Sardar Patel lives in the heart of every Indian: PM Modi

Published By : Admin | October 31, 2021 | 09:41 IST
“Sardar Patel is not just a historical figure but lives in the heart of every countryman”
“This land mass where 130 crore Indian live is an integral part of our soul, dreams and aspirations,”
“Sardar Patel wanted a strong, inclusive, sensitive and alert India”
“Inspired by Sardar Patel, India is becoming fully capable of meeting external and internal challenges”
“Country’s resolve and capabilities in Water, sky, land and space are unprecedented and the nation has started moving on the path of new mission of Aatmnirbharta”
“This ‘Azadi ka Amrit Kaal’ is of unprecedented growth, achieving difficult goals and building India of Sardar Saheb’s dreams”
“If along with government, people’s ‘Gatishakti’ is also leveraged, nothing is impossible”


Many best wishes to all the countrymen on National Unity Day! Today the nation is paying its tribute to national hero Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel, who dedicated every moment of his life for ‘Ek Bharat, Shreshtha Bharat’ (One India, Supreme India).

Sardar Patel ji is not just a historical figure but lives in the heart of our countrymen. Today, our energetic friends, who are moving forward with the message of unity across the country, are a symbol of seamless devotion towards the integrity of India. We can see this spirit in the National Unity Parade being held across the country and at the events being held at the Statue of Unity.


India is not just a geographical unit but a nation full of ideals, concepts, liberal standards of civilization and culture. The land mass on which more than 130 crore Indians live is an integral part of our soul, dreams and aspirations. The strong foundation of democracy, which has developed in India's society and traditions over hundreds of years, has enriched the spirit of ‘One India’. But we also have to remember that every person sitting in the boat has to take care of the boat. If we remain united, only then will we be able to move forward, only then will the country be able to achieve its goals.


Sardar Patel always wanted a strong, inclusive, sensitive, alert, humble and developed India. He always put the interest of the country first. Under his inspiration, India is becoming fully capable of dealing with all kinds of challenges, both external and internal. In the last seven years, the country has got rid of the decades-old archaic laws and has given new heights to the ideals that cherish national unity. Be it Jammu and Kashmir, North East or any village in distant Himalayas, today all are progressing on the path of development. The construction of modern infrastructure in the country is removing the geographical and cultural distances in the country. If the people of the country have to think a hundred times before moving from one part to another, then how will it work? When there will be ease of reaching every nook and corner of the country, then the distance of hearts between people will also be bridged and the unity of the country will strengthen. Strengthening this spirit of ‘Ek Bharat Shreshtha Bharat’, a great ‘mahayagya’ of social, economic and constitutional integration is happening in the country. India's capability and determination on every front, water-land-sky-space, is unprecedented. India has embarked on a new mission of self-reliance to safeguard its interests.

And friends,

At such times, we must remember the words of Sardar Sahib. He said:

''By common endeavour, we can raise the countryto a new greatness,while a lack of unity will expose us to fresh calamities.''

Where the lack of unity brings new crises, the collective effort of everyone takes the country to new heights. The efforts made by everyone in building a free India are going to be more relevant in this virtuous era of independence than they were then. This virtuous era of freedom is of unprecedented pace of development and achieving difficult goals. It is the building of New India according to the dreams of Sardar Saheb.


Sardar Saheb used to see our country as a body, as a living entity. His vision of 'Ek Bharat' (One India) also meant that everyone had equal opportunities and had the right to dream the same ambition. Many decades ago, the strength of their movements in that period also was the involvement of the collective energy of men and women, every class, every sect. So, today when we talk of ‘One India’, what should be the character of that ‘One India? The character of ‘One India’ should be an India whose women have more than one opportunity! An India, where Dalits, deprived, tribals and forest dwellers and every citizen of the country should feel equal! An India, where there is no discrimination in facilities like house, electricity, water, and there should be equal rights!

This is what the country is doing today. It is setting new goals in this direction. And all this is happening because today 'SabkaPrayas' (everyone’s effort) is attached to every resolution of the country.


We have also seen the outcome of the collective efforts during the country’s fight against Corona.From new Covid hospitals to ventilators, from manufacturing essential medicines to crossing the milestone of 100 crore vaccine doses, this has been possible only because of the efforts of every Indian, every government and every industry. We now have to make this spirit of ‘SabkaPrayas’ (everyone's effort) the basis of the pace of development, to make a self-reliant India. More recently, the collective power of government departments has been brought on a single platform in the form of the PM GatiShakti National Master Plan. The combined result of several reforms undertaken over the years has made India an attractive investment destination.

Brothers and sisters,

Everything is possible and it is not difficult to achieve the biggest of resolutions if the dynamism of the society binds with the government. Therefore, it is important that whenever we do something, we must think about how it will affect our broader national goals. Like a youth studying in a school or college can take up the challenge of a new innovation in any sector.Success and failure does not matter, but effort is very important. Similarly, when we do the shopping in the market, we must also see whether we are supporting the cause of the AatmaNirbhar Bharat or we are doing the opposite. Indian industry can also set targets for dependence on foreign raw materials or components. Our farmers can also strengthen their participation in AatmaNirbhar Bharat by adopting new farming and new crops according to the needs of the country. Our cooperative institutions should also strengthen the small farmers of the country.The more we focus on our small farmers and come forward for their betterment; we will be able to create a new trust even in the farthest places of the villages. And we will have to come forward to take a resolution in that direction.


These things may seem ordinary, but their results will be unprecedented. Over the years, we have seen how people's participation has strengthened the nation even in small matters like cleanliness. As a citizen, when we moved ahead as ‘One India’, we also got success and we also contributed to the supremacy of India. You should always remember that even the smallest work is significant if there is a good spirit behind it. The joy that is there in serving the country cannot be described in words. Our every effort for the integrity and unity of the country while fulfilling our civic duties is a true tribute to Sardar Patel ji. With the wish that we move forward, give new heights to the unity and excellence of the country by taking inspiration from our achievements, many congratulations to all of you again on National Unity Day.


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