We need to follow a new mantra - all those who have come in contact with an infected person should be traced and tested within 72 hours: PM
80% of active cases are from 10 states, if the virus is defeated here, the entire country will emerge victorious: PM
The target of bringing down the fatality rate below 1% can be achieved soon: PM
It has emerged from the discussion that there is an urgent need to ramp up testing in Bihar, Gujarat, UP, West Bengal, and Telangana: PM
Containment, contact tracing, and surveillance are the most effective weapons in this battle: PM
PM recounts the experience of Home Minister in preparing a roadmap for successfully tackling the pandemic together with Delhi and nearby states

Holding discussions with all of you, tells us about the ground situation in a more comprehensive manner, and it also shows that we are moving in the right direction! It is also important to constantly meet, discuss, because as the days are passing amid the corona pandemic, new circumstances are also arising!
Every day we are faced with new challenges such as growing pressure on hospitals and our health care workers and lack of continuity in day to day work. I am glad that every state is fighting a battle against the pandemic on its own level, and whether it is the Central Government or the State Government, we feel that we are able to work continuously as a team with this team spirit. And this team spirit has succeeded in bringing about results. It is a great thing for everyone to have worked together in this way during such a major crisis.

Hon'ble Chief Ministers,
Today 80 per cent of the active cases are in these 10 states. And so the role of all these states in the fight against Corona becomes huge. Today, there are more than 6 lakh active cases in the country, and most of these cases are in these ten states! That is why it was necessary that these ten states sat together to review and discuss the situation. Everyone should know the new initiatives and best practices being adopted by these states and learn from each other's experiences as every state is making efforts in its own way. And from today’s discussion we have learnt a lot from each other. It has been realized that if we together defeat Corona in these ten states, the country too will win!

The number of tests conducted per day has reached 7 lakhs, and is being scaled up continuously. Today, we are a witness to the results that are helping to identify and prevent the infection. The average fatality rate in our country was very low compared to the world, even before; and it is a matter of great satisfaction that it is constantly decreasing! The percentage of active cases has decreased; the recovery rate is constantly increasing and improving. So this means that our efforts are proving effective! The most important thing is that it has increased confidence among the people and the atmosphere of fear is also fading.

And as we continue to scale up our testing, our success will be even greater! And if we try a little more with a greater focus to bring the death rate below 1 per cent, we can achieve that goal too. Now, we have a lot of clarity about what we have to do next and how to proceed. And in a way it has reached the grassroots level to everyone as to what to do, how to do, when to do and so on. We have been able to spread this message to every citizen of India!
Now see, in states where the testing rate is low, and where the positivity rate is high, there is a need to increase the testing. Our discussion has revealed that a special emphasis on testing is required particularly in Bihar, Gujarat, UP, West Bengal and Telangana!

Our experience so far shows that the most effective weapon against Corona is the containment, contact tracing and surveillance! Now the public is also realising this and they are also fully cooperating. With our efforts in raising the awareness levels, we have moved towards achieving good results. This is the reason why the system of home quarantine is being implemented so well today.

Experts are now saying that if we identify cases within 72 hours of the onset, then this infection slows down to a great extent. And so my earnest urge is that we should continue with the rules of washing hands, social distancing, and masks. We should not spit anywhere. Besides, we also have to spread a new mantra among the governments, government systems, Corona Warriors and the people. And that mantra is, whoever is infected with Coronavirus, within 72 hours, all close contacts of that person should get traced and tested for corona. And all the necessary arrangements should be in place for the same. If we are emphasizing on this 72-hour formula, then all the rest of the things must also be done within 72 hours.

Today apart from the testing network, we also have the Aarogya Setu app. If one team regularly analyzes with the help of the Aarogya Setu, then we can easily find out from which area the maximum complaints are coming. We noticed that there was a period when some districts of Haryana, some districts of Uttar Pradesh and Delhi were a great cause of concern. The government also announced in Delhi that a big impending crisis would arise. So, I had a review meeting and formed a team under the leadership of our Home Minister Mr. Amit Shah ji and took a fresh approach. We received the desired results even in those five districts and in the city of Delhi to a great extent.

I understand that howsoever difficult a situation may look like, if we move forward in a systematic way, then we can turn things in our favour in a week or 10 days; and we have experienced this. The central points for this strategy have been: completely isolating containment zones, creating micro containment wherever required, 100 per cent screening of high risk people like rickshaw-pullers, auto-rickshaw drivers and domestic workers. Today the result of these efforts is in front of us! Efforts like better management in Hospitals and increasing the number of ICU beds have also helped a lot!

The most effective experience is that of yours! By continuously monitoring the ground reality in your states, the path of success is being created! Your experiences are helping us a lot to achieve whatever we have been able to do today. I am confident that with the strength of this experience, the country will win this battle completely, and it will usher in a new beginning! If you have any other suggestions, any advice, then as always I am available to you all the time! You must tell me. All the officials of the government were also present today. So I assure you that the things that you have mentioned and have shown concern for, the team will attend to them immediately. But we know that during this period, from Sawan to Diwali, the risk of some other diseases also increases. We also have to manage those diseases. But I believe that the goal of bringing the death rate below one per cent and increasing the recovery rate rapidly by reaching all the contact persons in 72 hours can be done. If we focus on these aspects and mantras, then our 10 states, which have 80 per cent of the cases, 82 per cent of the deaths can reverse this situation. The 10 states together can make India victorious and I am confident that we will be able to do this. I once again thank you for taking time out. Despite the lack of time, you have raised your concerns very well.

Thank you very much!


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