“The experience you have gained in the last 25 days is a great asset for your sporting career”
“Important for development of any society that sports and players get the opportunity to flourish there”
“Entire country is thinking like the players today, putting the nation first”
“Many famous sporting talents in today’s world hail from small towns”
“Sansad Khel Pratiyogita is a great medium to unearth talented individuals and hone their skills for the nation”

Greetings to my dear family members in Amethi! It's very special for me to be among you at the conclusion of the Amethi Sansad Khel-Kood Pratiyogita in Amethi. This month is auspicious for sports in our country. Our athletes have scored a century of medals in the Asian Games. Even among these sports events, the athletes from Amethi have showcased their talent. I congratulate all the athletes who participated in the Sansad Khel-Kood Pratiyogita. You must be feeling the new energy and confidence that this competition has provided, and not just you, but people across the region are likely feeling it too, and just hearing about it makes me feel it too. We need to maintain and nurture this enthusiasm and self-confidence, water it, and let it grow. The experiences you've had in the past 25 days are a significant asset to your sporting career. Today, I congratulate everyone who played a role as a teacher, invigilator, school and college representative, and has supported and encouraged these young athletes through this grand campaign. The gathering of more than one lakh athletes, especially in such a small area, is a remarkable achievement in itself. I extend special wishes to Amethi's Member of Parliament, Smriti Irani ji, who has made this event so successful.


It is crucial for the development of any society that there is a growth in sports, providing opportunities for both games and athletes to flourish. The values of hard work to achieve goals, persevering after a loss, advancing with the team, and the development of personality—all these emotions are easily nurtured in the youth through sports. Hundreds of BJP MPs have paved the way for the development of society and the country by organizing sports competitions in their respective areas. The results of these efforts will undoubtedly become evident in the coming years for the nation. I have full faith that the young athletes of Amethi will also win medals at the national and international levels in the coming years. The experience gained from this competition will be extremely valuable in achieving that.


When a player steps onto the field, their only goal is to make themselves and their team victorious. Today, the entire country is thinking like athletes. When athletes play, they prioritize the nation first. At that moment, risking everything, they play for the country. At this time, the country is also moving forward with a big goal. The role of every citizen in every district is crucial to make Bharat developed. For this, every region needs to move forward with one emotion, one goal, and one resolution. With this mindset, we are implementing schemes like the TOPS (Target Olympic Podium Scheme) and Khelo India Games for youth like you in the country. Today, hundreds of athletes are being provided training and coaching in the country and abroad under the TOPS scheme. These players are receiving financial assistance worth crores of rupees. Under the Khelo India Games, more than 3,000 athletes are receiving assistance of Rs 50,000 per month. This is helping them cover their training, diet, coaching, kits, essential equipment, and other expenses.

My dear family members,

In today's changing Bharat, there is an open opportunity for talent from small towns to come forward. If the name of Bharat is prominent in start-ups today, it's because small-town start-ups have played a significant role in that. Over the past few years, you must have seen many names that have excelled in the world of sports emerging from small towns. This is happening because youth are getting the chance to advance with complete transparency in Bharat today. Even athletes winning medals in the Asian Games are not necessarily from big cities. Many of them hail from small towns. Recognizing their talent, we have provided them with all possible facilities. The result of this is evident in the performances of athletes like Annu Rani and Parul Chaudhary from Uttar Pradesh, who have filled the entire nation with pride. This land has also given athletes like Sudha Singh to the country. We need to bring out and nurture such talents, helping them progress. The Sansad Khel Pratiyogita serves as a significant medium for this purpose.

My dear players,

I have full confidence that your hard work will bring success in the coming days. One of you will shine with the Tricolour flag on the world stage. May the youth of Amethi play and shine! With this wish, lots of good luck to all of you! Thank you very much.

