Kanya Kelavani and Shala Pravesh Mahotsav: 2012

CM addresses teachers and parents via video conference,

stresses sending every child to school

Shala Praveshotsav will bear fruit after some fifteen years

in the form of a fully literate Gujarat state: CM

Addressing teachers and parents via video conference today on the commencement of three-day Kanya Kelavni and Shala Pravesh Mahotsav (Girl Child Education and School Enrollment drive) Chief Minister Naedrndra Modi said that a school holds same importance as a temple and that it is the responsibility of the society to make sure that every child goes to school and enjoys education.

“The step being taken today in the form of these initiatives will result into a Gujarat that is fully literate fifteen years from now”, he said. During this campaign the government goes out to the doorsteps of the people and urges them to send their little children to school. Villages would clearly realize the importance of education, when a child of their village will come out as a doctor-engineer or will hold a higher office and earn name for the village, he said.

Speaking about government initiatives for the promotion of education Chief Minister said that the government gives insurance cover to the children under Vidhyadeep scheme. The government also takes care of health check-up and treatment of school children. There are many government officials who have adopted anganwadis and has shown there commitment for spreading education, he said.

The ‘Gunotsav’ programme has instilled a fresh vigor in the state’s strength of around two lakh teachers. The state government, during last decade, has equipped all the 34,000 government primary schools with the new classrooms, teaching staff, sanitation units, electricity, computer lab, library and playground apart from providing midday meal and nutritional food. The state has also come up with unique programme like ‘Vanche Gujarat’, Chief Minister said.

Chief Minister called upon teachers to get computer knowledge in any case. He appealed parents to let their daughters continue secondary education after class-7. He also appealed villages to take pledge for bringing their village school in to ‘A’ grade school list.

Principal Secretary to Primary Education Sangita Singh and Director of Primary Education R C Rawal was also present on the occasion.

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