PM visits the Vidya Samiksha Kendra for Schools in Gandhinagar

Published By : Admin | April 18, 2022 | 20:25 IST
Inspects various facets of the Kendra and interacts with stakeholders
An informal, spontaneous interaction with students and teachers
Asks more students to be connected with Dikhsha Portal
Asks for exploring attaching nutrition monitoring in the system
Emphasizes the importance of human touch and need for balance between real and virtual
Calls for maintaining an atmosphere of healthy competition based on the new system

The Prime Minister, Shri Narendra Modi visited the Vidya Samiksha Kendra a Command and Control Centre for Schools in Gandhinagar today. The Prime Minister was shown the monitoring activities, video walls and live demonstration of the various facets of the Kendra was made to the Prime Minister. The Prime Minister was briefed by an audio visual presentation also. Chief Minister of Gujarat Shri Bhupendrabhai Patel was among those present on the occasion.

The Prime Minister interacted with the stakeholders. Ms Rajashri Patel head teacher from Ambaji was the first person to interact. The Prime Minister inquired about the interest of teachers in the new technologies. The Prime Minister also asked the students about the use of Diksha Portal. The Prime Minister inquired about the level of compliance load whether it has increased or it has made the situation easier. He also said in a light-hearted manner that it is becoming difficult to cheat. He also interacted with a class 7 student. The Prime Minister asked the student to play and eat well. The Prime Minister went very conversational and informal with the group. CRC coordinator from the same district also narrated the change brought about by the new technology. He took the Prime Minister through the process of monitoring and verification by the coordinator. The Prime Minister also went deep into the possibilities of the new system by asking about using the system for nutrition monitoring, whether it is viable for teachers and what can be done to sensitize students and other stakeholder about the balanced diet.

Shri Modi narrated a personal experience of his visit to Canada many years ago where he visited a science museum and filled a chart for his diet at the kiosk. His vegetarian diet made the machine say “are you a bird’!!

The Prime Minister continued and said that this must be kept in mind that while technology is accessible and can open new vistas hitherto unknown, however, the Prime Minister cautioned, that real world should not be ignored for the virtual world.

From Kutch, Rathore Kalpana from SMC committee of the Primary School, the Prime Minister asked about the benefit for the primary teachers. He was told that the new system is improving compliance. Talking to class 8 student Pooja the Prime Minister recalled an old issue that teachers from Mehsana could not teach in local Kutch dialect. The Prime Minister was informed that situation has improved. The Prime Minister in a light hearted manner asked about the support given to the weak students. Head teacher of the school also informed how teachers used G Shala, Diksha app etc during Corona period and how even nomadic communities were provided education. The Prime Minister was also told that many students had necessary devices for the new system. The Prime Minister showed his concern for less emphasis on physical activities. He informed that sports in no longer extra-curricular but is part of curriculum.

Darshana Ben from Tapi district elaborated on her experience and said how various parameters have improved due to the new system. She also said that work load has been reduced. She also informed most of students were registered on Diksha Portal. Tanvi, a class 10 student said that she wanted to become doctor. The Prime Minister told her that earlier science subjects were not available in the remote areas but after intense campaign situation changed and now benefits are visible.

The Prime Minister, said that Gujarat always go for new methods and later entire country adopts them. He was informed about the interest evinced by other states. The Prime Minister also expressed concern that too much disconnect should not happen. He wanted the coordinators of the project to keep the human element alive. He was told about the ‘read along’ feature and whatsapp based remedy measures. The Prime Minister also asked to maintain an atmosphere of healthy competition based on the new system.

The Kendra collects over 500 crore data sets annually and analyzes them meaningfully using big data analytics, artificial intelligence and machine learning, in order to enhance overall learning outcomes for students. The Kendra helps track daily online attendance of teachers and students, undertake centralized summative and periodic assessments of learning outcome of students etc. Vidya Samiksha Kendra has been deemed a global best practice by the World Bank, which has also invited other countries to visit and learn about it.

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