Lays foundation stone and dedicates to nation multiple development projects worth about Rs 17,000 crore across Madhya Pradesh in sectors of irrigation, power, road, rail, water supply, coal and industry
Launches Cyber Tehsil project in Madhya Pradesh
“Double engine government of Madhya Pradesh is committed to the welfare of the people”
“India will develop only when its states develop”
“Vikramaditya Vedic Clock in Ujjain will become witness to the ‘kaal chakra’ when India is on the path to becoming a developed nation”
“Double engine government is carrying out development work with double speed”
“Government is laying great emphasis on making villages aatmanirbhar”
“We are witnessing a revolution in Madhya Pradesh’s irrigation sector”
“In the last 10 years, India's reputation has increased a lot in the whole world”
“Youth’s dreams are Modi’s resolution”


In the ‘Viksit Rajya Se Viksit Bharat’ (from developed state to developed India) campaign, today we are connected with our brothers and sisters from Madhya Pradesh. Before I discuss further, I express my sorrow over the Dindori road accident. My sympathies are with those who have lost their loved ones in this accident. The government is providing treatment of those injured. In this moment of sorrow, I am with the people of Madhya Pradesh.


Now, lakhs of friends are present on every Lok Sabha and Legislative Assembly seat in MP, with the resolve of a ‘Viksit Madhya Pradesh’ (Developed Madhya Pradesh). Over the past few days, different states of the country have also pledged to develop similarly. Bharat will only develop when the states develop. Today, Madhya Pradesh is joining this ‘Sankalp Yatra’ (journey of resolve). I congratulate you all.


A 9-day Vikramotsav is going to begin in MP from tomorrow. This is a celebration of our glorious heritage and present development. The evidence of how our government moves forward with both ‘Virasat’ (heritage) and ‘Vikas’ (development) can also be seen in the Vedic clock installed in Ujjain. The city of Baba Mahakal was once the centre for time calculation for the whole world. But that importance was buried. Now we have reinstated the world's first "Vikramaditya Vedic Clock." This is not just an occasion to remember our prosperous past, but it is also going to witness the turning of the wheel of time that will make Bharat developed.


Today, all the Lok Sabha seats in MP have got approximately 17,000 crore rupees worth of development projects. These include projects for drinking water and irrigation. They encompass projects related to electricity, roads, railways, sports facilities, community centres, and other industries. Just a few days ago, work began on the modernization of more than 30 railway stations in MP. The double-engine BJP government is propelling development at double speed. These projects will make life easier for the people of MP, creating new opportunities for investment and employment. Congratulations to all of you for these projects.


Today, one thing is being heard everywhere -- 'Abki baar, 400 paar, Abki baar, 400 paar (This time, beyond 400 seats)!' This is the first time when the people themselves have raised such a slogan for the return of their favourite government. This slogan is not given by the BJP but by the people of the country. It showcases the immense confidence of the nation in Modi's guarantees.

But friends,

The goal for us is not just to form the government for the third time. We are contesting elections for the third time to make the country the third largest economic power. Forming the government is not our ultimate goal; for us, forming the government is a means to build the nation. We see this in Madhya Pradesh as well. You have been giving us opportunities continuously for the past two decades. Even today, you have seen the enthusiasm and excitement for development in the last few months since the new government was formed. And right now, as I look at the screen in front of me, I see people everywhere. This program being held through video conference with more than 15 lakh people participating at over 200 locations is not ordinary. Seeing the enthusiasm, excitement, and zeal, I salute the love of the brothers of Madhya Pradesh once again and offer my respects to your blessings.


The double-engine government is laying great emphasis to agriculture, industry, and tourism for the ‘Viksit Madhya Pradesh’. Today, the groundbreaking ceremony of three water projects on the river Narmada has taken place. These projects will not only solve the problem of drinking water but also provide irrigation to tribal areas. We are witnessing a new revolution in the field of irrigation in Madhya Pradesh. The Ken-Betwa Link Project is going to change the lives of millions of families in Bundelkhand. What greater service can it be when water reaches the farmer's fields? The difference between the BJP government and the Congress government is evident in projects like irrigation. In the 10 years before 2014, about 40 lakh hectares of land in the country was brought under micro-irrigation. However, in our last 10 years of rule, this has doubled, with nearly 90 lakh hectares of farming land being connected with micro-irrigation. This shows the priority of the BJP government. It shows that the BJP government means both speed and progress.


Another major concern for small farmers has been the shortage of storage facilities. As a result, small farmers were forced to sell their produce at throwaway prices. Now we are working on the world's largest scheme related to storage. Thousands of large warehouses will be built across the country in the near future. This will create storage capacity for 700 lakh metric tons of grains in the country. The government is planning to spend more than 1.25 lakh crore rupees on this project.


