“Today’s spectacle of enthusiasm and commitment shown by the people of Jammu & Kashmir towards yoga will be immortalized”
“Yoga should come naturally and become an instinctive part of life”
“Meditation is a great tool for self-improvement”
“Yoga is as important, applicable and powerful for the self as it is for society”


Today, this sight is one that will remain immortal in the minds of the entire world. If it hadn't rained, maybe it wouldn't have attracted as much attention as it has despite the rain. And when it rains in Srinagar, the cold also increases. I had to wear a sweater myself. You people are from here, you are accustomed to it, and it is not a matter of inconvenience for you. However, due to the rain, there was a slight delay, and we had to split it into two or three parts. Despite that, the world community understands the importance of yoga for self and society, and how yoga can become a natural part of life. Just as brushing your teeth and combing your hair become regular routines, when yoga integrates into life with the same ease, it provides benefits every moment.

Sometimes, when it comes to meditation, which is a part of yoga, most people think it is a great spiritual journey. They think it is regarding attaining Allah, God, or having a divine vision. And then there are some people who feel, "Oh, I can't do this, it's beyond my capability," and they stop. But if we understand meditation in simple terms, it is about concentration. Just like in school, our teachers often told us to pay attention, watch carefully, and listen carefully. “Where is your attention?” They would tell us repeatedly. This meditation is a subject related to our concentration, how much focus we have on things, how focused our mind is.

You may have seen that many people develop techniques to enhance memory. They also teach those techniques. Those who follow these techniques properly gradually increase their memory power. Similarly, the habit of focusing on any task, concentrating, and working in a focused manner gives the best results, leads to self-development, and provides maximum satisfaction with minimum fatigue.

When the mind wanders to 10 things while doing one task, it causes fatigue. Therefore, (you should) concentrate on meditation. Leave aside the spiritual journey for now, that can come later. Currently, yoga is a part of training yourself to concentrate and focus in your personal life. If you connect with it simply, I am sure, friends, you will benefit greatly, and it will become a strong aspect of your development journey.

Thus, yoga is as necessary and useful for the self, providing strength, and it benefits society as well. When society benefits, humanity benefits, and people in every corner of the world benefit.

Just two days ago, I saw a video where Egypt organized a competition. They awarded the best yoga photo or video taken at iconic tourism centres. The pictures I saw were of Egyptian sons and daughters practising yoga poses near iconic pyramids. It was so captivating. For Kashmir, this can become a significant source of employment for people. It can become a major attraction for tourism.

So, I felt very good today. Despite the cold and the weather posing challenges, you all persevered. I saw many girls using their yoga mats to protect themselves from the rain but they didn't leave, they stayed put. This is a great comfort in itself.

I congratulate you all and wish you the very best.

Thank You.


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