On the issue of 'One Rank One Pension', the Congress kept the bravehearts of this place in trouble for decades, misled them, made them suffer a lot: PM Modi in Taranagar
Congress in Rajasthan is like a cricket team in which batsmen are working to run out each other, PM Modi slams Congress leaders at a public rally in Taranagar
If you choose BJP, we will throw out the team of corrupt people from Rajasthan, says PM Modi in a public meeting at Taranagar
At Jan Aushadhi centres, medicines are being given at a discount of 80%. A medicine worth Rs 100 is available at Rs 20: PM Modi in Jhunjhunu
PM Modi while addressing a public rally in Jhunjhunu, says, “In a public address, CM Gehlot accepted that his MLAs and candidates did not do any work in the last 5 years”

PM Modi, in his unwavering election campaign efforts ahead of the Rajasthan assembly election, addressed public meetings in Taranagar and Jhunjhunu. Observing a massive gathering, he exclaimed, “Jan-Jan Ki Yahi Pukar, Aa Rahi Bhajpa Sarkar”. PM Modi said, “Nowadays, the entire country is filled with the fervour of cricket. In cricket, a batsman comes and scores runs for his team. But among the Congress members, there is such a dispute that scoring runs is far-fetched; these people are engaged in getting each other run out. The Congress government spent five years getting each other run out.”

Furthermore, taking a blatant dig at the ruling party, PM Modi stated, “Those who are left are getting out by making inappropriate statements on women and other issues. And the rest are taking money, accepting bribes, fixing matches, and doing nothing. When their team is flawed, what runs will they score, and what work will they do?”

“If you choose BJP, we will get rid of all these corrupt people. BJP will quickly build a score of development. And victory will be only of Rajasthan,” he added.

Underscoring the significance of individual votes, PM Modi said, “Today, India is heading towards a new pinnacle. In every field, India is achieving new records and accomplishments. Soon, India is poised to become the world’s third-largest economic power. The credit for this success goes to you. It is the result of your decisions and your vote. The Congress, which engaged in corruption over 10 years, tarnished India’s image worldwide. You have ousted them.”

PM Modi lashed out at the Congress for giving a ticket to Rajasthan’s minister to contest the upcoming assembly election despite the derogatory remarks made by him in relation to incidents of rape in the state. He was referring to the Rajasthan minister’s remarks in which he linked ‘masculinity’ with cases of rape in the state.

Addressing a rally in Taranagar, he also referred to the ‘red diary’, saying it contains every black act of corruption by the Congress and to expose it, the BJP government will have to be formed in the state.

Condemning the Congress for its corruption, PM Modi commented, “Congress did not spare our farmers. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic and the Russia-Ukraine war, there was a shortage of fertilizers worldwide, and prices increased significantly. However, we did not let our Indian farmers face a shortage of fertilizers. Not only that, but the urea bag that sells for up to 3,000 rupees worldwide is available here for less than 300 rupees. But the Congress government here also cheated you in this matter. In your fertilizer as well, the Congress engaged in corruption, and farmers continued to suffer for every grain of fertilizer.”

Highlighting the accomplishments of the central government, PM Modi stated, “Unprecedented work has been done on railways throughout the country. We have allocated 14 times more provision for the railway in Rajasthan this year compared to the amount Congress used to allocate every year. However, the Congress government here puts obstacles in every project. Therefore, the BJP government is essential for the expansion of better roads and rail connectivity in this region.”

“The renowned Tal Chhapar sanctuary in Churu is known for its blackbucks. Even cheetahs find it challenging to keep up with blackbucks. Taking inspiration from Guru Jambheshwar Ji, we will actively contribute to the preservation of blackbucks and propel the progress of Rajasthan,” he said.

Addressing his second rally in Jhunjhunu, PM Modi said, “Our Jhunjhunu, our Shekhawati, is the land of enterprise, those who toil diligently. However, the people here are irritated with the Congress. The BJP made Jagdeep Dhankar, the son of Jhunjhunu and a farmer’s son, the Vice President of the country. Congress initially opposed making Dhankar the Vice President, and now, they don’t even like him coming to Rajasthan.”

Targeting the current CM of Rajasthan, PM Modi said, “In a public address, CM Gehlot accepted that his MLAs and candidates did not do any work in the last five years. This is because, in Rajasthan, there was a game of ‘Jaadugar’ and Baazigar’ going on. Meanwhile, Congress leaders were busy looting money. The Congress that destroyed Rajasthan should they come back to power here? Some people say that in the red diary, there is also a Kabul Naama of a son. The son himself is saying that Papa’s government will not be repeated.”

He further added, “The Congress has been the biggest enemy of the dreams of the youth. For the past 5 years, there has been manipulation of the future of the youth here. There is no exam whose paper has not been leaked. The question arises about the connections of the printing press at the coaching centre here - do we know where the strings are attached? All the close relatives and associates of Jaadugar CM’s minister have become officers, but your children have been left out.”

PM Modi said, “As soon as the BJP government is formed in Rajasthan, a swift investigation will be conducted into every Congress magic, every paper leak scandal. No treasure chest of black money, no matter how influential, will escape scrutiny from investigative agencies. Modi has given them a free hand.”

Bringing to notice the Congress party’s injustice, the PM reiterated, “The Congress government is not leaving any opportunity to exploit the people of the state. In Haryana, Gujarat, and Uttar Pradesh, where the BJP is in power, petrol is 12-13 rupees cheaper than in Rajasthan. As soon as the BJP government comes to power in Rajasthan, a review of petrol prices will be conducted, and decisions will be made in the public interest.”

Voicing strong objections against the Congress, PM Modi asserted, “Development happens where there is trust, security, and honour is safeguarded. The Congress has snatched all this from Rajasthan in the last 5 years. Be it Holi, Diwali, Ram Navami, or Hanuman Jayanti, every festival is marked by stone-pelting, and every festival is under curfew. When appeasement is prioritized for votes, the morale of troublemakers increases. Under Congress rule, it has become difficult for sisters and daughters to step outside.”

In his final statements, PM Modi urged the people to decide firmly in favour of bringing the BJP government for the security and prosperity of Rajasthan. “With only a few days remaining for the voting, it is crucial to ensure the lotus blooms at every polling booth,” he told BJP karyakartas

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February 29, 2024

The Prime Minister, Shri Narendra Modi has expressed deep grief over the loss of lives due to road accident in Dindori district of Madhya Pradesh.

Shri Modi also wished speedy recovery for those injured in the accident.

The Prime Minister’s Office posted on X;

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