India of 21st century is moving ahead with full confidence in its youth: PM

Published By : Admin | August 25, 2022 | 20:01 IST
“You innovators are the flag bearers of the slogan of 'Jai Anusandhan'”
“Your innovative mindset will take India to the top in next 25 years”
“India’s aspirational society will work as a driving force for innovation in the coming 25 years”
“Talent Revolution is happening in India today”
“Research and innovation must be transformed from the way of working to the way of living”
“Indian innovations always provide the most competitive, affordable, sustainable, secured and at scale solutions”
“India of the 21st century is moving ahead with full confidence in its youth”

Young friends,

I really enjoyed meeting and interacting with all the innovators like you. The new subjects that you touch upon, your innovation and the confidence with which you do your work become an inspiration for many people like me to do something new. In a way, you become the source of inspiration. So, I want to congratulate you from the bottom of my heart!

Smart India Hackathon has become a great example of public participation. And friends, this year's Smart India Hackathon is very important in many ways. A few days back, we completed 75 years of independence. The country is working on major resolutions about how our country will be after 100 years of independence. For the accomplishment of these resolutions, you innovators are the flag bearers of the slogan 'Jai Anusandhan'.

This 25 year time period of 'Amritkaal' has brought unprecedented possibilities for you. These possibilities and resolutions are also directly related to your career growth. The success of youngsters like you in the next 25 years will decide the success of India. That's why I am very confident about all of you. India is proud of you. Your innovative mindset will take India to the top in the coming 25 years. There are solid reasons for my trust in all of you.


This time on 15th August, I have said from the ramparts of the Red Fort that a massive aspirational society is developing and expanding in India today. This Aspirational Society will work like a driving force in this 'Amritkaal'. Its expectations and the associated challenges will bring you many new opportunities.


All of you must have read in the early stages of your education that the Green Revolution happened in the 60-70s. The farmers of India showed their potential and made us self-reliant in terms of food. But you can see that in the last 7-8 years, the country is progressing rapidly by bringing revolutions one after the other.

There has been an Infrastructure Revolution in India today; Health Sector Revolution is happening in India today; Digital revolution is taking place in India today; Technology revolution is going on in India today. Similarly, the Talent revolution too is happening in India today. Be it the agriculture sector, the education sector or the defence sector, today the emphasis of the country is on modernizing every sector and to make every sector self-reliant. And that is why new opportunities are being created every day in India for the youth like you.

Drone technology, tele-consultation, digital institutions and virtual solutions have a great potential for you from service to manufacturing. Youngsters like you can work on innovative solutions to promote the use of drone technology in the agriculture and health sector. There is also a lot of potential in the way we make our irrigation equipment and the irrigation network smart.


Today, the work of laying optical fibre in every village of the country is going on at a rapid pace. You have also seen that now 5G is being launched in India. By the end of this decade, we are preparing to launch 6G. The government is also encouraging Indian solutions in gaming and entertainment. The way the government is investing in all these new sectors and encouraging them, the youth must take advantage of it.

And friends, you must remember one more thing. There is a huge population in the world whose problems are similar to that of India. But there are limited opportunities for innovation and start-ups to deal with those problems. India's innovations provide the most competitive, affordable, sustainable, secure and large-scale implementation solutions in the world. That's why the world's hopes are pinned on India and on the youth like you.


In today's programme, we have with us the stalwarts and policy makers of the education sector. To expand the culture of innovation in India, we have to pay constant attention to two things - Social support and institutional support. Today change is visible in society in terms of innovation and enterprise. Apart from the traditional options of building a career, we have also started trying our hands in new areas. That is, the acceptance of innovation as a profession in society is rising. In such a situation, we must give acceptance and respect to new ideas and original thinking. Research and innovation have to be done from 'way of working' to 'way of living'.


The government is relentlessly working to increase institutional support in the direction of research and innovation. The new National Education Policy has a roadmap to build a strong foundation for innovation. Atal Tinkering Labs, being set up under the Atal Incubation Mission, is grooming a new generation of innovators in schools. Organizations like i-Create are also working successfully in the country, which have supported more than 500 startups so far.


The India of the 21st century is moving ahead with full confidence in its youth. As a result, today India's ranking in the 'innovation index' has improved. The number of patents has increased 7 times in the last 8 years. The unicorn count has also crossed 100. We do not believe that only the government has the solution to the problems. You see, I have brought the government to you. The youngsters like you must provide solutions to these problems of the government. I completely understand your potential. Today's young generation is coming forward with faster and smarter solutions.

One of the motives behind organizing this Hackathon is that my young friends who have come here from all over the country must try to understand the problem, the causes of the problem and also find a way to get rid of the problem that the government wants to solve. This spirit of collaboration between students, government and private organizations and this spirit of everyone's efforts is essential for building a developed India.


I am sure all of you will keep these things in mind and will continue to ignite this lamp of innovation like this. I assure you that your hard work and efforts will receive the continual support of the government. The government stands with you at every step.

Well you all have so much to say. You have spent hours on brainstorming ideas. Listening to you helps me to learn a lot. Many of you have various ideas but I couldn't hear everyone. I could hear only a few youngsters who spoke as representatives. Those who have not spoken, even their work is no less and their efforts are no less. And I assure you, I will take the briefing of that through the department. And I will try to understand what you all have done. It would have been better if we had a little more time then I would have talked to you too. But the work of those who have not spoken is equally important.

I once again congratulate all of you youngsters from the bottom of my heart. I hope we will continue to move forward in this campaign of ensuring the welfare of the people by standing with the government in this work of the government. I wish you all the best.

Thanks a lot !

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