Protection of environment – An article of faith for PM Modi

Published By : Admin | June 5, 2023 | 15:00 IST

“For us protection of environment is an article of faith. We have natural resources because our previous generations protected these resources. We must do the same for our future generations.” – PM Narendra Modi

PM Modi’s personal endeavour has enabled India foster a policy of environmental protection and climate change. Be it the ‘International Solar Alliance’ or the ‘LiFE Mission’, both of these initiatives have resonated at a global scale enabling the meeting of energy demands through renewable sources of energy, thereby promoting an environmental consciousness.

Suresh Prabhu, Former Union Minister narrates an incident showcasing PM Modi’s effort towards environment conservation and climate change. Gujarat became the first state to have a ‘Department of Climate Change’ when PM Modi was the CM of Gujarat. This was an unprecedented development as even the Ministry of Environment at the central level then, had not integrated the concept of climate change.

Mr. Prabhu was a part of an organisation called the Climate Group which would organise various meetings and events, where in PM Modi was a regular participant. It was in one of these meetings when PM Modi told Mr. Prabhu that India cannot import its energy demands and will soon have to become Aatmanirbhar with this regard.

PM Modi envisaged the ‘Global Solar Alliance’ which also served as a platform to popularise the need for solar energy as a renewable source of energy. He even wrote a letter to the then PM for implementing the same which didn’t materialise. Mr. Prabhu who was then the Chairman of Energy, Environment and Water attempted to implement and popularise PM Modi’s vision of solar energy.

When PM Modi became the Prime Minister of India, the International Solar Alliance was established with its headquarters in India. PM Modi enabled prominence to the International Solar Alliance which was the first global organization to be headquartered in India. Even developed countries like the US wished to be a part of this initiative, showcasing how PM Modi made his efforts of environmental protection resonate globally, benefitting several countries attain their renewable energy targets, generating an environmental consciousness.

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PM Modi’s endeavour to transform sports in India
May 09, 2024

Various initiatives including a record increase in India’s sports budget, Khelo India Games, and the Target Olympic Podium Scheme showcase the Modi government’s emphasis on transforming sports in India. PM Modi’s endeavour for hosting the ‘Youth Olympics’ and the ‘Olympics 2036’ in India showcases the pioneering transformation and vision for India’s sports in the last decade.

Anju Bobby George, Athlete hailed PM Modi’s support being unprecedented for sports and narrated how PM Modi met her and enquired about the issues concerning sports in India. She said that PM Modi deeply enquired about the various issues and sought to resolve these issues on a mission mode to transform sports in India.

Along with an intent to resolve issues, PM Modi always kept in touch with various athletes and tried to bring about a systemic change in the way sports were viewed in India. Moreover, India’s sporting transformation was also a result of the improved sporting infrastructure in the country.

“PM Modi is really interested in sports. He knows each athlete… their performance. Before any major championships, he is calling them personally and interacting with them… big send-offs he is organising and after coming back also we are celebrating each victory,” she remarked.

Every athlete, she added, was happy as the PM himself was taking keen interest in their careers, well-being and performance.