Jan Chetna Yatra at Ahmedabad

Published By : Admin | November 7, 2011 | 10:00 IST

"Delhi is deaf and cannot hear your voice so your response has to be louder." – Shri Narendra Modi

Shri L K Advani praised Shri Narendra Modi for the "corruption-free government that has turned the state into a model state for good governance in the country."

'C' of Congress means 'Corruption' – Shri Narendra Modi

The Jan Chetna Yatra of Shri L K Advaniji continued for the second day today, 7th November 2011. After attending a public meeting at Bharuch, the yatra left for Vadodara where a public meeting was scheduled at around 4.30 pm. On its way to Vadodara, the chariot was welcomed at all major towns and villages on its route.

Watch : Shri Narendra Modi's Ghatlodia speech of Jan Chetna Yatra

From Vadodara, the Yatra entered Karamsad, Anand, the ancestral home of Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel. The party leaders paid homage to the great leader and thenafter addressing the public gathering, reached Ahmedabad.

The yatra entered from CTM Crossroads and passed through Hatkeshwar Crossroads, Khokhara Circle, Kankaria, Danilimda Crossroads, Dharnidhar Crossroads, Nehrunagar Crossroads, Mansi Tower and Sai Baba Temple near Doordarshan. Finally, it reached Rana Pratap Crossing in Ghatlodia where a public meeting is held.

The stage was set on the Ghatlodia cross roads with a jam packed public gathering. The program began with music performances and later before the Jan Chetna Rath arrived at the spot, Shri Purushottam Rupalaji addressed the audience and gave insights to the various corrupt measures adopted by the Congress. He reffered to the Shashi Tharoor scam of 50 crores and lashed that our country cannot afford such big sum over a girl friend. He further mentioned of Sugar in abundance in Gujarat and the decision of the Congress to Export at Rs.10 and later import the same Sugar at Rs.40 - a very corrupt motive, he said.

As the Jan Chetna Yatra reached the spot, Shri Narendra Modi gave his address to the public. He asked various questions to the people gathered there in masses whether they think that Corruption should be eliminated from the roots. The money stashed in Foreign banks has to be brought back but Congress has deaf ear to it. He said, "Delhi is deaf and cannot hear your voice so your response has to be louder." Indiraji had to leave because of Corruption and then after Rajiv Gandhi too could not survive, he said.

He further spoke on Gujarat's development journey. "At every 25 kms, you will find Development in Gujarat" he said.

In villages, people talk about development and wonder from where Modi gets money pouring in! To this Shri Narendra Modi said, "Katki Company (bribe) from Gujarat is demolished andfor this reason,money comes to Gujarat. My ten years experience says that if corruption is tackled, development is possible and I have proved that without corruption, we can run the government. Why can't Delhi do so?

Gujarat CM Narendra Modi hits out at Centre, questions who is protecting Hasan Ali. 80 crores scam and no Delhi or Maharashtra Government can point a finger to him. Congress is not willing to nab him. The Police officer who investigated on Hasan Ali was suspended and it is known that this Police officer had a tape talk between Hasan Ali and Congress leader. He pointed that Citizens would like to know who was this Congress leader.

"People have joined us to fight against Corruption and Gujarat stand tall with Advaniji in his Tapasya of Jan Chetna Yatra against Corruption. I am definitely hopeful that those who are corrupted willbe finishedwith the support of the people," said Shri Narendra Modi. He wished birthday greetings to Advaniji who celebrates his birthday on 8th November.

Advaniji said, "I have no words to express gratitude to Gujarat for for their warm welcome." Amidst applause from people, he praised Shri Narendra Modi for the "corruption-free government that has turned the state into a model state for good governance in the country." Advaniji further referrred to corruption and illegal stashing of black money in Swiss bank. He reminded of the 'Restitution of illegal assets act' of Switzerland Government and the resolve to return the money illegally earned and deposited to the respective country.

"As per Global financial Integrity report, 25 lakh crores has been illegally deposited in Swiss Banks but I wonder why Congress is not keen to bring back this money back to India," said Shri Advani.

Earlier, addressing a rally in Bharuch, Shri Narendra Modi said, "The media barons are responsible for sensationalising the news by directive of the ruling Congress. He termed the alphabet 'C' of Congress as 'Corruption' and further referred to the newspaper reports of vacant chair photograph and added, "Media is creating controversy. There is a visible major rift because the chair between Anant Kumar and Advaniji was empty. All made a big story about the chair between Anant Kumar and Advaniji being empty. Quite obvious, If Shri Modi is standing to deliver his speech, then his chair would obviously be empty. Maybe, we had spice to blend food, similarly media is sensationalising things," he said.

Media barons need news for TRP and its a new fashion that any good happenings in Gujarat, amidst all their efforts to make the story, it drains as Delhi shehanshah misuse their power while ringing the Media owners. CM stated that whatever way the headlines or TV screens project, he has found a place in the hearts of people and hearing this, the audience applauded with sheer joy.

The Jan Chetna meeting was addressed by BJP Party Leader Shri L K Advani, Chief Minister Shri Narendra Modi, National general Secretary Anant Kumar, Vice-president Purshottam Rupala and state BJP president RC Faldu.

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