My letter to members of school family

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I have written a letter to the dear members of the primary school family. Am putting it on the blog to share those feelings with you.

Thank you,

All the dear ones of the school family,

Namaskar !

Year 2010-11, the Swarnim Jayanti Year of Gujarat has been a success in many ways. The development of Gujarat is being recognized in the nation and the world. The efforts and abilities of 60 million Gujaratis are being been taken note of widely.

In our journey of development, our priority is human development. Our concern is not just for today, we also want to shape our tomorrow.

As a teacher, as a guardian of a student, you all are the sculptors of the tomorrow of Gujarat.

It is our collective responsibility to ensure that even a child of the poorest of poor families is not deprived of education and virtues. For this we have been toiling hard to successfully implement “Shala Praavesotsav” (school enrollment festival) and “Kanya Kelavani” (Girl’s Education campaign) and our efforts have yielded encouraging results too. Alongwith this, the task of recruiting thousands of teachers, construction of thousands of school rooms, creation of basic amenities in the schools, setting up systems in the school- all have been a priority of the State Government which has committed to expend on all this and has allotted ample funds.

Proper care has been taken for healthy body and healthy mind of the child through “Shala Arogya Parikshan” (School Health Check-up) and “Gunotsav” (a Campaign for quality education).

This entire decade has been a ‘parishram yagy̅a’ for us, a reverential campaign of dedicated hard work to ensure the spread of the flame of knowledge to the last, dawning even in the house of the poorest family.

I congratulate everybody who has contributed in this noble mission with zeal and enthusiasm.

I trust you fully. You will not leave a single stone unturned in this holy work of shaping tomorrow’s Gujarat.

Let the very essence of each and every family and village of Gujarat resound with the spirit of making the ‘child’ its primary focus. A kid’s education, a kid’s virtues, kid’s health, kid’s development, kid’s happiness … let that be the source of joy of our lives.

At this juncture, I also wish to express my joy for something. We have been witnessing the immense power of our daughters. Even very young girls are today excelling in almost every field. It is the awareness and enthusiasm of the mothers that have especially paid of for girl child education. I salute all the mothers who have been instrumental in the development of daughters.

Come, let us resolve……..

To give our best as a Teacher, as a Principal so that our school renders the best education. Let us create an atmosphere in the society so that not a single boy or a girl leaves the study incomplete. Let us take up the challenge to bring such a development that each child loves to go to school….it learns, it plays , it blossoms.

Please give a thought to it…..ponder individually, deliberate collectively on this. All this might require some extra effort; but your efforts are worth it as they mould a child into a righteous citizen.

When your school earns the pride of being the best, your respect in the society and your village too will enhance.

I am sure that you, the members of the school family, will give your best to live up to the trust put on you by the society and the Government and the faith that a child has in you.


Narendra Modi

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