PM to also inaugurate Aquatics & Robotics Gallery and Nature Park in Gujarat Science City

Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi will inaugurate and dedicate to the nation several key projects of the Railways in Gujarat on 16th July, 2021 via video conferencing. He will also inaugurate the Aquatics and Robotics Gallery, and Nature Park in Gujarat Science City during the event.

The Railway projects include the newly redeveloped Gandhinagar Capital Railway station, gauge converted cum electrified Mahesana – Varetha line, and the newly electrified Surendranagar – Pipavav section.

The Prime Minister will also flag off two new trains i.e Gandhinagar Capital – Varanasi Superfast Express and MEMU service trains between Gandhinagar Capital and Varetha.

Redevelopment of Gandhinagar Capital Railway Station

The upgradation of Gandhinagar Capital Railway station has been done at a cost of Rs 71 crore. The Station has been provided with world class amenities, at par with modern airports. Special Care has been taken to make it a Divyang friendly station by providing it with a special ticket booking counter, ramps, lifts, dedicated parking space etc. The complete building is designed and provided with Green Building rating features. The state-of-the-art external façade will have daily theme based lighting with 32 themes. The station will also house a five star hotel.

Mahesana – Varetha gauge converted cum electrified broad gauge line (including Vadnagar station)

The Mahesana – Varetha Gauge conversion of 55 km has been completed at a cost of Rs 293 crores alongwith the electrification work at a cost of Rs. 74 crores. It has a total of ten stations with four newly developed station buildings viz. Visnagar, Vadnagar, Kheralu & Varetha. A major station on this section is Vadnagar, which has been developed under Vadnagar – Modhera – Patan Heritage Circuit. Vadnagar station building has been designed aesthetically using stone carvings, and the circulating area has been provided with landscaping. Vadnagar will now get connected through a broad gauge line and passenger and goods trains can now be run seamlessly on this section.

Electrification of Surendranagar – Pipavav Section

The project has been completed at a total cost of Rs 289 crores. The project will provide seamless freight movement from Palanpur, Ahmedabad and other parts of country upto Pipavav Port without any change of traction. It will also decongest Ahmedabad, Viramgam and Surendranagar Yards due to avoidance of detentions for loco change over.

Aquatics Gallery

The state-of-the-art public Aquatics Gallery consists of different tanks dedicated to aquatic species belonging to different regions of the world along with a main tank consisting of major sharks from across the world. There is also a 28-meter unique walkway tunnel, providing a unique experience.

Robotics Gallery

The Robotics Gallery is an interactive gallery showcasing the frontiers of robotic technologies, which would provide a platform for the visitors to explore the ever-advancing field of robotics. At the entrance there is a gigantic replica of the Transformer robot. A unique attraction in the gallery is a reception humanoid robot that communicates with visitors alongside expressing emotions such as joy, surprise and excitement. Robots from different fields are placed on different floors of the gallery that demonstrate applications in domains such as medicine, agriculture, space, defence, and use in everyday life.

Nature Park

The Park includes several picturesque features like a Mist Garden, Chess Garden, Selfie Points, Sculpture Park and an outdoor maze. It also includes interesting labyrinths designed for children. The park also contains various sculptures of extinct animals such as Mammoth, Terror Bird, Saber Tooth Lion replete with scientific information.

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PM Modi addresses a public meeting in Palitana, Gujarat
November 28, 2022
Illiteracy and malnutrition had become the misfortune of the villages of Gujarat: On Congress’s divisive politics, PM Modi in Palitana
BJP has done the work of making Gujarat a big tourism destination of the country: PM Modi in Palitana

Continuing his campaigning to ensure consistent development in Gujarat, PM Modi today addressed a public meeting in Palitana, Gujarat. PM Modi started his first rally of the day by highlighting that the regions of Bhavnagar and Saurashtra are the embodiment of ‘Ek Bharat, Shreshtha Bharat’.

Slamming the opposition, PM Modi called out the Congress for dividing Gujarat countlessly and its failure to stop terror running rampant in the state during their rule. PM Modi further added, “Illiteracy, malnutrition, these had become the misfortune of the villages of Gujarat”. Exemplifying the stark difference between the BJP and the Congress, PM Modi said, “But when Gujarat trusted the BJP, things started changing. BJP made safe Gujarat its priority. We created an environment in every village and city of harmony.”

PM Modi iterated on the development that has happened in Gujarat under the BJP, PM Modi talked about how Gujarat came over its water problems and provided electricity to all villages of Gujarat. He further added on the work undertaken by the BJP government to develop tourism in the state and said, “BJP has done the work of making Gujarat a big tourism destination of the country."

PM Modi finally addressed the people on how Common Service Centers have changed the face of villages in Gujarat. He said that these centres have enabled people in the villages to avail government schemes and also created employment for the youth in these regions.