Intellectuals across every media platform within and outside of India analyze the positive political change witnessed with Shri Narendra Modi’s victory in Gujarat Elections. 

The optimism displayed by Shri Modi’s vision has appealed the urban middle-class and youth. 

This Election distinctly stands out for nurturing hopes of the upcoming urban- middle class and youth of Gujarat!


With the third consecutive victory of Shri Narendra Modi in Gujarat, intellectuals all across the country and worldwide have written about this impressive win. Here is an overview of the various intellectuals on the remarkable triumph of the BJP and the anchoring role played by Shri Modi in the victory.


Narendra Modi’s victory an emphatic political achievement, intellectual debate around him changing and the change is real as well as palpable!

Noted intellectual and expert on public policy Mr. Pratap Bhanu Mehta has described Shri Modi’s victory as an emphatic political achievement. Mr. Mehta writes, “He, like a handful of other chief ministers, brilliantly grasped the fact that Indian politics is deeply aspirational. It rewards governance.”

Columnist and avid blogger Mr. Shashi Shekhar cites the above remarks by Mr. Pratap Bhanu Mehta and what he calls a subtle expression of strong endorsement by Professor PV Indiresan (his article dated 14th December 2012 in the Hindu Business Line) to show how the intellectual debate on Shri Narendra Modi has shifted. He calls it a shift that is both real and palpable.


Data reflects Gujarat story is for real! Stellar leadership of Shri Modi inspires people 

Author and reputed public policy doyen Mr. Bibek Debroy wrote in India Today (issue dated 31st December 2012), “There is no getting away from Narendra Modi’s leadership role in social sector push, empowerment of bureaucracy and insulation from political interference, clamping down on corruption, decentralization, and emphasis on the private sector.” He adds that Gujarat’s growth story was considered as “hype” but since the growth is now reflected in concrete data, it is no longer contested.

Senior fellow at CSDS and founder of Manushi Sangathan. Dr. Madhu Purnima Kishwar is all praise for Shri Modi’s victory in the 2012 Gujarat election and she goes a step further to berate the anti-Gujarat elements who have only indulged in negativity for so many years.

Dr. Kishwar lauds Gujarat’s development in agriculture and attributes it extensive irrigation facilities, building of check dams, Khet Talawadi programme, drip irrigation etc. She also notes the success of Jyotigram Yojana and Gujarat’s wonderful roads network. All these factors played a major role in the wide scale support generated for Shri Modi and the BJP, which made the historic victory in 2012 polls possible.


Shri Modi’s popularity gave BJP the cutting edge 

Noted columnist Mr. Swapan Dasgupta opined that Shri Modi’s popularity among the people gave the BJP a cutting edge in the 2012 Gujarat elections. He also writes about Shri Modi’s ability to draw votes from outside the core ideological fold of his party, thus suggesting that people cutting across all communities voted for Shri Modi and the BJP. Mr. Dasgupta concludes by saying that the BJP not only needs Modi but the Modi model to get votes and rejuvenate the party.

Writing about the BJP victory in the 2012 Gujarat polls in the Hindustan Times, Ketaki Ghoghe takes note of role played by the neo-middle class in this victory, arguing that its role was even greater than aspects such as caste and community. She states that Shri Modi stands for this class, which is focused on better living through jobs and enterprise opportunities not food security or employment guarantee schemes offered by the Congress.


Narendra Modi the only leader with a clear economic vision- it’s a vision that glorifies prosperity not poverty

Furthermore, noted political writer, Ms. Tavleen Singh has aptly described Shri Modi as the only Indian political leader today with a clear economic vision. It is a vision that glorifies prosperity and not poverty.  Additionally, she asserts that Shri Modi has elevated the aspirations particularly of the youth and middle class of India. Moreover, Ms. Singh has said that he is nurturing a new dream of India thereby overcoming the previously triggered American dreams among the youth.

Reports in The Organiser  too have re-emphasized the uniqueness of Gujarat’s Election Campaign in these words, Modi’s success lies in the fact that he has reinvented, reinforced and rejuvenated the core ideological moorings and converted it into vibrant election machinery, attracting fresh blood and dynamism.  The report has also asserted that no other Chief Minster within India has grabbed so much international and national attention.

Some interesting facets of the Shri Modi’s Election campaign have been affirmed in the report. Firstly, Shri Modi is one of the few politicians who has not given a single interview while campaigning and yet effectively outreached his audience with his positive image.  Secondly, he won the hearts of his voters without assuring any freebies like his opponents. Thirdly, while the assets of other politicians keep multiplying, Shri Modi’s have remained constant until now clearly depicting his high standards in politics. And last but not the least, without any personal attacks on his detractors, he charmed his audience not only with his growth spirit but also by walking the talk i.e bringing his words into action.

Finally, the crux of Shri Modi’s success has been well examined by famous journalist Mr. Sandeep Bamzai of Mail Today. With the gloomy national atmosphere of price hikes and corruption scandals, the writer said that India awaits a hero like Shri Modi who is the silver lining of optimism.

