Narendra Modi addresses National Education Summit in Gandhinagar

Published By : Admin | January 10, 2014 | 19:39 IST
"This Summit is an opportunity for us to learn: Narendra Modi"
"It is our conviction that there is a lot to learn form every part of the nation. From the experts and world we can learn a lot: Narendra Modi"
"Let us take each student as a celebrity and focus on him or her. That way we can change things: Narendra Modi"
"Let us dream of giving something to the world: Narendra Modi"
"Vice Chancellors of Universities of Delhi and Mumbai join National Education Summit"


On the morning of Friday 10th January 2014 Shri Narendra Modi addressed the start of the National Education Summit organised in Gandhinagar. Shri Modi described the Summit as a grand opportunity to learn. Sharing his thoughts on the importance and future of education in India, Shri Modi envisioned an education system that creates harbingers of change. “Hume Yug Nirmata aur Samajh Nirmata Taiyar Karne Hain” Shri Modi affirmed, adding that through the medium of education we should dream of giving something to the world.

Shri Modi called for creating the right environment where education can shine and this does not only include proficiency with books. “Man Ki RachnaKitabon Se Hi Nahi Hoti. Hume Environment create Karna Hoga” (the mind does not only develop with books…an environment has to be created). Shri Modi opined that in addition to the head, both the hand and the heart are important for all round learning. Shri Modi stressed on the fact that every type of work is important and must be respected. He pointed, “I do not know this craze for white collar jobs. It is as if doing small things is bad. This must change.” 

Narendra Modi addresses National Education Summit in Gandhinagar

Elaborating further he said, “One day I switched on the television and I saw a debate on why school children must not join cleanliness drives. I was surprised. Weren’t we always taught to give importance to Shram Karya? Even Mahatma Gandhi gave importance to this.” Shri Modi avowed that change is possible when each and every pupil is treated like a celebrity. Seeking a paradigm shift from the prevailing mindset Shri Modi asked, “Schools give character certificates. What is the use of these? We suggested why not give Aptitude Certificates? School children go for school trips to Udaipur or Taj Mahal but at the same time why cannot we take our children to a manufacturing plant where cutting edge research is taking place?”

In his speech Shri Modi talked about some of the steps taken by the Gujarat government for the growth of the education sector. He shared that the government has given importance to the syllabus and has also revamped the course structurefor ITIs that have benefitted several youngsters.

Narendra Modi addresses National Education Summit in Gandhinagar

33 states and Union Territories were present on the occasion. Over 100 Vice Chancellors and Directors from institutions across India were present on the occasion. Scholars, innovators and experts from various fields were present on the occasion.

Italy's Ambassador to India Mr. Daniele Mancini spoke about bridging the gap existing between academia and the real world, while also laying emphasis on giving due importance to both, classic studies and scientific disciplines.

Prof Dinesh Singh, Vice Chancellor, University of Delhi, spoke about the reformatory phase that India is going through and highlighted the significance of education and technology in effecting a change for the nation.

Narendra Modi addresses National Education Summit in Gandhinagar

Dr. Rajan Welukar, VC, University of Mumbai, shared the need to comprehend the revolutionary 21st century changes, whilst creating an environment of innovation and approaching the same with a positive mindset.

Prof Charles Zukoski, Provost and Executive Vice President for Academic Affairs, University at Buffalo, the State University of New York, spoke about the role of engineering education in the development of the country and mentioned that successful practical education of the next domain should involve deep domain expertise, with a substantial component of that education in liberal arts and social sciences.

Dr. Kishore Singh, responsible for Right to Education at UNESCO and special reporter on Right to Education at United Nation Human Rights Council, mentioned about skill development and institutionalized cooperation as being the need of the hour.

Narendra Modi addresses National Education Summit in Gandhinagar

Narendra Modi addresses National Education Summit in Gandhinagar

Narendra Modi addresses National Education Summit in Gandhinagar

Narendra Modi addresses National Education Summit in Gandhinagar

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PM Modi addresses a public meeting in Gurdaspur, Punjab
May 24, 2024
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The problem with Congress is that it has no faith in India: PM Modi in Gurdaspur, Punjab

Prime Minister Narendra Modi addressed a spirited public gathering in Gurdaspur, Punjab, where he paid his respects to the sacred land and highlighted the special bond between Gurdaspur and the Bharatiya Janata Party.

Addressing the gathering PM Modi highlighted, the INDI alliance’s misgovernance in the state and said, “Who knows the real face of the INDI alliance better than Punjab? They've inflicted the most wounds on our Punjab. The wound of division after independence, the long period of instability due to selfishness, a long period of unrest in Punjab, an attack on the brotherhood of Punjab, and an insult to our faith, what hasn't Congress done in Punjab? Here, they fueled separatism. Then they orchestrated a massacre of Sikhs in Delhi. As long as Congress was in the Central government, they saved the rioters. It's Modi who opened the files of the Sikh riots. It's Modi who got the culprits punished. Even today, Congress and its ally party are troubled by this. That's why these people keep abusing Modi day and night."

Speaking about the INDI alliance governance and its strategy concerning National Security, PM Modi said, “These INDI alliance people are a great danger to the security of the country. They are talking about reintroducing Article 370 in Kashmir. They want terrorism back in Kashmir. They want to hand over Kashmir to separatists again. They will send messages of friendship to Pakistan again. They will send roses to Pakistan. Pakistan will carry out bomb blasts.”

“There will be terrorist attacks on the country. Congress will say, we have to talk no matter what. For this, Congress has already started creating an atmosphere. Their leaders are saying, Pakistan has an atomic bomb. Their people are saying, we'll have to live in fear of Pakistan. These INDI alliance people are speaking Pakistan's language,” he added.

Discarding the anti-national thought process of the Congress and INDI alliance, PM Modi said, “The problem with Congress is that it has no faith in India. The scions of Congress tarnish the country's image when they go abroad. They say that India is not a nation. Therefore, they want to change the nation's identity. The mentor of the scions has said that the construction of the Ram temple and celebrating Ram Navami in the country threatens the identity of India.”

Emphasizing the need for rapid development, PM Modi assured the people of Gurdaspur, Punjab, and the entire country of his unwavering commitment to their progress and prosperity. He said, “Punjab's development is Modi's priority. The BJP government is building highways like the Delhi-Katra highway and the Amritsar-Pathankot highway here. BJP is developing railway facilities here.”

“Our effort is to create new opportunities in Punjab, to benefit the farmers. In the last 10 years, we have procured record amounts of rice and wheat across Punjab. The MSP, which was fixed during the Congress government, has been increased by two and a half times. Farmers are receiving PM Kisan Samman Nidhi for seeds, fertilizers, and other necessities,” PM Modi added.

Regarding the ongoing elections, PM Modi urged the citizens to choose leadership that prioritizes the nation's interests. Contrasting the BJP-led NDA’s clear vision for a developed India with the divisive and dynastic politics of the INDI alliance, PM Modi called for support for the BJP to ensure continued progress and stability.

Highlighting the Congress party's lack of faith in India and its attempts to undermine the nation's identity, PM Modi urged voters to reject such divisive politics. He underscored the BJP's commitment to Punjab's development, citing initiatives to improve infrastructure, support farmers, and promote food processing industries. PM Modi sought the blessings of the people of Gurdaspur and urged them to vote for BJP candidates in the upcoming elections to secure a brighter future for Punjab and the nation.