress government did not send the complete list of eligible farmers to the Union government,” said the PM.

PM Modi celebrated Shajapur's rich cultural heritage and acknowledged its historical significance from the Mahabharata era to the present day. He commended the BJP government's efforts to globalize India's cultural glory, exemplified by the construction of the Mahakal Lok in Ujjain and the commitment to building various cultural monuments in Madhya Pradesh.

Further contrasting the BJP's inclusive approach with Congress's family-centric focus, the PM said, “Whatever Congress does, it revolves around one family. The BJP honors every Sant, and every great descendant of this land. In Sagar, the BJP is constructing the grand temple of Sant Ravidas. In Jabalpur, the BJP is building a magnificent memorial for Rani Durgavati.”

In his third rally in Jhabua, Madhya Pradesh, PM Modi underscored the stark difference in the approach towards tribal communities between the Congress and the BJP. While Congress has historically viewed the tribal community as a mere vote bank, the Double Engine government, led by the BJP, has been actively engaged in transformative initiatives to uplift the lives of tribal communities across the nation.

PM Modi drew attention to the disillusionment among the tribal community not only in Madhya Pradesh but also in Rajasthan, where Congress has failed to address the concerns of this vital demographic. He said, “In the past, I have met several tribal colleagues from Madhya Pradesh and Chhattisgarh. Everywhere, there is intense dissatisfaction with Congress and unprecedented trust in the BJP.”

Addressing the national discourse about the overwhelming support he receives from the women of the country, PM Modi credited the blessings to the transformative work carried out by his government. He highlighted the numerous videos featuring women expressing gratitude for the positive changes brought about by his initiatives such as pucca houses, free ration, free medical treatment, construction of toilets, provision of water through taps in homes, electricity connections, the guarantee of 33% reservation for daughters in legislative bodies, and more.

PM Modi questioned the rationale behind voting for Congress, and said, “Why vote for Congress? Today, every family in MP is saying that Modi's guarantee means a guarantee of fulfillment.”

Looking ahead to the Lok Sabha elections in a few months, PM Modi urged the people to replicate the success of the Lok Sabha polls in Madhya Pradesh, emphasizing the necessity of BJP's victory for the state's development. He reiterated the BJP's commitment to rapid progress, contrasting it with the lack of assurance in Congress, which has been associated with increased corruption, rising crime rates, and economic downturn wherever they have been in power.

PM Modi criticized the self-serving nature of Congress leaders, who prioritize personal interests over the welfare of the people. He said, “Congress is a party that fulfills the desires not of your ambitions but of a few families. Whether it's Delhi or MP, in Congress, only and only personal interests are supreme”

In his concluding remarks, the PM encouraged the citizens of Madhya Pradesh to cast their votes on November 17, emphasizing that the first step towards progress is voting for the BJP.

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