BJP’s win in Gujarat Elections encapsulated in an innovative video!

Published By : Admin | December 21, 2012 | 19:10 IST

Celebrations in every part of Gujarat after BJP win in 2012 Assembly Elections 

Songs, dance, music engulf the air as people celebrate the victory of development over everything else 

Fans showcase their creativity by making innovative videos, short films, victory posters etc.

The resounding victory of the BJP in the 2012 Gujarat Assembly Elections has left wide smiles on many faces! Hardly had the trends begun to come that celebrations began across Gujarat. There was singing, dancing, revelry and lot more as the celebrations went long past the evening. The icing on the cake was Shri Narendra Modi absolutely mind blowing speech from the BJP headquarters in Ahmedabad in which he thanked the voters for electing the BJP yet again. 

Among the many creative expressions of celebration is this video that encapsulates the essence of the BJP victory in Gujarat. It showcases the story of the people’s preference of development over everything else and why the people of Gujarat rejected lies, corruption and anti-Gujarat elements to hand over the thumping victory for Shri Narendra Modi.

The BJP under the guidance of Shri Narendra Modi went into the campaign with one central issue- the overall development of 6 crore Gujaratis!

During the course of the campaign the BJP released wonder advertisements that conveyed the message of the BJP as well as the anti-Gujarat mindset that is prevalent among the Congress-led UPA. The first Kabaddi ad denoted the lack of vision and leadership among the Gujarat Congress. The second set of the Kabaddi ads showcased Gujarat’s answer to a corrupt Congress. Without a single word, the ads beautifully convey the message with a dose of humour.

Another set of BJP advertisements displayed the unanimous feeling across people of Gujarat for Shri Modi and the party. From youngsters to the elderly, from men to women, from the towns to the cities, the entire Gujarat is unanimous in its quest for development. The popular ‘Bhai Bhai’ videos have become a rage among the people, especially among the youth.

Through innovative ads, the BJP also shattered the lies spread by the Congress on the crucial issues of Gauchar land, electricity supply to Gujarat and the Congress’ inability to supply adequate gas to the people of Gujarat. Even when it came to exposing the corruption of the Congress, the BJP ads were effectively able to convey why a very corrupt Congress must be kept out of Gujarat at every cost.

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