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77వ స్వాతంత్ర్య దినోత్సవం సందర్భంగా ఎర్రకోట ప్రాకారాల నుండి ప్రధాన మంత్రి శ్రీ నరేంద్ర మోదీ ప్రసంగం పాఠం
India is a top-tier security partner, says Australia’s new national defence strategy

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India is a top-tier security partner, says Australia’s new national defence strategy
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PM Modi delivers a stirring address to an enthusiastic crowd at a public meeting in Aligarh, UP
April 22, 2024
Today, under Yogi ji's governance, peace reigns, and our sisters and daughters walk freely, without fear: PM Modi
Parties like Congress-SP always practised appeasement politics: PM Modi taking a jibe at the Opposition
BJP has pledged in its Sankalp Patra to establish special storage clusters for farmers: PM Modi at Aligarh rally
You hold the key to a better future and a Viksit Bharat: PM Modi at a public meeting in Aligarh

At the Aligarh event, Prime Minister Narendra Modi was greeted with love and admiration from all corners of Uttar Pradesh. He shared his transparent vision of a Viksit Uttar Pradesh and a Viksit Bharat with the crowd, reaffirming his commitment to serving every citizen of the country.

Initiating his spirited speech, the PM remarked, “When I first came to Aligarh, I asked you to lock away the factories of nepotism, corruption, and appeasement. You locked them so tight that even the two Shehzaades can't find the key. Today, I'm back to urge the people of Aligarh and Hathras. You hold the key to a better future and a Viksit Bharat. It's time to rid our country of poverty, corruption, and dynastic politics.”

Painting a vivid contrast, PM Modi highlighted the stark difference: "Once, bombs and shells rattled our borders daily, but now, all is calm. Terrorist attacks and serial blasts were routine, but not anymore. Under Article 370, separatists thrived in Jammu and Kashmir, but now they're silenced. Curfews were a daily ordeal in Aligarh, but not anymore. Under the SP government, riots, murders, and gang wars plagued us. Today, under Yogi ji's governance, peace reigns, and our sisters and daughters walk freely, without fear."

“Parties like Congress-SP always practised appeasement politics and never did anything for the political-social-economic upliftment of Muslims,” the PM added.

PM Modi enlightened the audience about several developmental initiatives aimed at uplifting various sections of society, PM Modi reflected that he had requested the Crown Prince of Saudi Arabia to increase the Haj quota. “Today, not only has India's Haj quota increased but visa rules have also been made easier. The government has also allowed women to go for Haj without Mehram,” the PM mentioned.

Taking a firm stand against the opposition and their selfish motives, PM Modi emphasized, “The INDI Alliance members are hopeless, unwilling to look towards the future. They question why I speak of a developed India or making us the third-largest economic power. All they care about is their family and power greed.”

“Today, I must warn the people of Aligarh and the nation about the dangerous intentions of the Congress and INDI Alliance. The Congress and its allies have set their sights on your hard-earned money and property. The Congress leader has openly declared that if they come to power, they will investigate everyone's earnings and property, even down to how much gold women possess, how many FDs employees have, and how much land farmers own. They plan to confiscate property and money as they see fit, based on a survey they conduct. This is akin to communist ideology, which has ruined many countries. Now, they want to implement this policy in India. They want to seize your hard-earned money and property. These family-oriented politicians have amassed vast fortunes by looting the people. They have never shared their wealth with the poor. Now, they have their eyes on the wealth of the people,” the PM exposed the harsh realities of the opposition.

Training his guns further at Congress, PM Modi asserted, “The Congress considers it its birthright to plunder the wealth of the people, loot the nation's assets. The Congress, which engaged in corruption in every defence purchase, could never have built a defence corridor here. But now, our Uttar Pradesh is now becoming a major hub of self-reliant India, a self-reliant army. Just a few days ago, we exported the first batch of BrahMos missiles to the Philippines. In the coming days, these lethal BrahMos missiles will also be manufactured in Uttar Pradesh.”

Stressing how the BJP is strengthening the power of every industry in the region, PM Modi remarked, “BJP is supporting the One District One Product initiative to boost your work. Whether it's the locks of Aligarh, the asafoetida of Hathras, metal industries, garment industries, or gulal industries, the BJP government is dedicated to bolstering every sector.”

PM Modi also spoke about several development schemes that empower both agriculture and farmers here, stating, “BJP has also pledged in its Sankalp Patra to establish special storage clusters for potato, tomato, and onion farmers, which will greatly benefit the farmers of Aligarh and Hathras.”

In his concluding remarks, PM Modi exhorted the people of Aligarh and Hathras, “Now, to build a developed India, we need a strong government in India. For this, you need to vote for the BJP, vote for the NDA. I have one more request for you. Go door-to-door, tell them that Modi ji has said, ‘First vote, and then refreshment’.