Gujarat’s Journalism to create its unique identity: Shri Narendra Modi

Published By : Admin | March 29, 2010 | 05:40 IST

In highlighting the landmark achievements of Gujarat, Chief Minister Shri Narendra Modi on Sunday, sought cooperation from the journalists. With creative zeal, the Journalists of Gujarat may definitely create their unique brand image, they may put in sincere efforts, while reporting about the events with sincerity of purpose and depth, and he wished that it would help State’s journalism scaling sublime heights.

Fast paced changes, and to adopt the changes thrown by the era, the field of journalism is facing new challenges, namely the information resources have widened, and it has really changed the style and form. He stressed the need to go deep while reporting.

During Swarnim Gujarat Celebrations, media would positively highlight the social, cultural and economic activities of Gujarat. Chief Minister desired constructive cooperation from the Journalists. It demands devoted contemplation and healthy discussions.

Emphasizing the need to bridge the gap between rural and urban journalists, he made an appeal to bridge the gap. Media Club would take an initiative in this regard. Media persons have actively contributed to social activities, like blood donation and raising Girl Child Education Fund, Chief Minister described the cooperation from Media persons very inspiring. However, Media men are always sensible to the plights and sufferings in the society.

To achieve the creative feat, they must dream big, ought to discard self defeating beliefs and psychological backwardness, he observed that it is quite achievable.

Chief Minister admired the role of outgoing president, Shri Uday Mahurkar and his team. He also gave compliments to Shri Ajay Umat and the new team.

Member of advisory committee to the Media Club and Former Secretary, Prof. Y.K. Alagh traced the constructive role played by the journalists in highlighting the glory of Gujarat. He also appreciated the noble attitude and initiatives taken by the C.M.

Shri Ajay Umat, who has recently taken the charge, expressed his desire to achieve the goals. With consensus and cooperation from all, Gujarat Media Club would scale sublime heights, he added.

Ms. Radha Sharma anchored the ceremony. Zeal and enthusiasm were quite palpable; it was attended by the members of club and many other dignitaries.

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