Igniting Collective Goodness: Mann Ki Baat@100 - The Journey of Mann Ki Baat

Published By : Admin | October 22, 2023 | 11:41 IST

The journey of Mann Ki Baat, which commenced on Vijay Dashami in 2014, has been meticulously chronicled to celebrate the significant milestone of 100 episodes of this popular radio show. The book, 'Igniting Collective Goodness: Mann Ki Baat @ 100,' pays tribute to this inspirational journey, featuring a special foreword authored by Prime Minister Narendra Modi himself. Now available online, the book goes beyond being a mere collection of transcripts or a reflection of the past; instead, it serves as a compelling chronicle of India's evolving narrative of progress.

‘Igniting Collective Goodness: Mann Ki Baat @ 100’ provides valuable insights and offers a comprehensive, section-by-section analysis that encompasses a wide spectrum of sectors and regions. The first section delves into the unique approach taken by PM Modi to establish an effective two-way dialogue between himself and the nation. The second section sheds light on how PM Modi's appeals for social change consistently resonate with the citizens of the nation. The third section celebrates the richness of India's civilization, and the fourth and final section presents statistical data related to the popular radio show. Additionally, this section also presents both qualitative and quantitative analyses of the listeners and episode content, uncovering captivating insights.

'Igniting Collective Goodness: Mann Ki Baat @ 100' highlights Prime Minister Narendra Modi's unique approach in recognizing individual and collective efforts not just in India but also overseas. The book demonstrates how these developments, from environmental conservation to technological innovation, cultural preservation to social welfare, have ignited thoughtful conversations and research, advancing the nation's progress and prosperity. It all comes down to the Prime Minister's fitting reference to Mann Ki Baat as "Guno ki puja" in the 100th episode.

About ‘Mann Ki Baat’

The radio show Mann Ki Baat, in many ways, stands as an innovative and audacious experiment. The program broke away from the traditional political discourse and governance discussions, establishing itself as a dialogue with the nation. Its focus has consistently been on the lives and stories of ordinary individuals who have brought about extraordinary change in society. It continues to be a source of inspiration for Indians to spark social change at their own level, regardless of their location.

Over the years, Mann Ki Baat has evolved beyond being a simple radio show. It has become a beacon of hope for millions of Indians and a platform where the nation can listen, learn, and grow together. Over the course of 100 episodes, PM Modi has managed to touch the hearts of millions of Indians who eagerly anticipate his address on the last Sunday of each month. The episodes have honoured India's unsung heroes, acknowledged the relentless efforts of our farmers, appreciated the creativity of our artists, and celebrated the spirit of India’s young innovators.

'Igniting Collective Goodness: Mann Ki Baat @ 100' stands as an affirmation of the nation's potential and spirit, proving that by coming together, we can indeed ignite collective goodness and build a brighter future. In the foreword, PM Modi beautifully expresses Mann Ki Baat's essence: 

"Each episode of Mann Ki Baat is a testament to the indomitable will and strength of our people and their relentless pursuit of progress and development." 

~Prime Minister Narendra Modi

A number of prominent personalities have expressed their enthusiasm about the book's release. Below are a few snapshots of their sentiments:

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