Kaushal Dikshant Samaroh reflects the priorities of today's India: PM Modi

Published By : Admin | October 12, 2023 | 13:00 IST
“Kaushal Dikshant Samaroh reflects the priorities of today's India”
“Country develops more with stronger youth power thereby doing justice to nation’s resources”
“Today, the whole world is of the belief that this century is going to be India's century”
“Our government understood the importance of skill and created a separate ministry for it, allocated separate budget”
“Important for industry, research and skill development institutions to be in tune with present times”
“Scope of skill development is continuously increasing in India. We are not limited to just mechanics, engineers, technology or any other service”
“Unemployment rate in India is at its lowest level in 6 years”
“IMF is confident of India becoming the top three economies of the world in the next 3-4 years”


This celebration of skill development is truly unique in itself. The collective skill showcase of institutions across the country, the Kaushal Dikshant Samaroh, is a commendable initiative. It highlights the priorities of contemporary Bharat. Today thousands of young individuals are associated with this program through technology. I extend my best wishes to all the youth for a better future.

My young friends,

Every nation possesses different strengths, such as natural resources, mineral wealth, or extensive coastlines. However, the crucial power needed to harness these strengths is the power of the youth. The more empowered the youth, the more the country develops, ensuring fairness with the nation's resources. Today, Bharat is empowering its youth with this mindset, making unprecedented improvements in the entire ecosystem. And the country has a two-pronged strategy in this regard. We are preparing our youth to benefit from new opportunities through skilling and education. After nearly four decades, we have introduced a new national education policy. We have opened numerous skill development institutions like medical colleges, IITs, IIMs, or ITIs in large numbers. Millions of youths have received training under the Pradhan Mantri Kaushal Vikas Yojana (Prime Minister's Skill Development Scheme). On the other hand, we are strengthening traditional sectors that provide employment and promoting new sectors that boost employment and entrepreneurship. Today Bharat is setting new records in goods exports, mobile phone exports, electronic exports, services exports, defence exports, and manufacturing. Simultaneously, the country is creating numerous opportunities for young individuals like you in sectors such as space, start-ups, drones, animation, electric vehicles, semiconductors, and many more.


Today, the entire world acknowledges that this century belongs to Bharat, and a significant reason behind it is the country’s youth population. While many countries around the world are experiencing an increase in the elderly population, Bharat is getting younger every day. This is a significant advantage for our country. The world is looking towards Bharat for skilled youth. Recently, Bharat’s proposal on global skill mapping was accepted at the G20 Summit. This will create even better opportunities for young individuals like you in the times to come. We cannot afford to miss any opportunity arising in the country and the world. The Indian government is with you, supporting you in every need. In the past, skill development did not receive as much attention from previous governments. Our government recognizes the importance of skills and has established a separate ministry and budget for it. Bharat is investing more in the skills of its youth today than ever before. The Pradhan Mantri Kaushal Vikas Yojana has empowered young individuals at the grassroots level. Under this scheme, training has been provided to nearly 1.5 crore youths so far. New skill centres are being established around industrial clusters, enabling industries to share their needs with skill development institutions. By developing the necessary skill sets in young individuals according to industry requirements, they will be seamlessly integrated into the workforce.


You know as well that the times have changed. It's no longer enough to learn a skill and expect it to sustain you throughout your life. Now, there's a pattern of skilling, upskilling, and reskilling that we all need to follow. The demand is rapidly evolving, and the nature of jobs is changing. Accordingly, we must keep upgrading our skills. Therefore, it's crucial for industry, research, and skill development institutions to adapt to the times. Previously, there was less focus on identifying the uniqueness of skills and assessing their necessity. This situation is also changing now. In the past nine years, around 5,000 new ITIs have been established in the country. This has added over 400,000 new seats in ITIs across the nation. These institutions are being upgraded as model ITIs, aiming to provide efficient and high-quality training along with incorporating best practices.


The scope of skill development in Bharat is continuously expanding. We are not limited to just mechanics, engineers, technology, or any other specific service. Now, there are self-help groups involving women. Women self-help groups are being trained for drone technology. Similarly, we have our Vishwakarma companions. They are an essential part of our lives, and no work runs smoothly without them. Traditionally, they learn their skills from their elders and pass them on. Now, with the PM Vishwakarma Yojana, their traditional skills are being integrated with modern technology and tools.

My young friends,

As Bharat’s economy expands, new opportunities are emerging for young individuals like you. A recent survey has revealed that job creation in Bharat has reached a new high. Currently, the unemployment rate in Bharat is at its lowest level in the past six years. I'm talking about unemployment here. Unemployment is decreasing rapidly in both rural and urban areas of Bharat. This means that the benefits of development are reaching both villages and cities equally. It also indicates that new opportunities are growing equally in both rural and urban areas. Another significant finding of this survey is the unprecedented increase in the participation of women in the country’s workforce. The various plans and campaigns for women's empowerment in Bharat in recent years are having a positive impact.


The International Monetary Fund (IMF) has released figures that should boost the enthusiasm of all of you. According to the IMF, Bharat will continue to be the fastest-growing major economy in the coming years. You might recall that I guaranteed bringing Bharat into the top three economies in the world. The IMF also has full confidence that Bharat will be among the top three economies in the world in the next 3-4 years. This means more opportunities for you, with even more chances for employment and entrepreneurship.


The opportunities are endless before you. We need to make Bharat the world's largest powerhouse of skilled manpower. We must provide the world with smart and skilled manpower solutions. Let the process of learning, teaching, and advancing continue. My best wishes to you for success at every step in life. I express my gratitude to all of you with heartfelt thanks and extend many good wishes!


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