PM Modi dedicates Garjanbahal coal mines and the Jharsuguda-Barapali-Sardega rail link to the nation
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Present here on the dais, Governor of Odisha Professor GaneshiLalJi, Chief Minister of the State and my friend Shriman Naveen PatnaikJi, my colleague in the Union council of Ministers ShrimanJualOramJi, Shri Dharmendra Pradhan Ji, my colleague in the Parliament Shri SatpatiJi and Member of Legislative Assembly of this area Braj Kishore Pradhan Ji and my dear brothers and sisters;

Since I am going to address a huge public gathering after this programme therefore I would not like to speak in detail about this plant and would briefly express my happiness on this auspicious occasion. I covey my best widhes to all those who worked to compleate this task in tiem.

In a way, I am fortunate to get the opportunity to revive this fetiliser plant. The people area dreamed a dream several decades ago which did not materialise for some reasons. They gave up hope that the plant will ever be revived.

However, we made a solemn pledge to take the country to new heights of development with new energy and new momentum. As such, we took up many big projects and schemes and took many initiatives to materialise which new energy, new momentum and strong resolve were needed. And the result is before you here today the revival this plant at a cost of nearly Rs. 13,000 crore.

It is a completely new technology for India. Not only this region but the entire country is going to get a new direction through this technology of gasification of coal available in this region. With the use of this technology the country will be free from importing gas and fertiliser from abroad and it will also save money.

The revival of the plant will generate huge employment opportunities for the youth of this region. Nearly 4,500 people will be associated with this project and there will be additional benefits due to creation of a lot of facilities that will be developed in the surroundings of this project.

How the direction of development can be changed- if the policy is clear and the intention is good only then sound decisions can be taken. We keep hearing about Navratnas, Maharatnas and Ratnas. Some times there are good news and some times there are bad news also. When all such jewels come together to take the responsibility this project will go ahead. The expertise of each one of them, funding from each one of them will go into the revival of this project and it will meet not only the needs of of the people of Odisha but also of farmers of the whole country.

I am told that it will take 36 months to start production in this plant. I keep visiting to this kind of projects and I ask for the date of production so I was told that it would be 36 months from now. I assure you that I will again come here after 36 months to inaugurate this project. With this confidence, I conclude my speech while once again expressing my heartfelt gratitude to Mr. Chief Minister.

Thank you very much.

Modi Govt's #7YearsOfSeva
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MoS Dr. Jitendra Singh’s Statement after meeting with the political parties of Jammu-Kashmir under the leadership of the Hon'ble Prime Minister
June 24, 2021

A discussion with the political parties of Jammu-Kashmir under the leadership of the Hon'ble Prime Minister has just ended. This has been a very positive effort towards the development and strengthening of democracy in Jammu-Kashmir. The meeting took place in a very cordial atmosphere. All the participants expressed their full allegiance to the democracy of India and the Constitution of India.

The Home Minister apprised all the leaders of the improvement in the situation in Jammu-Kashmir.

The Prime Minister listened to every party’s arguments and suggestions with all seriousness and he appreciated the fact that all the people's representatives shared their point of view with an open mind. The Prime Minister laid special emphasis on two important issues in the meeting. He said that we all have to work together to take democracy to the grassroots in Jammu-Kashmir. Secondly, there should be all-round development in Jammu-Kashmir and development should reach every region and every community. It is necessary that there should be an atmosphere of cooperation and public participation.

Hon'ble Prime Minister also pointed out that elections to Panchayati Raj and other local bodies have been successfully held in Jammu-Kashmir. There is improvement in the security situation. About 12,000 crore rupees have directly reached the panchayats after the conclusion of elections. This has accelerated the pace of development in the villages.

The Prime Minister said that we have to approach the next important step related to the democratic process in Jammu-Kashmir i.e. assembly elections. The process of delimitation has to be completed expeditiously so that every region and every section gets adequate political representation in the assembly. It is necessary to give a proper representation to the Dalits, backwards and people living in tribal areas.

There was a detailed discussion in the meeting regarding the participation of everybody in the process of delimitation. All the parties present in the meeting have agreed to participate in this process.

The Prime Minister also emphasized the cooperation of all the stakeholders to take Jammu-Kashmir on the path of peace and prosperity. He said that Jammu-Kashmir is moving out of the vicious circle of violence and moving towards stability. New hope and new confidence have emerged among the people of Jammu-Kashmir.

The PM also said that we will have to work day and night to strengthen this trust and work together to improve this confidence. Today's meeting is an important step for strengthening the democracy and the development and prosperity of Jammu-Kashmir. I thank all the political parties for attending today's meeting.