Shri Modi inaugurates 2nd Ahmedabad National Book Fair

Published By : Admin | April 30, 2013 | 23:10 IST
"CM releases book, ‘Kutch: A Pictorial Journey’ on the occasion"
"CM calls for popularizing books and speaks on how technology can make a difference in that regard"


On the evening of Tuesday 30th April 2013 Shri Narendra Modi inaugurated 2nd Ahmedabad National Book Fair at the Gujarat University Convention Centre in Ahmedabad. In his speech Shri Modi called for the popularizing of reading and spoke at length about how technology can make a major difference in popularizing books. The Chief Minister spoke about how the book fair represents a collective effort and strength to make books more popular. The Chief Minister also released a book ‘Kutch: A Pictorial Journey’ written by Mr. Dinesh Kumble, who is the brother of well-known cricket player Mr. Anil Kumble. 

On the occasion, the Chief Minister said that this book fair was inspired by the 150th birth anniversary of Sayaji Rao Gaekwad and the success of Vanche Gujarat. Shri Modi pointed out that the success of the first National Book Fair, held last year was very big. “This year, two good events are associated with this book fair. The first is the 125th birth anniversary of Shri Kanhaiya Lal Munshi and the second is the birth centenary of Shri Rajendra Shah ji,” the Chief Minister shared.

Speaking about the book fair this time, Shri Modi said that this time there is a counter to donate books at the book fair. Shri Modi expressed confidence that people will donate books and stated, “This way, books can reach sections of society where books have not reached. This is not about a budgetary allocation but about our values and culture.” 

Shri Modi talked at length on the use of technology in popularizing books. He affirmed, “Whole libraries will be available at the click of a mouse and the importance of e-books is increasing. Every publisher gives a digital book too. This has increased the reach.” He added that the Gujarat Government had taken the initiative of e-libraries in the Bar Association. He also gave the example of how the Panchtantra series became very popular through the invigoration of technology. “Through technology, we are trying to spread books to every house,” the Chief Minister shared. He also avowed that every person has had times when what he or she read in books has helped them. Shri Modi also stated that with the use of technology comes a challenge. “Earlier, people studied with books, then guides came, then people read from suggestions,” and added, “I see a new challenge with technology. Go to Google Guru and you will get everything. Then one does not go into details.”

Speaking on making books more popular among the people of Gujarat Shri Modi said, “We want to make Lakshmi Pujaris to Pujaris of Saraswati as well. If there is Saraswati ji, Lakshmi ji does not go away.” He urged people to identify a place in their homes as a Granth Mandir and further said that such is the magnetic power of books that if it is at home, one will feel like seeing it. 

Shri Modi called for more books to be published on the tourism of Gujarat and also called for the spreading of books written in one language into other languages. Talking about making books more popular among children, Shri Modi pointed, “In a time when children are going towards video games, I ask software professionals, can we have video games that take children to books through these games?” He also strongly urged children to come to the book fair and visit the kiosks.

He congratulated the authors and especially the new authors. Referring to the new authors Shri Modi declared, “I tell all the new writers, go nowhere these seven days. Perhaps you can write a book on this too.” He opined that both the reader and the writer inspire each other and hoped this grew with this book fair. He shared that more than the stage it is the words of the reader that are more priceless for the writer.

The programme was attended by eminent Gujarati litterateur Shri Bhagawati Kumar Sharma. Shri Modi congratulated Shri Sharma and lauded him for his contribution to literature. Newly elected Ahmedabad Mayor Smt. Minakshiben Patel spoke on the occasion. Shri MA Sikandar, Director of National Book Trust and Ahmedabad Municipal Commissioner Shri Guruprasad Mohapatra were present on the occasion.

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PM Modi attracts a huge crowd at the Basti rally in UP
May 22, 2024
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Every vote cast for SP or Congress will be wasted: PM Modi targets Opposition while addressing a rally in Basti

Ahead of the 2024 Lok Sabha Elections, PM Modi marked his special presence in Basti, UP, and vowed to continue his fight against the opposition. He emphasized his unwavering vision for a ‘Viksit Uttar Pradesh’. The PM urged citizens to actively participate in the democratic process for the betterment of the nation.

Initiating his speech, PM Modi dwelt on the significance of the ongoing elections and remarked, “Five phases of elections have solidified the path for the Modi government’s third term. Now, every vote cast for SP or Congress will be wasted, as they won't form the government. Your vote should go to the party that will lead the country. Modi's government is the one to support for a Viksit and Atmanirbhar Bharat.”

Highlighting India's growing influence, PM Modi made the crowd aware with pride, “Today, India's stature and respect on the global stage have significantly increased. When India speaks, the world listens; when India decides, the world follows. The nation that once harboured terrorists and threatened us now finds itself in a dire situation, struggling even for food grains.”

With conviction in his voice, PM Modi established India’s strong stance under his leadership and mentioned that “Pakistan is devastated, yet its sympathizers in the SP and Congress try to scare India, saying we should fear Pakistan's atom bomb. Why should India be afraid? Today, there is no weak Congress government but a strong Modi government.” He further challenged that, ‘Bharat Aaj Ghar Mein Ghus Kar Maarta Hai’!”

PM Modi explicitly took a dig at the opposition, making their unrealistic expectations and past failures prominent, “I am surprised by the repeated release of flop films starring the ‘Shehzadas’ of SP and Congress. Now, these two are spreading rumours together, claiming they will win 79 seats in UP. This is nothing but daydreaming. On June 4, the people of UP will wake them up from their slumber, and then they'll surely blame the EVMs.”

PM Modi also exposed the true colours of the INDI Alliance, criticizing their blatant appeasement tactics and disregard for the nation's heritage. “Our country waited 500 years for the Ram temple, but these INDI leaders have a problem with the Ram Mandir and Lord Ram himself. Senior SP leaders dismiss the Ram temple as useless and label its devotees as hypocrites. Another INDI leader even called the Ram temple unholy. They openly speak of destroying Sanatan Dharma, led by Congress. The “Shehzada” of Congress aim to overturn the Supreme Court's decision on the Ram temple,” he added.

The PM called out the Congress and SP for their sudden pretence of upholding the Constitution, reminding the audience of their historical hypocrisy and ongoing attempts to undermine its principles, “This is the same Congress that tried to abolish it by imposing an emergency and the same SP that always opposed reservations for Dalits. Now, they go against the Constitution's spirit, advocating for reservations based on religion. They are taking away reservations from Dalits and backward classes to give them to Muslims.”

PM Modi emphasized the importance of remembering past mistakes in order to prevent empowering those who have tarnished Uttar Pradesh's progress and safety, he further said, “Our sisters and daughters were afraid to leave their homes. People feared buying land due to mafia takeovers. Remember how goons and mafias were welcomed by SP? Rioters received special treatment, and orders were issued to release terrorists from jail. We cannot afford to make the same mistake in this election that would boost their morale again.”

In his ending statement, the PM urged each and every voter of UP to ensure a decisive victory with their votes for BJP. PM Modi also asked each and everyone from the audience to convey his gratitude and best regards, door-to-door.