To summarize, Shri Modi is the first Indian politician to talk about “the neo-middle class” and is probably the only leader who has positively assured to safeguard the interests and needs of this emerging section of Indian society. As realized by many intellectuals across political forums, political discourse has undoubtedly undergone a paradigm shift with the Gujarat Elections by replacing vote-bank politics based on caste and religion with ambitious and development- oriented principles.


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'Grateful to PM Modi's leadership…': White House praises India's democracy and electoral process

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PM Modi addresses a public meeting in Jamshedpur, Jharkhand
May 19, 2024
Congress and JMM don't understand even the basics of development: PM Modi in Jamshedpur
Common man remains poor while Congress & JMM filled their homes with black money: PM in Jamshedpur
Congress has been the mother of corruption: PM Modi in Jamshedpur
Congress and JMM have no interest in the country's industries: PM Modi in Jamshedpur
Dynastic parties like Congress consider the country their property: PM Modi in Jamshedpur

Prime Minister Narendra Modi addressed a dynamic public meeting in Jamshedpur, Jharkhand, highlighting the significance of the upcoming Lok Sabha elections and the crucial issues at stake. Addressing an enthusiastic crowd, PM Modi underscored his commitment to the holistic development of Jharkhand and the nation.

PM Modi articulated the fundamental issues that should shape the electoral discourse. "The Lok Sabha elections are about shaping the future of the country. How will the future of the country be determined? I ask you, should there be a discussion about the economy in the elections or not? Should there be a discussion about industries and small industries in the elections or not? Should there be a discussion about national security in the elections or not? Should there be a discussion about agriculture and forest produce in the elections or not? Should there be a discussion about new opportunities for the youth in the elections or not? Should there be a discussion about highways, expressways, and infrastructure in the elections or not?"

Highlighting the disconnect between opposition parties and these vital issues, PM Modi criticized Congress and JMM. "But Congress and JMM have no interest in any of these issues. They don't understand even the basics of development. What is their method? Tell lies. What are their issues? They will examine the property of the poor, and seize it. They will take away SC-ST-OBC reservations. They will give Modi new abuses every day. They cannot think beyond this. That is why the INDI Alliance lies to you. The whole country knows their truth. That is why the country is saying, ‘Phir Ek Baar, Modi Sarkar."

PM Modi lamented the paradox of Jharkhand's wealth and poverty. "A state like Jharkhand is so rich in mineral wealth. Yet, there is so much poverty here. It is unfortunate. The common man remains poor while Congress and JMM have amassed black money in their homes."

He denounced the rampant corruption by Congress, JMM, and RJD, which has plagued Jharkhand. "Parties like Congress, JMM, and RJD have looted our Jharkhand at every opportunity. Congress has been the mother of corruption. Congress has set records of loot in scams like 2G and coal. Look at RJD. They invented scams like land for jobs. JMM has learned these traits from Congress and RJD. JMM has done land scams in Jharkhand. And whose lands did they grab? They grabbed the lands of our poor tribals! They even tried to grab army land. The mountains of cash are being recovered from their homes. Whose money is that? It is your money. It is the money of innocent tribals, which these people have looted."

In an emotional call to action, PM Modi urged the people to reject corrupt parties and support BJP's vision. "The whole world knows that industries are necessary for the progress of the country. The name of Jamshedpur itself is after Jamsetji Tata. However, the Congress party considers entrepreneurs as enemies of the country. Their leaders say we attack businessmen who do not give us money. This means parties like Congress and JMM have no interest in the country's industries. They are only interested in their corruption and extortion."

He drew a stark comparison to Naxalism, criticizing the extortion tactics of opposition parties. "Isn’t this the exact Naxalite method of Congress? Naxalites also did not let any businessman work without extortion. Today Modi has broken the back of Naxalites. So now Congress and JMM have taken over the responsibility of extortion. Will you give even a single vote to such Congress-JMM?"

PM Modi also emphasized the transformative impact of BJP's governance. "Parties like Congress never cared about you. They gave the false slogan of 'Garibi Hatao' for 60 years. It is Modi who has lifted 250 lakhs of poor out of poverty. Congress did not let the poor enter banks. Modi got Jan Dhan accounts opened for 520 lakh people. Lakhs of poor in our country did not even have a roof over their heads. Modi gave 4 lakh poor people a permanent house.”

“In the Congress government, 18,000 villages in the country were living in darkness. Modi has worked to bring electricity to every village in the country. Congress deprived millions of homes in the country of clean water. It is Modi who is working to provide tap water to every household," he added.

Urging the people to safeguard democracy and reject dynastic politics, PM Modi said, "Dynastic parties consider the country their property. The Shehzada of Congress fled from Wayanad to contest elections in Raebareli. He was telling everyone that this was my mother's seat, his mother also went to Raebareli to campaign for him. There she said, I am giving you my son. They couldn’t find a worker to hand over, only a son."

In his closing remarks, PM Modi reiterated the significance of the upcoming vote. "Your one vote on May 25th will decide the fate of Jharkhand and the country. If you press the lotus button, Modi will be strengthened in Delhi.”