Bramha Kumari organization has always exceeded the expectations: PM Modi

Published By : Admin | May 10, 2023 | 19:02 IST
షేర్ చేయండి
Lays foundation stone for Super Speciality Charitable Global Hospital, second phase of Shivmani Old Age Home and extension of Nursing College
“This Amrit Kaal is Kartavya Kaal for every citizen of the country”
“The nation is undergoing the transformation of health facilities”
“When intentions are clear and there is a sense of social service, then resolutions are taken and also accomplished”
“The number of doctors produced in India in the next decade will be the same as the number of doctors produced in the last 7 decades after independence”
“Bramha Kumari organization has always exceeded the expectations”
“Brahma Kumaris should take forward new topics related to nation-building in an innovative way”

Om Shanti!

Respected Rajyogini Dadi Ratan Mohini ji, all senior members of Brahma Kumaris, and my dear brothers and sisters who have come from different parts of India to take part in this program!

It has been my good fortune that I get the opportunity to be among you several times. Whenever I come among you, I always relish a spiritual feeling. And this is the second time in the last few months that I have got the opportunity to attend the program of Brahma Kumaris. Earlier, you had invited me in February when you started the 'Jal Jan Abhiyan'. I then recalled in detail how my affinity has continued to grow with the Brahma Kumaris. It is all due to the blessings of God and also the affection of Rajyogini Dadi ji.

Today, the foundation stone of the Super Specialty Charitable Global Hospital has been laid here. Today the work related to expansion of Shivamani Homes and Nursing College has also started. I heartily congratulate the Brahma Kumaris organization and all its members for all these initiatives.


All the social and religious institutions of India have an important role in the ‘Amrit Kaal’ of independence. This ‘Amrit Kaal’ of independence is the period of duty for every citizen of the country. This period of duty means 100% discharge of our responsibility! And along with that, expansion of our thoughts and responsibilities in the interest of the country and the society! It implies that we also have to think what more we can do for our country while continuing to discharge our duties with full dedication.

All of you are like the inspiration for this period of duty. As a spiritual organization, Brahma Kumaris work to strengthen the moral values in the society. But at the same time, you are completely dedicated to social service, promotion of science, education and increasing social awareness. Your Global Hospital Research Centre in Mount Abu is indeed a great example. And I am told that this institute organises health camps and blood donation camps in the nearby villages. Now the Super Specialty Charitable Global Hospital will also help in improving health services in this region. All of you deserve congratulations for this humanitarian effort.


Today our entire country is experiencing a transformation of health facilities. For the first time in the last nine years, even the poorest of the poor in the country have realized that the country's hospitals are easily available for them too. And Ayushman Bharat Yojana has played a big role in this. Ayushman Bharat Yojana has opened the doors of not only government but also private hospitals for the poor.

You are also aware that the government bears the cost of treatment up to Rs 5 lakh under this scheme. More than four crore poor people of the country have benefited from this scheme. Had there been no Ayushman Bharat scheme, they would have had to spend Rs 80,000 crore from their own pockets for their treatment. Similarly, the poor and middle class people will save about 20,000 crore rupees due to the availability of affordable medicines at Jan Aushadhi Kendras.

And you can imagine the service you can do to the poor if our Brahmakumaris Sansthan units, which are spread in every village of the country, inform people about the government-run Jan Aushadhi Kendras where quality medicines are available at much cheaper price. The medicines which cost 100 rupees in the market are available in these centres for 10-15 rupees. You can imagine how much service will be done to the poor. Therefore, all our Brahma Kumars or Brahma Kumaris should create this awareness among the people that these Jan Aushadhi Kendras have been set up across the country. People who come in contact with you will always bless you.

For example, if there is an elderly person in a family who is suffering from diabetes, then the expenditure on medicines goes up to Rs.1200-1500- 2000. But if he takes medicine from Jan Aushadhi Kendra, then probably that expenditure will be reduced from Rs.1000-1500 to just Rs.100. It will be of great help in his life. You can take this message far and wide.


You have been engaged in the health sector for so many years. You are well aware that one of the challenges in the health sector has also been the shortage of doctors, nurses and other medical personnel. Unprecedented work has been done in the country to rectify this deficiency in the last nine years. On an average, one new medical college has opened every month in the last nine years. In the 10 years before 2014, less than 150 medical colleges were built.

More than 300 new medical colleges have come up in the country in the last nine years. There were around 50,000 MBBS seats in our country before 2014. Today the MBBS seats in the country have increased to more than one lakh. Before 2014, PG also had only around 30,000 seats. Now the number of PG seats has also increased to more than 65,000. When the intention is good and there is a sense of service to the society, then such resolutions are taken and realised also.


The major impact of the efforts that the Government of India is making in the health sector will be visible in the days to come. As many doctors were made in the country in seven decades after independence, the same number of doctors will be made in the next decade. And our focus is not just limited to medical colleges or doctors. Today itself, the expansion of Nursing College has started here.

The Government of India is also providing new opportunities to the youth in the field of nursing. Recently, the government has approved more than 150 new nursing colleges in the country. Under this campaign, more than 20 new nursing colleges will be built in Rajasthan as well. It will definitely benefit your Super Specialty Charitable Global Hospital as well


For thousands of years in India, our spiritual and religious institutions have taken care of everything from education to serving the poor and helpless in society. I have personally witnessed the loyalty and hard work of our sisters since the time of the Gujarat earthquake and even before that. I have seen very closely the way you work. I remember your sense of service during the Kutch earthquake; it is inspiring even today.

Similarly, be it your campaigns for de-addiction, environmental protection, or missions like Jal-Jan Abhiyan, Brahma Kumaris have shown how an organization can create a mass movement in every field. Particularly, whenever I come among you, you have never left any stone unturned in fulfilling my expectations for the country.

You have inspired many people to work for the nation by organising programs related to the ‘Amrit Mahotsav’ of Independence across the country, or yoga camps all over the world or when Didi Jankiji became the brand ambassador of Swachh Bharat Abhiyan and when all the sisters took charge of Swachh Bharat.

My faith in Brahma Kumaris has multiplied due to your initiatives. But, you know that when trust grows, so do the expectations. And therefore, it is natural that my expectations from you have also increased a bit. Today India is taking forward a global movement regarding ‘Shree Anna’ i.e. millets. Today we are taking forward campaigns like natural farming in the country. We have to make our rivers clean. We have to conserve ground water. All these subjects are such that they are somehow linked to our thousands of years old culture and traditions. Therefore, the more cooperation from you in these efforts, the more comprehensive will be the service to the nation.

I hope the Brahma Kumaris will take forward new issues related to nation building in an innovative way. We will realise the mantra of 'Sarve Bhavantu Sukhinaha' for the world by building a developed India. We also discussed the G-20 summit here now. When the world talks about women development, we are emphasising women-led development in the G-20 summit. We are working in the direction of women-led development. I have full faith that your organization, which is a widely spread organization, will expand itself with new power and potential by aligning with the country's priorities and will also help develop the nation.

With this wish, I thank all of you very much for inviting me here. I always try to be among you as much as I can, because I gain something or the other every time. Your blessings, inspiration and energy prompt me to work for the country and give me new strength. I thank you for giving me the opportunity to come here!

Om Shanti!


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He underlined that is not merely a legislation but a tribute to the countless women who have made our nation, and it is a historic step in a commitment to ensuring their voices are heard even more effectively.

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