Chief Minister Inaugurates the Science-Exhibition

Published By : Admin | December 28, 2009 | 09:50 IST

Ahmedabad: Sunday: The Vice-President of India, Shri Hamid Ansari inaugurated The 17th National Children's Science Congress at Science-City today, Gujarat Governor Dr. Smt. Kamalajee, Chief Minister of Gujarat Shri Narendrabhai Modi, President N.C.S.C.T.D Network Prof. Yashpal and Chief Secretary Shri D.Rajgopalan were present on the occasion.

Children's Science Congress is being held for the first time in Gujarat. The event is jointly organized by the Science and Technology Department of Gujarat Government, National Council for Science and Technology Communication and S.G.V.P. International School. “Planet Earth, our Home-Explore, care and share” is the principal theme. The scientists in making in the age group of 10 to 17 years have gathered from all the parts of our nation to have tête-à-tête with leading scientists, up 31st December.

Vice-President Shri. Dr. Hamid Ansari expressed his confidence that the strong edifice of Science and Technology would deliver solutions to problems, challenges and crisis faced by humankind. Emphasizing the need to foster scientific mindset of the society, he had made strategic suggestions for motivating children towards science.

Dr.Ansari termed Gujarat as one of the most industrially dynamic and entrepreneurially active state in the country; Gujarat has also established new national benchmarks. By organizing National Children's Science Congress at Science-City Gujarat has taken innovative initiative of promoting and popularizing science among future scientists.

Dr.Hamid Ansari offered insights to expand the base of Science Education. The young Scientists assembled here today would continue to wonder at the mysteries of nature and use scientific way of thinking and experimenting to address contemporary problems. They must train their mind to question, to reason, and to cultivate the nature of scientific enquiry, he added.

He said, “It is accepted by the world over today that a continuing supply of high quality scientific and technological manpower is a fundamental requirement for any modern nation to avail the opportunities of Scientific and Technological Age.”

For making a career in Science attractive to our young people, he said that Government is making efforts in this regard by offering Science innovation scholarships to over one million school students in the next five years, expanding the Science and Technology base at our University level. The Government is also attracting talent at secondary education stage through discipline specific education programmes in strategic areas like space and nuclear science. Annual expenditure on Science and Technology would be enhanced from less than 1% of GDP to 2% of our GDP.

The Governor:

Gujarat Governor Dr.Smt.Kamlajee greeted the organizers of congress for organizing the event in the revered land of the Father of Our Nation Mahatma Gandhijee and great Scientist Vikram Sarabhai .She stressed the need to reckon scientific literacy, which is a universal need. The world belongs to children. In the modern times, Science and Technology have advanced in leaps and bounds and have rapidly reached children who generally possess enormous grasping power. Dr.Smt.Kamlajee added that children are future of our nation, at no time in life, curiosity and energy to explore the world is more powerful than in early childhood. It is a major challenge for the teachers and parents to play an active role to satiate their urge to creativity. She thanked the vice President for offering guidance and encouragement to children.

Dr.Smt.Kamlajee extended compliments to the scientists and bestowed best wishes to child scientists.

Chief Minister:

Chief Minister Shri Narendrabhai Modi inaugurated the science-exhibition at Science-City. He also welcomed the experts and around 800 young scientists, who participates in to the exhibition.

Chief Minister Shri Narendrabhai Modi said, “The virtuous journey of science from Ved- to Web, but the central theme always remains the welfare of humankind.” He asserted the need to build up cohesive environment that motivates children towards scientific knowledge.

Chief Minister welcomed the child scientists in the revered land of Gandhi-Sardar, Scientist Dr.Vikram Sarabhai, Dr.Abdul Kalam, and Prof.Yashpal. Chief Minister observed that science is every where. Child must ask question, we must promote inquisitiveness and enthusiasm from early stage, C.M urged the parents to offer encouragement to their children.

Scientific enquiry and enthusiasm opens up the new technological horizons. He cited the example of Newton, “Everyone observes an apple falling from the tree. But question was raised in Newton's mind .Why it comes down? And the question gave the world the Law of Gravitation.”

Chief Minister added that we worship Earth as our mother since Vedic-age .Ideal balance among five basic elements- Jal- Aakash –Agni- Vayu and Pruthavi is very crucial for the survival to the mankind. If the balance is disturbed, our planet gets gripped in to the crisis of global-warming. Instead of indulging in to the issue of who is responsible for it? He expressed his confidence that child-scientists will find solutions for protecting our planet-earth.

Prominent scientist Prof. Yashpal Sharma said,” I am the oldest child-scientist. Science can only be learned through inquisitiveness and research. Science is in everything. Entire world is a science-lab; we can not divide it in water tight compartments. The national Children's Science Congress offers a platform for enhancing knowledge domain of children. We must learn from children. We must encourage them to ask questions. “

Chief Secretary Shri D.Rajgopalan said,” Children have innate curiosity to know new things. We must provide them an environment and opportunities.”

Principal Secretary, Shri Ravi Saxena proposed vote of thanks. Child Scientists from different parts of country are taking part.

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