"Narendra Modi addresses people of India through 3D technology"
"Good governance and development are the only issues for us: Narendra Modi"
"Narendra Modi shares his vision for developed India, particularly in heath, education and urban development sectors"
"Why cant we have an AIIMS in every state and a medical college in every district: Narendra Modi"
"It is our duty to focus on quality education: Narendra Modi"
"Some people are not interested in development politics that is why they are taking to votebank politics and dividing people: Narendra Modi"
"We no longer want to live as a poor and backward nation. We want to move head on the path of development: Narendra Modi"
"The bigger mandate Congress gets, the bigger mess it spreads: Narendra Modi"
"People are tired of Delhi’s misdoing. They are tired of the Mother and Son’s misrule: Narendra Modi"

On the evening of Friday 11th April 2014 Shri Narendra Modi addressed people across the length and breadth of India through 3D technology. Shri Modi made a strong pitch to the people of India to support the BJP in the upcoming Lok Sabha elections and added that the BJP is going to the people with the agenda of development and good governance. He affirmed that the people should vote for the BJP not on the basis of caste, creed or religion but for the development agenda of the Party. Shri Modi expressed joy at the record turnout in the earlier phases, saying that defeat is staring at the UPA. Urging the people to go out and vote, Shri Modi avowed that one may have a Lotus in their heart and in their minds but nothing will happen unless that reaches their fingers and the people vote for the BJP.Shri Modi stated that the people no longer want to live as a poor and backward nation but they want India to move ahead on the path of development.

Shri Modi shared his vision for India’s growth and reaffirmed the BJP’s commitment to fulfilling the promises made in the Party’s manifesto. On education Shri Modi said, “Wherever I go, I see that people want to educate their children. It is our duty to focus on quality education that touches the life of every single youngster.”


Similarly, Shri Modi talked about providing quality healthcare to people. He pointed that middle and lower middle class families have to spend a lot of money to receive quality treatment and this is deeply unfortunate. He talked about the need to think about movements to eradicate other diseases just like Dr. Harsh Vardhan had done in case of polio during the NDA years. He even touched upon the issue of malnutrition and called for a solution to it rising above politics.

On the development of our cities, Shri Modi opined that we need a paradigm shift in terms of developing our cities. He stressed on focusing on waste water treatment and solid waste management along with a focus on cleanliness. Shri Modi shared his vision of creating a Digital India where every India has access to latest technology that can enrich people’s lives.

Shri Modi was extremely critical of the Congress Party, saying that the nation is tired of what has been happening under the Mother and the Son. He commented on the Congress leaders’ refusal to answer what they have done for the nation. Shri Modi remarked, “Rajiv Gandhi’s mandate was bigger than Pandit Nehru’s but a very big mess was created. The bigger mandate Congress gets, the bigger mess they spread.” 

Large number of people gathered at the various locations to hear Shri Modi. On the usage of 3D technology, Shri Modi remarked that this was used in the 2012 Gujarat Elections as well and today he is breaking his own record of reaching out to maximum people through this medium.

Narendra Modi addresses people of India through 3D technology

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