Tamil Nadu has been a bastion of Indian nationalism: PM Modi

Published By : Admin | May 27, 2023 | 23:31 IST
“Tamil Nadu has been a bastion of Indian nationalism”
“Under the guidance of Adheenam and Raja Ji we found a blessed path from our sacred ancient Tamil Culture - the path of transfer of power through the medium of Sengol”
“In 1947 Thiruvaduthurai Adheenam created a special Sengol. Today, pictures from that era are reminding us about the deep emotional bond between Tamil culture and India's destiny as a modern democracy”
“Sengol of Adheenam was the beginning of freeing India of every symbol of hundreds of years of slavery”
“it was the Sengol which conjoined free India to the era of the nation that existed before slavery”
“The Sengol is getting its deserved place in the temple of democracy”

नअनैवरुक्कुम् वणक्कम्


Om Namah Shivay! Shivay Namah!


Har Har Mahadev!


First of all, I bow my head and congratulate all the revered sages like you who are associated with various 'Aadheenams'. I feel extremely fortunate to have you at my residence today. It is due to the grace of Lord Shiva that I have got the opportunity to see all the devotees of Shiva like you together. I am also very delighted that all of you are going to personally come and shower your blessings at the inauguration of the new Parliament House tomorrow.

Respected seers,

We all know what an important role Tamil Nadu has played in our freedom struggle. From Veeramangai Velu Nachiyar to the Maruthu brothers, from Subramania Bharati to the many Tamils who joined hands with Netaji Subhas Chandra Bose, Tamil Nadu has been a bastion of Indian nationalism through the ages. Tamil people have always had a spirit of service towards Mother India and towards welfare of India. Despite this, it is very unfortunate that the contribution of Tamil people in India's independence has not been given the importance it should have been given. Now BJP has started raising this issue prominently. Now the people of the country are also realizing the kind of treatment meted out to Tamil Nadu, a symbol of great Tamil tradition and patriotism.

At the time of independence, the question arose regarding the symbol of transfer of power. There are different traditions in our country for this. There have also been different customs. But at that time under the guidance of Rajaji and Aadheenam we had found a virtuous path from our ancient Tamil culture. This was the route - of transfer of power through Sengol. In Tamil tradition, Sengol was given to the ruler. Sengol was a symbol of the fact that the person holding it was responsible for the welfare of the country and would never deviate from the path of duty. To symbolize the transfer of power, a special Sengol was then made by the sacred Thiruvaduthurai Aadheenam in 1947. Today, photographs from that era remind us of the passionate and intimate connection between Tamil culture and India's destiny as a modern democracy. Today, the saga of those deep ties has once again come to life emerging out of the buried pages of history. This also gives the right perspective to understand the events of that time. And at the same time, we learnt about what happened to this greatest symbol of the transfer of power.

My dear countrymen,

Today I would also extend my special salutations to the vision of Rajaji and various Aadheenams. One Sengol of Adheenam, started to free India from every symbol of hundreds of years of slavery. At the very first moment of India's independence, the Sengol beautifully linked the pre-colonial period with that initial moment of independent India. Therefore, this sacred Sengol is important not only because it became a symbol of the transfer of power in 1947 but also because it connected the future of independent India with the glorious India before the colonial rule, with its traditions. It would have been better if after independence this sacred Sengol was given adequate respect and a place of pride. But this Sengol was placed for exhibition in Prayagraj, in Anand Bhawan, simply as a walking stick. This servant of yours and our government has now brought that Sengol out of Anand Bhavan. Today, we have got a chance to revive that first initial moment of independence by placing the Sengol in the new Parliament House. Today Sengol is getting its rightful place in the temple of democracy. I am glad that now the same Sengol, a symbol of India's great tradition, will be installed in the new Parliament House. This Sengol will keep reminding us that we have to walk on the path of duty and remain accountable to the people.

Respected seers,

The great inspirational tradition of Aadheenam is the epitome of true sattvic energy. All of you are followers of Shaiva tradition. The spirit of Ek Bharat Shreshtha Bharat in your philosophy is a reflection of the unity and integrity of India itself. This is reflected in the names of many of your Aadheenams. ‘Kailash’ is mentioned in some of the names of your Aadheenams. This sacred mountain is far away from Tamil Nadu in the Himalayas, yet it is close to your hearts. Tirumular, one of the famous sages of Shaivism, is said to have come to Tamil Nadu from Mount Kailash to propagate Shaivism. Even today, verses from his composition Tirumantiram are recited for Lord Shiva. Many great sages like Appar, Sambandar, Sundarar and Manikkavasagar have mentioned Ujjain, Kedarnath and Gaurikund. With the blessings of the people, today I am the MP of Kashi, the city of Mahadev; so I will also tell you a few things about Kashi. Swami Kumaragurupara of Dharmapuram Aadheenam had gone to Kashi from Tamil Nadu. He established the Kedareshwar temple at Kedar Ghat in Banaras. Kashi Mutt in Thiruppanandal, Tamil Nadu is also named after Kashi. I have also come to know an interesting information about this mutt. It is believed that the Kashi Mutt of Thiruppanandal used to provide banking services to the pilgrims. After depositing money in the Kashi Mutt of Tamil Nadu, a pilgrim could withdraw the money by showing the certificate in Kashi. In this way, the followers of Shaiva Siddhanta not only propagated Shaivism but also brought us closer to each other.


Respected seers,

It is because of the crucial role played by the great and divine tradition like Aadheenam that even after hundreds of years of slavery, the culture of Tamil Nadu is still vibrant and prosperous. Sages have definitely kept this tradition alive, but at the same time the credit goes to all the exploited and the deprived who protected it and carried it forward. All your institutions hold a glorious history in terms of contribution to the nation. Now is the time to further carry that history forward, be inspired by it, and work for the generations to come.

Respected seers,

The country has set some goals for the next 25 years. Our aim is to build a strong, self-reliant and inclusive developed India by the time we complete 100 years of independence. Crores and crores of countrymen have become reacquainted with your significant role in 1947. Today, as the country is moving ahead with the massive goals for 2047, your role has become even more important. Your organizations have always embodied the values of service. You have presented a great example of connecting people with each other and creating a sense of equality among them. The more united India is, the stronger it will be. That's why those who create obstacles in the way of our progress will pose various challenges. Those who hinder India's progress will first of all try to break our unity. But I am sure that with the strength of spirituality and social service that the country is getting from your institutions, we will face every challenge. Once again, I believe that I am fortunate that you have come here and blessed me. So, I once again express my heartfelt gratitude to all of you and I salute you all. You all have come here at the inauguration of the new Parliament House and blessed us. We all feel extremely fortunate and therefore I can't thank you enough for the same. Once again, I salute you all.

Om Namah Shivay!



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