Our government is putting significant emphasis on making villages self-reliant. The cooperatives are being expanded for this purpose. So far, we have seen the benefits of cooperatives in the dairy and sugarcane sectors. The BJP government is emphasising cooperatives in every sector, including grains, fruits and vegetables, fish, and more. For this purpose, cooperative societies and institutions are being formed in lakhs of villages. The endeavour is to increase the income of villages through farming, animal husbandry, beekeeping, poultry farming, fish farming, and all other means.


In the past, another major issue in the development of villages was the numerous disputes over village land and property. Villagers had to run around tehsils for minor tasks related to land. Now, our double-engine government is providing permanent solutions to such problems through the PM Svamitva Yojana. Madhya Pradesh is doing very well under the Svamitva Yojana. Hundred per cent of the villages in Madhya Pradesh have been surveyed through drones. Over 20 lakh Svamitva (ownership) cards have already been issued. These legal documents for village homes will protect the poor from various disputes. Saving the poor from every adversity is Modi's guarantee. Today, the Cyber Tehsil program is being expanded in all 55 districts of Madhya Pradesh. Now, the resolution of cases related to transfer and registry will be done digitally. This will save time and expenses for rural families.


The youth of Madhya Pradesh aspire for the state to become a leading industrial hub in the country. To every youth, especially the first-time voter, I would say that the BJP government is leaving no stone unturned in creating new opportunities for you. Your dreams are Modi's resolve. Madhya Pradesh will become a strong pillar of ‘Aatmanirbhar Bharat’ (self-reliant India) and Make in India. Initiatives like the Mega Leather and Footwear Cluster in Sitapur in Morena, the park for readymade garment industry in Indore, expansion of industrial parks in Mandsaur, and the construction of a new industrial park in Dhar are steps in this direction. Congress governments had destroyed our traditional strength in manufacturing. We had a great tradition of toy-making here. However, until a few years ago, our markets and homes were filled with foreign toys. We have helped our traditional companions, the Vishwakarma families involved in toy-making. Today, the import of toys from abroad has reduced significantly. In fact, we are exporting more toys than we used to import. There are also many opportunities for our toy-making companions in Budhni. The projects that have been launched today in Budhni will strengthen toy manufacturing.

Brothers and sisters,

Modi takes care of those whose care nobody takes. The responsibility of promoting the hard work of our traditional companions in the country has now been taken up by Modi. I am promoting your art and skills in the country and around the world, and will continue to do so. When I give handmade products made by cottage industries to foreign guests as gifts, I make every effort to promote you as well. When I talk about being vocal for local, I am reaching out to every home for a bright future for you.


Bharat’s stature has grown significantly worldwide in the past 10 years. Today, countries around the world prefer to be friends with Bharat. Any Indian who goes abroad receives a lot of respect. The direct benefit of Bharat’s increased stature is seen in investment and tourism. Today, more and more people want to come to Bharat. When they come to Bharat, it is very natural for them to come to MP because MP is unique, MP is amazing. In recent years, there has been a significant increase in the number of devotees in Omkareshwar and Mamleshwar. With the development of an ‘Ekatm Dham’ in memory of Guru Shankaracharya in Omkareshwar, these numbers will continue to increase. The Simhastha Kumbh Mela is also going to be held in Ujjain in 2028. The construction of a 4-lane road from Indore's Ichhapur to Omkareshwar will provide more convenience to the devotees. The inauguration of railway projects today will also strengthen Madhya Pradesh's connectivity. When connectivity improves, it benefits everyone, whether it's agriculture, tourism, or industry.


Over the past 10 years, we have witnessed the empowerment of our women. Modi had guaranteed that he would make sincere efforts to alleviate every inconvenience and hardship from the lives of mothers and sisters. I have endeavoured to fulfil this guarantee with complete honesty. However, the next 5 years will witness unprecedented empowerment of our sisters and daughters. In the next 5 years, many ‘Lakhpati Didis’ will emerge in every village. In the next 5 years, the village sisters will become pioneers of a new revolution in agriculture by becoming 'Namo Drone Didis'. In the next 5 years, there will be unprecedented improvement in the economic condition of our sisters. Recently, a report has come out stating that the work done for the welfare of the poor in the last 10 years has resulted in a rapid increase in the income of poor families in villages. According to the report, income in villages is increasing at a faster rate compared to cities. In the last 10 years, 250 million people have come out of poverty. This means that the BJP government is working in the right direction. I have full faith that Madhya Pradesh will continue to achieve new heights of development at a rapid pace. Once again, I congratulate all of you on the development projects. And today you have made history by participating in such a large number in the video conference program. I thank all the brothers and sisters from the bottom of my heart.


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