"PM calls for building a 'SMART' police force, and emphasizes focus on police welfare"
"PM pays homage to martyred police personnel, and calls for institutionalizing their memory"
"प्रधानमंत्री ने ‘स्मार्ट’ पुलिस बल के निर्माण की अपील की, और पुलिस कल्याण पर फोकस करने पर बल दिया "
"प्रधानमंत्री ने शहीद पुलिस कर्मचारियों को श्रद्धांजलि अर्पित की, और उनकी स्मृति को संस्थागत बनाने की अपील की "

The Prime Minister, Shri Narendra Modi, has called for the creation of a "SMART" police force: a police which is strict yet sensitive; modern and mobile; alert and accountable; reliable and responsive; techno-savvy and trained.

PM at DGP meeting 684 (6) PM at DGP meeting 684 (9)

He was addressing the All India Conference of Directors General/Inspectors General of Police - 2014, in Guwahati. 

The Prime Minister also called for a task force to suggest ways to institutionalize the memory of the over 33,000 martyred police personnel, who have laid down their lives in line of duty since independence. The sacrifices of these police personnel should not go in vain, the Prime Minister emphasized. He said police academies of each state should have a book dedicated to the memory of these personnel from their state. 

The Prime Minister stressed on the welfare of the police personnel and their families. He said personnel cannot perform well if their families are not taken care of. He said issues such as health of the families and education for the children of police personnel was a priority. 

The Prime Minister said the police is a protector force, but is often not portrayed as such in Bollywood cinema. He said the mental image that people have with regard to police has to change. He said every police thana should have a website to propagate good deeds done by the force. He said each thana should upload one positive story a week, which shows the good work done by them. 

PM at DGP meeting 684 (7)

Every police Thana - a website propagate good deeds. One positive story each week. 

The Prime Minister said that from Chanakya's time, the primary source of security for any society is an effective intelligence network. A good intelligence network ensures minimal use of force, he added, saying that he was happy to have got a chance to felicitate intelligence officers for their distinguished service to the nation. PM at DGP meeting 684 (10)

The Prime Minister said taking this conference out of Delhi will bring more focus to the main agenda at hand, besides increasing the morale of police forces in the North-East. 

He also presented the President's police medals for distinguished service. Earlier, the Prime Minister was given a guard of honour on arrival.  PM at DGP meeting 684 (4)

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